Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ukraine - May God forgive us

I have a lithograph by Peter Howson, our official war artist for the Bosnian conflict, that doesn't allow me to forget the horrors of that terrible civil war. Rape, murder, mutilation, boy prisoners torn apart with full-auto fire, the screams of mothers, the stink of charred human flesh. As the Guardian today persists in the wilful, wrong and sinister repetition of the official EU / US line on Ukraine, the paper's correspondents don't believe a word of it; how the MSM has the gall to keep trotting out these official lies in the face of their own readers' scorn and hostility is beyond me. One example of the comments on this mendacious, heinous Guardian piece that purports to be 'journalism';
"Nationalistic hellhounds strangled a pregnant woman inside the Trade Union building. There is a YouTube video with her horrible agonized cries [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvnLsshOJ18]. The video gives comments of the nationalistic mob: «Kill her!», «This is not a woman, she is a separatistic whore!», «Normal women keep the house, but this one is a slut!». Then the nationalists in the window display a Ukrainian flag and the mob ecstatically wawls."
Let's be under no illusion that this sort of horror is confined to one side only; both the fascist thugs of 'Right Sector' and the Russian nationalists opposing them will both become more and more brutal. more and more like beasts, losing their humanity in an orgy of hate, death and destruction. Just as we saw in Bosnia. Just as Howson depicted. Both sides equally possessed of a dreadful evil. 

In the name of God we must stop this lunacy. Our own warmongers and the Russian death-dealers. The stench of putrescent human flesh from Bosnia's mass-graves still sticks in our throats - surely we cannot allow a repeat?
Peter Howson - 'Hos'


Anonymous said...

Who will suffer, like in Syria it will be the ordinary guy who just wants to get by and earn a living and his son one day will go and fight, head stuffed by men who should know better, full of noble ideals, or patriotic fervour and no doubt he return the following day in bits, filling a plastic bag.
And if he survives, that son, his father will not recognize him.

Some will do well. The arms industry, it can't wait.

The big men of the west get a boy to do their dirty work.

The unelected western proxy, child Olexander Turchynov [and Kiev puppet] is being coaxed into confrontation, it is all a forlorm and a futile exercise, a demonstration of the weakness and powerlessness of the West and of Kiev.

Kerry, Obummer and those clowns in the FCO/Camer-lunatics want to butt out and allow a semi autonomous Donbas region to form and - with the west of Ukraine free of Russia and NOT PART of the EU.

Anything else, will mean war with Russia, a war neither the west would win nor desires, nor will actually will turn to fight.

"KIEV - you're on your own............erm prospective and highly valued ally and friend, sometime matey!"

With the EU and Obummer for friends - who has need of enemies?

Anonymous said...

The Ukraine is but the stepping stone to a global conflict that is the ultimate aim of the establishment.
The 'slow but careful' move towards a NWO is coming apart so they're rushing for the end game.

Anonymous said...

We fought two world wars for those lovely people who "back both sides" - and to understand who they are I suggest you follow the money.

Clue: Just a handful of families is involved.

p.s. one of our naval assets quietly slipped anchor over the weekend.


Henry Wood said...

No one knows. No one cares. Except in the countries directly affected no one gives a damn.
It even took the mighty Obama Man to see reports of kidnapped children on MSM news before his advisers decided, "You better condemn that, Mr. President."
It is all so false.
Even right now when I read of such atrocities I do not really concern myself about them.
A much bigger atrocity is happening every single day to the country I was born in. My children's children will NEVER EVER recognise the country of their great grandparents.
It is all lost. And I cannot afford a secure citadel like my superiors who allowed all of this now hide themselves in.
My country is lost. I am 70. I will never, ever see, nor hear, the rebellions which one day will arise in this country.

Anonymous said...

Would be interested in your comments on this;
'...The Wolfowitz doctrine is the basis of US policy toward Russia (and China). The doctrine regards any power sufficiently strong to remain independent of Washington’s influence to be “hostile.”

Bloke in Italy said...

@ anonymous - I have read a couple of Paul Craig Roberts blogs. In my view the guy is a lunatic churning utter crap. I sand to be corrected by events. I fully share Raedwals horror at this unfolding greek tragedy, and I agree the Bosnian horror is exactly what we are in danger of seeing repeat.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"In the name of God we must stop this lunacy"


Jeff Wood said...


Quite, Yacht. The only thing possible is to stay the hell out of it.

I have the impression that here in Italy, the government-for-the-moment is staying quiet: our exploits in Libya and elsewhere were damaging.

Which reminds me: have you news of the Lass from Hatfield? I should like to know if she is OK.

mikebravo said...

@Bloke in Italy

Start with looking up "Dick Cheney's plan for global U.S. domination"

Plenty of other non-lunatics share his opinions.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Jeff: I have no news; she's been quiet for months. I should like to know, too. Hats? Hello?

G. Tingey said...

At least you are beginning to finally realise that Putin is a murderous thug ....
Meanwhile, as you say, the ordinary people are suffering - again