Sunday, 29 June 2014

Forget the CBI - It has nothing to do with business or trade

One thing is certain these days; whenever BREXIT raises its head, the CBI won't be far behind, issuing dire warnings on the economic dangers of exit. Many people fondly imagine that the CBI represents British Industry. It doesn't, of course. It represents global Corporatism - the hydra for whose benefit the EU is evolving. Take a look at its top team;

Sir Michael Rake, President - chairman of BT Group plc as well as deputy chairman of Barclays PLC, a director of McGraw Hill Financial and chairman of Majid Al Futtaim Holdings LLC
John Cridland CBE, Director-General - Spent his career in public sector employment, pay and skills Quangos. No experience of trade or industry.
Katja Hall, Deputy - Ex BBC HR manager, no experience of trade or industry
Audrey Nelson, Director of Communication - Ex civil servant with the DHSS, OFT and DTI. No experience of trade or industry
Mathew Fell - Career CBI executive
Neil Carberry - Ex City HR consultant
Sara Parker - Career CBI executive
Sarah Green - City lawyer, ex- Clifford Chance and Arthur Anderson 
Andy Bagnall - Ex election organiser and SPAD
Nicola Walker - Career CBI executive
Simon Moore - Ex Barclays and corporate banker

There you are. The President and the eleven Senior Directors of the CBI and not one of them has ever turned a widget or lugged a sample-case on the Redeye. Not one of them runs a manufacturing firm. City lawyers, corporate bankers, BBC executives and political dags the lot of them. The CBI is in effect the London office of the ERT, the European Round Table of global Corporates that steers EU development into 'ever closer union'.

So next time the CBI pop up in the press, remember that they have nothing to do with industry and little to do with Britain.


G. Tingey said...

Them & the IoD, another collection of serial Liars.

One of their frequent whinges is:
"We can't get the trained/educated staff"
Which is why my Engineering M.Sc got me zero days employment in 15 years, presumably ....

Nick Drew said...

there used to be a day when the head of the CBI (and indeed of the TUC) were powers in the land, as well known to the news-following public as most cabinet ministers

nowadays, not 1 in 10,000 could name either of them

mikebravo said...

Stick em up against the wall with our 650 and a couple of truck loads of eu polis and open up with the gimpy.

Anonymous said...

I lump the CBI in with the Guardian and Red Ed and UNITE - they're all fuqwit communists in bed with the EU tossers.

Budgie said...

I am sorry to say that the learned institutions are not far behind with their love of the EU and hatred of "Carbon".

How come our lords and masters always seem to fall for these nostrums, wheezes and ideologies instead of being sensible of real problems?

English Pensioner said...

Thanks for that list, not a single Industrialist among the lot.
I've bookmarked it for future reference, as I'm sure it will come in useful some time!