Thursday, 1 May 2014

ECJ just a Commission shill

The ECHR, as I've said before, is no competent judicial tribunal but merely an overstuffed collection of judicially unqualified EU bureaucrats who have been given the key of the dressing-up box. In their clownish recently-invented 'historical' costumes these politicians-in-disguise have sought to impose not justice but a single euro-social-democratic social agenda.

Similarly, as Ambrose very effectively explains in the Telegraph this morning, the ECJ is neither European, a proper Court nor a fount of Justice. It is nothing but a shill for the 11 Eurozone states. The more the ECHR enforces free movement of labour, the more the ECJ is restricting the free movement of capital. They make up the rules to suit themselves, these people. And that means they are making a concerted attempt to dis-empower Britain. 

The City is much more than just the bent bankers; insurance and reinsurance, foreign exchange, the London metals exchange, marine, cargo, freight and ship broking, the stock exchange, commodities; and all the tech innovation and support that makes international capital flows work - the software, security systems, transaction protocols and so on. And all underpinned by a tradition of self-regulation and trust that even the financial pillage and depredations of the crooked global banks couldn't trash.

Farage, for all his faults, understands the beating heart of the City from the trading floor, viscerally. Osborne may don white tie once a year for an outsider's visit to Mansion House, but Farage is there as an insider, as of right. After 1666 we had the choice to rebuild the City in the European fashion, with wide boulevards and pompous monuments, on a 'rational' plan. Instead we recreated what was there before, with all its crooked alleys, dark courts and winding passages, its streets taking the lines of cow-tracks made in Saxon days. The City remains uniquely British; even the Luftwaffe failed to eradicate its historic form. Europe's jealousy that we've made the world's financial centre in Britain, and their determination to destroy it, is surely reason enough to vote UKIP on May 22nd.


DeeDee99 said...

Is it too much to hope that the more the EU/ECJ attack The City, the more likely it is that the money-men in the City will stop supporting EU membership.

Anonymous said...

Voting UKIP? I'm in!

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Indeed, if the EU succeed in making an enemy of The Corporation, I expect that "opinions" will change in certain political quarters.
I hope so, because there appears to be something much much nastier coming quietly down a side-road, that very few people appear to have noticed.

That is: the apparent project to get rid of Common Law.
This must be fought to the last ditch, as if the EU were Philip II, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Napoleon, Wilhelm II or Adolf ....

AndrewZ said...

The haphazard way that London was rebuilt after the Great Fire wasn't an expression of national character or any kind of ideological preference. It was driven by practical needs. The commercial and political centre of the nation was in ruins. Tens of thousands of people had lost their homes and places of work. Rebuilding had to start immediately or large parts of the city would have been permanently abandoned as the population was forced to move away in order to survive. Implementing a "rational" plan would have taken years, and by the time it was finished London would have been like one of those new cities in China with lots of grand buildings and hardly any people.