Monday, 12 May 2014

Winnie Mandela distances herself from UAF

In a newspaper statement today Winnie Mandela has distanced herself from the UAF, whose Socialist street thugs have amongst other crimes issued death threats to UKIP's Nigel Farage.
"Dem boys get a bit excited" said Mrs Mandela "and necklacing Mr Blenkinsop from de Golf Club is not de modern democratic way, whether he deserved it or not".


BrianSJ said...

I often confuse her with her twin sister MilliMandella

Anonymous said...

Those purblind national Socialists of UAF, parallel and in comparison with those 'brown shirts', back in the thirties of the famous Munchen bierkeller days, would be oblivious to cries of "Fascist thug!" Hmm, feel it, taste it, oh that irony.

Winnie, is moving over to the new improved Fascism of Hibz-ut-tahrir and find it in Tower Hamlets.