Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cameron phones Juncker to offer congratulations

As the Speccie has picked up, Cameron today phoned Herr Juncker to offer his congratulations. The No 10 website statement states:
The Prime Minister congratulated Mr Juncker on running a successful campaign and securing the Council nomination. The PM wished Mr Juncker well with the hearings in the European Parliament. Mr Juncker responded by telling the PM 'You're my besh fren, you are; I really mean that, swear on my mother's grave, darlin, top that up .. I wanna tell you hic! you're my besh mate you are oh bugger I jush dribbled a bit there good job for dark trousers ha.'


Anonymous said...

Bottom left hand corner on that website - "is there anything wrong with this page"

Yeah, feckin right there is! It's all a pack of feckin lies!

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Business as usual then.

Cameron's blustering was largely to placate UK EU sceptics. Fail.

Anonymous said...

Cameron, how can I put this and not be too crude..... is such a fawning roly-poly feeble minded weebel.

Next, Dave, he'll be telling us that [his other best friend in the EU] Merkel wants what's best for Britain and she doesn't believe in the Fatherland ruling the EU.
More, that, the EU is great for Britain, Pakistan, ISIS and KSA are our our staunchest allies in the fight against the British people, democracy, honesty and good governance.

OUT, OUT, OUT: of the evil Empire.

Budgie said...

I agree Anon 22:50, this was largely for show. And all the blustering from Milly Band today in the Commons was even worse.

Anonymous said...

The congratulations didn't really count as Dave had his fingers crossed. Whether that was in regard to his message to Junkie the Drunkie or his mind was racing ahead to the next general election isn't known.