Saturday, 24 May 2014

Clegg finished; Cameron, Miliband at risk

What a difference a day makes. Last week they were Masters of the Universe, smugly in control of the nation's levers of power from their metropolitan fortress, safe in their armour-plated Jags. Today Clegg is toast, a has-been, a zombie, a member of the walking dead. His manifest dishonesty and his loyalty to Brussels rather than to Britain have finished him. He'll be lucky now to get a TV debate with the Greens. Cable will probably step in to deliver the gladus blow to the neck, but he will pick his moment. 

On Wednesday the MSM was united in Hate for Farage. How fickle those chip-wrappers are! Today it's Miliband's turn; it's 'Good on yer, Nigel!' today but 'Blunders that made Mr Weirdo unelectable' for Ed. Even the Grauniad recognises that his party have put Miliband 'on Notice'. And Sam Cam is probably thrusting pins into a Theresa May doll in the flat at No 11; with impeccable timing she has given Plod a kicking and seen Hooky jailed, and not one of the failed projects hidden by Downing Street can be laid at her doorstep. All it needs is for St Theresa to release the text of a letter to the PM pledging her unswerving loyalty for us to be sure that she's declared her candidacy for Cameron's job. 

Charles Moore blames London - which has 12.5% of the population but 20% of Labour's members. "It is true that Ukip supporters are very concerned about immigration, but for the most part their animus is not against immigrants themselves, but against this occupying army of the powerful in central London. In particular, voters have come to see all the three main parties as no more than different brigades in the same force." concludes Moore, about three years behind the rest of us. 

And the pain isn't over yet. We have all day on Bank Holiday Monday to relish with exquisite shadenfreude the discomfort piled on discomfort as the Euros are announced. I recall Viviane Reding's insufferable arrogance as she hectored us at the Royal Institution in February. I hope she's following our results. Enjoy, all.


Ian Hills said...

I've just realised why the political establishment is so worried that some of us might be carrying knives.....

Oldrightie said...

It appears from Richard North, UKIP's 167 seats is a crap result. My take is much closer to yours and I relish the possible excellent EUSSR Vote.

DeeDee99 said...

I know a loss under FPTP is still a loss, but in very many wards, we lost by a tiny amount.

We had two target wards in my area: we won one of them convincingly; the other we lost by 13 votes. 13.

It was bad for LibLabCON, but it so very nearly could have been a whole lot worse.

I note that the Tories are wheeling out Javid as their new face/spokesperson. It comes to something when the only person they have who can talk human to the British people, is from an ethnic minority.

Anonymous said...

I deem that, the hard work really begins now Raedwald.

Aye and a good day for you and your cussed Trinovantes - bless them all, even the ones who didn't vote UKIP - there's time to mend their ways.

Ey up and us northerners 'ad a bit of "up yours and the ilk of Westminster"!
UKIP is moving into the north, if it can mount some bigger campaign next at the GE, for there is 'low fruit' to pick so to speak, up here.
Sheffield, sort of went back to the ZANU lavatory party and did for the yellow disease in the process, it bodes ill for Clegg.
Nico, you had better PDQ organize a job with your mates over the channel.
But, but Rotherham, must give them - the scum party, the s*&ts.
If they had any sense they would dump Red ED and his cabinet of grey apparatchiks, a soulless bunch of humourless Cultural Marxist fuqwits.

Furthermore to confirm what we always thought, and incidentally talking of crazed loons who hate Britain.
Swivel eyed a whizzing and FUBARr loon, one named Hattie Harperson.

Hattie, was being interviewed on Sky [Boulton I think]. She told us and almost banging on the table in outrage, she insisted that, de facto - the British electoral system - with its celtic fringe just about all labour voters and small northern inner city wards unrepresentative and full of the 'client state' - was not at all biased towards the Liebore party.
wtf? Ha, ha, ha............ and that Red Ed is just misunderstood and he loves, or totally fucking deluded - you choose.

A bloody nose meted out, doubtless a good blow has been landed and with worse to come for the claque of Westminster gigolos and whores - we await in gleeful anticipation for the EU plebiscite count.
Yes indeed, I will enjoy it for a joyous moment but also I know that, there is yet much to do to really wrest control and to get our country back!

Come on UKIP.

The Boiling Frog said...

@Oldrightie. Richard's point was more that it wasn't an earthquake - which it isn't.

When looking beyond the hyperbole of the media, we can see that in fact UKIP's support has dropped significantly from last year.

That, and coming a distant 4th on low turnout, isn't really a breakthrough and certainly not one that wants the ott coverage in papers.

G. Tingey said...

As a Londoner, the only reason I didn't split my vote to the one local councillor I trust & 2 to UKIP was that there wasn't a UKIP candidate.

As others have noted ...
I also think Monday is going to be a good day for M&S's profits as large supplies of fresh underpants are going to be required by LibLabCon.

Incidentally, "immigration" is NOT the issues, though aforementione LLC seem to "think" it is ...
It's the other causes.

But this shows up the problems of present-day politics.

If you really care about the environment & GW – do not, under any circumstances, vote “Green”
If you really care about working people – do not, under any circumstances, vote “Labour”
If you really care about a prosperous country, well-defended – do not, under any circumstances, vote “Tory”
If you really care – do not, under any circumstances, vote “Lem-o-Crat”

I could give a much more detailed critique of all of the above, down to excruciating details, of each individual party’s lunatic so-called policies, but, unless you actually ask me, I don’t think I will do so now. [ Life’s too short & this letter is already long enough ]

IF there had been a UKIP candidate in the Local elections, I would have altered my split vote to that person, as well as the local councillor I trust.

In no particular order, & NOT a complete list ….
1: The European Arrest Warrant is contrary to the Bill of Rights 1688/9
2: Every Prime Minister & Minister of Defence since 4/5/1979 has been a traitor, in reducing our defences – let us not forget that?
3: The grovelling to corporate $Big_Business, by encouraging unskilled immigration, so that said employers can exploit them & simultaneously undercut people already here has also been going on, irrespective of which party has been in power, since the Empire Windrush docked. The immigrants themselves of course, were also ruthlessly exploited.
4: Because the EU is corrupt through-&-through, making the “banksters” of the past 6 years look like amateurs.
5: Following the above, the corporate lobbying in “Brussels” makes Washington look petty, & that also affects the “little people” (That’s me & everyone else, stitching-up cosy deals that crap all over individuals & small companies.
[ Example - down on “the plots” (allotments) behind the town hall, I would guess about 85-90%) of the plotholders are “old Labour” voters” – but they all loathe the EU. Because of corporate, lobbied restrictions, allowing “farmers” to do things, but we can’t – followed by an attempted campaign (2012-13) to prohibit us growing some things at all – we were “spreading diseases” – having just been banned from using safe substances [ Specifically a fungicide that TURNS INTO A FERTILISER after 3 days ] which the “farmers” are still allowed to use.
6: A horrible suspicion that there is a project to abolish, piece-by-piece, the Common Law.

That’ll do for starters!

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but wouldn't the departure of Clegg trigger an election? The coalition is a formal agreement not just between two parties but two leaders also. If one goes the agreement ends.


Edward Spalton said...

I agree with all the points you have made and would add this. London has a high proportion of non-British people, including EU citizens who are permitted to vote in local government elections. Even where UKIP candidates were standing, they would be unlikely to attract votes from such people.

On a sample of one - one chap told me that he had voted Conservative for the local council but UKIP in the Euro election. I think many Conservatives, including activists may do that, as a fairly harmless way of sending Dave a strong message.

When I attended Farage's meeting at Derby on May 1, a friend pointed out four sitting Conservative councillors in the audience. UKIP gained two council seats in Derby City. The Conservative vote held up pretty well in the leafier suburbs.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

To my utter astonishment i find myself 100% in agreement with Mr. Tingey.

When a (former) Catholic Tory voter can agree with a lefty atheist Westminster is really in deep shit.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the glimmer of democracy will soon be extinguished by a concerted deluge of Establishment
led propoganda. The media will tow the line with just the occasional flutter of even handedness but the erosion of freedom is paramount on the three main parties agenda. The one party
state where the individual is reduced to the level of mediaevel
serfdom remains the demand of the
unelected lobbies and interests.
The chance of achieving true democracy through the ballot box
now borders on the near impossible. Even those who cry for liberty and justice have become muted weasels scurrying round the web knee deep in crocodile tears of wasted words.


Anonymous said...


How droll or, do you need to work on something else?

"Knee deep" but evidently you read it, so where does that put you?

If UKIP doesn't work then out, I shall have to do something else, I quite like the French way, "precipitate change" - reading between the lines and observing the ongoing demographic upheaval, something has got to give. Let us be frank, like it or not, something along those lines is more than likely and one way or another.
Then, all the weasels will play, best be out of the way - all hopefuls.


Brightside Bob said...

Greg, spot on +100.

Sheffield now have 3 Ukip councillors. They also came a close second in many other wards (I hope there are a lot of couch potatoes who now bitterly regret not bothering to vote [Ukip] - a self fulfilling prophecy indeed).

Anonymous said...

"Lessons will be learned" "the people have spoken and we share their concerns",lean forward into the camera looking determined but slightly hurt....Cameron,Clegg and Milliband default interviews over the next few days.

Wildgoose said...

The reason why Rotherham Labour were so shell-shocked was that Rotherham's results could have been even worse for them - they kept 5 of their seats from UKIP with vote margins of between 3 (THREE!) to 65 votes. It could easily have been 15 wins out of 21.

G. Tingey said...

I forgot
7: The out-&-ouit corruption inside the EU.

My wife is from NZ & works in corporate tax - her opinions of the EU are not for a family magazine.
Or, to quote someone or other ... "If the EU was a business, HMRC would have closed it down, long since, & the directors would be in jail.
[ No audited accounts, money going everywhere unrecorded, etc ... ]

Anonymous said...

The local and European elections are a sideshow - it's the General Election that counts. The protesters will then meekly trudge back to their traditional positions, and it will be business as usual.

Nothing will change until something unexpected happens, the nature of which we are so far unaware.

Anonymous said...

The EU=the mafia=the EU.

And btw, Tingey, another first with me - I wholeheartedly agree with every word of your post.

It's a good job I am sitting down.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to cut through all the numbers at present but there is one underlying factor - the relationship between the electorate and their 'representatives'.

Read any election report in any local newspaper and there will be a string of comments regarding the wisdom of allowing the great unwashed a vote.

Once strong communal 'contracts' between ordinary working people and their union/Labour representatives are disintegrating into spite and contempt.

The people who Labour once patronised and relied upon for their vote are now singled out as stupid Chavs.

Interesting times.

meltemian said...

Yes, Greg nailed it (I find myself surprised to say)!!!

Mike Spilligan said...

It is reasonable to assume that the EU "high and mighty" will already be getting together a cunning plan (with threats to Cameron, Clegg and Miliband)- not only for us but other nations who want to kick over the traces. I suspect that it will be something like: We understand your concerns and respect them, and moreover we will adjust our policies, methods, etc after we have done a) b) and c) - and procrastinated long and hard, and patronized us in doing so - hoping that we'll give up.

Budgie said...

Unfortunately Richard North (and his coterie inc The Boiling Frog) are disinclined to acknowledge UKIP successes, and loathe Nigel Farage cordially. Do not expect a balanced assessment from them.

What is important is that the massive surge in support for UKIP over recent years has been maintained, resulting in a gain of more than 150 council seats - a wonderful result for a party dismissed merely as a repository for loony xenophobes.

However I would not dismiss the legacy parties quite so quickly. It is clear the MSM are completely fickle about UKIP. There is no solid media support. Consequently come the GE the Grauniad/BBC/Mirror axis will support Labour, and the Telegraph/Sun/Mail will do the same for the Tories. There will be no sympathy for UKIP.

The real upset will come if Roger Helmer manages to take the corrupt Tory Patrick Mercer's seat at Newark. I sincerely hope he does.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the BBC did it previously before for the BNP, but in their election program, it was the first time I saw the BBC describe the split of the vote by the ethnic makeup of the constituency.

I have no doubt it was done to ascribe a racist component to the UKIP vote.

Actually, I was shocked.

But not surprised how low the BBC will stoop.

Cascadian said...

Draaaainage Cleggie, I drink your milkshake............Farage.

Cleggie gone in one month, Cameron gone after Scotland votes to seperate.

Unfortunately that probably means a Liebour government next year, UKIP just does not have the "machine" to run a full general election campaign. (hope I am wrong).

A good night for Europe, at last the silent majority are roaring.