Saturday, 3 May 2014

Public money the key to stopping Islamic entryism

To cut the head off the Islamic Medusa that is abusing public money to turn state schools into Madrassas is on the face of it quite simple; cut off the public money. Muslims are quite free to raise private funds to set up either Academies or their own schools, so long as these meet minimum national educational standards, as are those of any other faith. The UK must be the only nation stupid enough to fund the very ideology that is undermining our old freedoms. 

Islamic entryism is not just about segregating boys and girls - a glance at the walled perimeter of any old Victorian school with its separate gates for infants, and junior girls and boys, will reveal we used to do the same in less enlightened days. No. Like many 'Skopes Monkey' schools in the American deep south, Islam rejects Darwin and teaches kids they are living on a world made 4000 years ago by divine creation. And other more pernicious things. 

Whilst a multi-ethnic society brings many benefits and strengths to our nation, a multi-cultural one does not. There is a vital difference. Immigrant communities must embrace British culture, which is open to all irrespective of race or creed. As I've said before, multi culturalism is a doctrine of evil, and is no more than Apartheid in a posh frock. Islamic entryism in state schools promotes a separate and divisive culture and must therefore be eradicated. 


Span Ows said...

Whilst a multi-ethnic society brings many benefits and strengths to our nation, a multi-cultural one does not.

Bravo! Please teach the BBC, our MPs etc the very big difference.

Anonymous said...

There are state funded CofE schools and Catholic and Methodist and Jewish and Muslim and Sikh and Christian 'other' and Other 'other' religious schools - all state funded. Most do not cause any trouble - or we don't investigate them too much. I suppose we could go all secular and chop them all off to the private sector - not really practical in our setup. Legally, what is sauce for the goose etc, so all faiths get equal dibs - like it or not.

The recent problems with some of the Muslim schools were just waiting to happen, the responsibility and inspection regimes were not made clear and the rules got exploited - duh. The local councils were miffed that they no longer got to stick their noses in (so stood back and waited...) and the DoE chose not to do the job (too tricky old boy...). The result is obvious and entirely predictable. Religion is a branch of politics and one bunch of politicians decided to take advantage whilst another bunch sat on their hands. The one who needs a kicking is Gove for bottling the inspection job, but few sane persons would want the job I suspect.

Elby the Beserk said...

Very good and spot on.

Anon 2 said...

Agree on the whole, Raedwald - especially on multiculturalism.

However, I have a problem with this - which itself is pretty multicultural:
a glance at the walled perimeter of any old Victorian school with its separate gates for infants, and junior girls and boys, will reveal we used to do the same in less enlightened days

What's wrong with separating infants from the ignorance (and, often, beastliness) of their only slightly older kind?

As for separating boys from girls ... there were reasons for that. Among them, contraception and avoidance of venereal disease spring to mind as first priorities --- - Oh, but we're not bothered about things like that now they all have hormone 'pills' and antibiotics, are we? How enlightened!!! (Irony alert)

Certainly, I'm no great fan of exclusively girls' schools, and I think we might work to encourage integration for some classwork. However, I believe the genders need reasonable protection from each other until they understand a bit about the simplicities and complexities of that with which they must deal. Furthermore, (limited) gender segregation also provides wisdom about the shortcomings that prevail among one's own gender, and how to combat them ---- Hormones do not, of themselves, bestow virtue.

Laurence said...

You are wrong. Cutting off the public money alone will not do the job. Saudi Arabia has more money than it knows what to do with. Witness the enormous amount of money poured into mosques in Great Britain, the enormous amount of money to defend terrorists and to provide for their families (in addition to social benefits from the tax-payer)Islam rides along on a tide of Saudi money. Islam is money fuelled and will fail when there is an abundance of cheap non-Arab energy.

G. Tingey said...

Islamic entryism in state schools promotes a separate and divisive culture and must therefore be eradicated.
However, the problem isn't just islam.
It is religion, itself, that is the problem.
"God-given" rules & regulations, with no basis in fact, reason or evidence .....

Roger's post says a lot of sensible things, too ....

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And don't forget there's another religion which has completely and utterly subverted the education system, including the official overseers, most politicians, and even The Royal Society.

It doesn't do as much spectacular damage as militant Islam with its bombs, beheadings, and medieval treatment of women, but it bids fair to cost us more in the end. In fact it has already cost us more, and is getting worse all the time.

I refer, of course, to the environmental religion and especially its militant "GlobalWarmista" wing.

G. Tingey said...

Excuse me, but: lying & stupid wanker.

Just because you don't like it, & because you have swallowed big Oil's lies & that of the crypto (or maybe not so crypto) fascist Koch brothers does not make it true.
I agree that guvmint measures against GW are worse than useless, but that does not mean there is not a real problem.

The REAL solution to GW is (short-term) nuclear power.
Longer-term, already in-pipeline (!) advances in PV (solar) power collection efficiencies, artifical photosynthesis & fuel-air synthesisation of "petrochemical" will solve the problem.
The real trouble is that the money is being pointed in the wrong direction.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, as usual you depend on abuse to make you incorrect opinion known.

Environmentalism, more particularly the CAGW believers wing, is a religion since it is based on emotion rather than fact. It is a branch of the ancient worship of the Mother Earth, or "Gaia" (from Greek mythology).

Moreover if there are no "God-given" rules & regulations, then we have to invent them ourselves. So far no human being has managed it.

G. Tingey said...

There's REAL environmentalism
And there's "public environmentalism"

There is just a teeny-weeny bit of difference between the two
EG The Green Party as part of their manifesto, want to clear the way for Epping Foprest to be concreted over for housing - because they are stupid.
[ No, you can work it out for yourselves, as an exercise for the reader.

As anyone who gardens, & has done for some time, the change in both the weather & climate is obvious, actually - & measurements confirm this.
Note my support for nuclear power as an environmentally friendly way of solving several problems?

And it isn't an opinion. it's a fact.
I suggest you look up the word: "phenology" & then look at a mass-survey conducted in an ongoing fashion in this country, with tens of thousands of recorders of simple data. These results (which will have very small error-bars) are then compared with historical data (of which this country has the longest record.
That is what I (as a retired, but trained scientist) find convincing.
It is also obvious that neither Budgie nor WY have the faintest idea how science actually works - & how deliberate frauds are always found out.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, obviously as a "scientist" you don't actually bother to read before engaging mouth (or typing finger).

I said CAGW (look it up), not GW. Natural GW has been around for about 11,000 years, and is unlikely to have been caused by Neolithic 4x4s. But then I have told you this before, and you still haven't learnt. A bit like the "Hockey Stick scientists", in fact?