Monday, 26 May 2014

Multiaxial politics - establishment suffers deep wounds

It's like one of those dot-pictures; either you can see it or you can't. This morning a bewildered political establishment and its press is still trying to make sense of a new multiaxial politics in Europe using the old monoaxial analysis; it's a move to the far-right, they aver, except in Greece, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and several others in which left-liberal parties trounced the incumbents. It's an anti-austerity protest, they claim, except in Britain. The reality, which at least some are able to make out, is more that it is an anti-establishment insurgency, a plea for more democratic control, a signal to the political establishment that they have lost popular consensus. It's beyond left or right. UKIP's success in Labour heartlands should surely demonstrate that what's happened in Europe is beyond the old tribal politics. They weren't voting for the 'far right' in Rotherham.

And the foregoing is very important to remember when, as soon as the Dags have woken up, had their muesli and filed their opinion pieces, they claim this is the 1930s all over; that jackboots are crashing on the cobbles and torchlit processions have split the night. Risible nonsense wholly unsupported by the facts. Can you imagine even three UKIP members marching in step? Still, if you're a journo of no great talent or intelligence and with only a superficial understanding of politics and history, this is the story you will file this morning. 

You can't deny Nigel Farage the credit for facilitating the insurgency in the UK. Nor the thousands of committed members who went out on the knock over the past few weeks - several readers here included. Well done all. And cautioning Mr Farage against hubris this morning would be about as pointless as counselling a pretty girl to avoid mirrors. There are plenty of problems to come in the weeks ahead - but for today, rejoice in victory, congratulate yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy. 


Mike Spilligan said...

Well written, Raedwald. A first step in getting rid of a wholly superficial, self-important organization which, at our expense, maintains 40,000 civil servants and (as you pointed out recently) 30,000 lobbyists.
Yes, a little hubris should be granted this morning, but then we should be on the attack again - before "they" have got their breath back.

Anonymous said...

Also, what's more symbolic, than seeing the liberals having staked their claim as the Pro-EU party, get almost completely wiped off the map...?

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

What's most symbolic to me is the fact that, of the low percentage of voters who actually bothered to turn out, just how many of them were prepared to tick the box for a party who have little in the way of policy.

G. Tingey said...

I must admit, I'm laughing.....

Serve the buggers right ... but "they" still don't get it, rabbiting on about immigration, whereas it is the threat to our liberties & the corruption that really matter.

DeeDee99 said...

This UKIP Branch is out celebrating tonight - and has already planned the first meeting of "the Quad" to prepare for next May. We made some basic mistakes which lost us one "sitting duck" council seat so that's not going to happen again.

It isn't over until the fat lady sings .... and I'm still warming up!

Mike Spilligan said...

Fidel at 08:16:
Which party has little in the way of policy? Oh.. you mean LLC ... a one sentence policy of "We'll do whatever Brussels tells us".

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was just polishing my jackboots, I got a pair from my local council - the neo Sandanistas, some also call nu labour.


UKIP, independence - Britons together, now let us break the shackles chaining us to the Brussels mobsters.

Anonymous said...

In latest news...

Just in!

A fire has broken out at Westminster, it seems to be concentrated on the Commons building.

As Mr. Cameron emerged from the car park with a box of matches in his hand, declared...

I told you these Ukippers were dangerous... Look what they've done now!

Budgie said...

Immigration was important for at least two reasons in these elections. Firstly the persistence of immigration demonstrated the handover of powers to the EU; secondly the sheer scale of it (11.4% foreign born) has had a deleterious effect on the character and culture of much of England.

To some extent London is immune from this: it is a giant melting pot where no one set of immigrants dominate. In comparison places as diverse as Leicester, Bradford and Boston tend to have an immigrant population of mainly one origin.

Where that happens immigrants do not make the effort to integrate. Moreover the sheer numbers in such small areas obliterates English culture as well as depriving the natives of jobs. The English working class are not helped by a decrepit education system, and a systemic attack on their English culture and English patriotism by the politically correct establishment.

G. Tingey said...

Hate to admit it, but you are correct (possibly)
London is, & always has been a giant melting pot, absorbing many generations of immigrants & turning them all into "Londoners".
Even in Tower Hamlets , it looks as though the dubious Mr Rahman's dominance is passing as normality re-asserts itself.

As an Huguenot descendant, I'm all in fovour of this process continuing, of course.
I have a friend whose 19th-C antecedents fled Russian Imperial pogroms, my neighbour, whose grandparents who fled the delightful Pakistani "liberation" of Kashmir etc, etc, etc ....
All now English, through & through.

Anonymous said...

G Tingey said @ 13:23:

'As an Huguenot descendant, I'm all in fovour of this process continuing, of course.'

What 'process' would that be?

'All now English, through & through.'

The English have origins Mr Tingey, we are not citizens or political actors. Tell me, what other non-white ethnic group would you like to see melted away?

Do you know what ethnocide is?


Cascadian said...

Well done DeeDee.

Somebody willing to do SOMETHING not just sit back and moan.

G. Tingey said...

Anon / Steve
You don't appear to we writing comprehensible English.
We are citizens, idiot
I'm not interested in "melting away" any ethnic group. Sounds a bot Godwinesque to me.
I would be interested in continued education, so that the mass brainwashing of religion [ ANY religion ] melted away in the light of reason & information.