Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Filth and corruption: EU contaminates UK

We've always known that politicians on the continent were bent - that European power politics always was a filthy, stinking dungheap of crookedness, corruption, fraud, bribery and gerrymandering - but in the UK we have also somehow convinced ourselves of our own immunity from it all. 

In a hard-hitting piece, leftie academic Perry Anderson (H/T Peter Oborne) gives us a full essay in the London Review of Books exposing in ghastly forensic detail the sewer that is Italian politics - and why Beppe Grillo's 5 Star is set to collect so many votes tomorrow. Worth persevering with, even if sections are hard going. 

Perry is making the point that the EU, rather than tending to be positively influenced by the best and most virtuous practice on the continent, is overwhelmingly contaminated by the worst and most corrupt, and that this filth leeches back to infect and contaminate national politics. 

Just by our membership of this putrescent club, the UK has become as foul and stinking a den of political corruption as the worst in Europe.  


Anonymous said...

Pt I.

The EU does Contaminate, the EU is corruption personified you only have to see into Barroso's eyes to confirm that.
The EU, means a pestilential infestation in Britain but the diseased rats don't inhabit the sewers - they run in and all through the corridors of power, from Whitehall to beyond......

You don't have to look far, all of this political peculating filth is manifest, where the EU imprimatur is writ large; in your local council - that is where and the how, the EU runs and micro manages your lives.

On the EU's say so, or as it was then common market later to be known as the EEC - the British government reorganized local councils and the rot started then:

Town twinning was the fluffy road to EUropeanisation of our councils, from the late sixties to the early 70's councillors were making trips to the continent hearing lectures on control and social engineering, this interchange is widespread but covert. Conforming to a German inspired model and system of a regional control and organization of everything from education through to how much salt you are allowed to eat.

No one notices, no one is told but Social services in councils up and down the country wield enormous power over all our lives and their budgets are massive - it's a big job, is social engineering.
Social services, can take your kids, can take your granny away and you have no redress - the judiciary in the form of the family courts will grant councils rights to secrecy and authoritarian method, an incredible stitch-up and undemocratic but that's the EU.
Induction centres, your local council is responsible for changing the faces and culture of your local town, unchallenged, almost unnoticed and all done in your name but never by your permission.
Occasionally, you will hear stories: remember her? About how say Rotherham council is advertising and encouraging Slovakian Roma to come over to Rotherham and rub the locals faces in diversity apparently:
According to a remarkable report produced by the council, Rotherham has seen a rapid growth in Slovakian and Czech Roma communities following EU enlargement in 2004. It has grown from nil in 2003/4 to 3,700 in 2011/12, to become the dumping ground of South Yorkshire, making a huge demand on local services.

Roma are now the fastest growing minority ethnic group in Rotherham and the second-largest black and minority ethnic community in the borough. This troubled and impoverished community has created ghettos in three central areas of Rotherham, taking over whole streets, where there is not a local face to be seen.
from here but notice the link has been disabled [I wonder why?]:
Now think, this type of specialist targeting is going on all round the country - Sheffield do a similar sort of thing with Somalis, Kurds, Kashmiris and Romanian Roma - now there's a blend.

Anonymous said...

Pt 2. Multiculturalism, the EU is working to change Britain, its agents are your local councils, it's apparatchiks are paid by you but work for another higher authority.
Then, the education of children and their exposure to cultural Marxist doctrine goes on apace. While the council masters of the towns and cities bring in more vast malls and shut down the local traders in town centre markets; Sheffield, Leeds, Wakefield open air markets are all under threat - councils hate free marketeers and have slowly strangled the life out of local market traders in order that they can build their shiny new chrome and glass malls - for a better type of shiny new customer - bubble head girls and boys of the new order.
Council employees in the back offices are paid stupid sums of money, so that they can spend their time micromanaging you, you are controlled, observed, corralled and told what to do.

Anonymous said...

Pt 3.The council mantras are strictly enforced; recycling, littering, smoking in public areas and at night all the inspectors go home. At night the streets are abandoned by police and council and controlled by a new set of landlords. And soon they'll switch off the lights to save a piffling amount of money.
Abandoned streets, so that we may all benefit from diversity and drug peddling by the local southern Asian community, who ply their trade with seemingly a total lack of impugnment - yeah you'll hear a few white boys [minor dealers] arrested now and again but never the major players, it's different colour co-ordinated game for them, innit?

I could go on about the kickbacks, the rampant peculation and the way that councils are hand in glove with the corporates such as Veolia, Land Securities, Crapita and the rest.

We are being fubar -ed by councils and in the main, the British, the whole population is either oblivious, too trusting or in the dark.

Kept in the dark and fed like fatted calves, is all we are.

Mike Spilligan said...

I remember Tony Blair saying (about 10 or 12 years ago, I think) that we must become more like "progressive" continental politicians. It seemed as though he was saying - that's the reason the sun always seems to shine there, unlike dull, misty Britain.
However, we all knew then what went on in the many dark corners of continental politics and those with a proportioned cynicism knew what Blair was aiming for.

Anonymous said...

They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger or honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

Smile at us, pass us, pay us, but do not quite forget.
For we are the people of England and we have not spoken yet!
GK Chesterton

Tomorrow is our chance to speak. Make yourself heard at the ballot box

Coney Island

James Higham said...

Very little that can be added to that. Yep, a sewer.

Elby the Beserk said...

Yes, I read the article last night. Have printed it off, to send to Clegg, who seems to think that it is patriotic to support this confederation of scumbags.

Budgie said...

To the Grauniad reading BBC watching political establishment patriotism is xenophobia.

Budgie said...

Just seen in the Torygraph:
"Trust me, no need to vote Ukip, says David Cameron"
Is the man not even a tiny bit self-aware? Presumably the slime must have a numbing effect.

Anonymous said...

"Trust me"

Trussed and throw him in a fast running torrent.

G. Tingey said...

Anon 1
“Town Twinning”
Although living in Walthamstow, I am part of a group that has associations with Waltham Abbey РTwinned with Bevergern (part of H̦rstel) in Germany.
Nothing but good ( & a lot of beer drunk) has come from this, so shut up, ok?

No it’s NOT some “evil plot” – it would be much easier to defeat if it was … it’s gross incompetence & petty greed, that’s “all” – so much more insidious.

However, I note THIS ARTICLE in yesterday’s torygraph, which really worries me.

Sorry, but what makes our politicians any better, ever?
I can remember utter, corrupt crooks like Maudling, Marples (the very worst) & T Dan Smith etc. ad nauseam

On a different note, I have just voted …
Split my ticket on the London Council seats, & UKIP for the EU.
Incidentally, what a collection of other nutters from no-hope fruitcake groupings that I’ve never heard of on the EU paper!

One bright spot – I gave the count-taker from the Watermelon (oops, “Green”) party a thorough roasting on the way out.
As someone who really does worry about environmental issues, the so-called “greens” are actually an impediment to getting anything useful done [ Like nuclear power ]

opsimath said...

This might sound a little cynical, but has anyone else paused to think how many ballot papers with UKIP crosses will be deemed 'spoiled papers'?

As the man once said, it doesn't matter who votes or how they vote; what does matter is who gets to count them.

In fact, I have never met anyone who claimed to have voted 'Yes' in the referendum back in the 70s.

G. Tingey said...

Wrong I'm afraid/glad to say.
Like a huge number of people, I voted "Yes" in 1975/6, given that the opposition to the EU then was Wedgie Benn & the BNP + a few other voices.
Also, what we voted for then isn't what we got, or what the EU [ Then just the EEC, remember? ] became later & now.

One of the reasons, I think, for the loathing the EU collects now ( & rightly so) is the betrayal of the hopes & promises of that time.