Saturday, 28 June 2014

Is Tony Blair another Jimmy Savile?

Of course I'm not suggesting that Blair is sexually perverse (sexually incontinent, possibly, but that's a matter for Mrs Blair) but rather that he's spent his time doing the most dreadful things in plain sight. In ten or fifteen years, will people react in astonishment that he could use an office appointed by the Middle East peace quartet to amass a fortune at the expense of human lives, freedom and the rule of law? Just as we cannot credit Savile being given the keys to Broadmoor, will some future investigator ask "And you allowed Blair to use his status as ME peace envoy to funnel $25m into his bank from the dictator of Kazakhstan, a man who boiled his enemies alive in butter?"

Both seem to share a sort of snake-like hypnotic ability that blinds all around them to their wrongdoing, combined with the sort of psychopathic amorality the disguises itself with a smile of virtue. Both are vain and narcissistic to the extent that they believe normal rules don't apply to them. Both have the most tremendous chutzpah

Just asking.  


Mr Ecks said...

All the allegations against Saville that are in the public domain are crap. The list of nebulous allegations against him is now so long that no one man could have carried them out if his entire lifetime had been devoted to nothing else but abuse--never mind being successful in several parallel careers.

Please think Raedwald before you play into the hands of real evildoers by repeating their clich├ęs.

In 25 years Jimmy Saville will have been exonerated --Bliar not.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said @ 15:55

'In 25 years Jimmy Saville (sic) will have been exonerated'

A school friend of mine was sexually abused by Savile in a nighclub in Bournemouth 1974. He came up behind her (we were all about sixteen at the time) and put his hand up her skirt. She made a scene and we were thrown out by the bouncers. Last thing I remember was him smelling his fingers and grinning at us.


Mr Ecks said...

So without asking for any personal details--can you say what date this occurred on?. Saville has already been accused of doing dozens of "crimes" that, as a matter of established fact, he cannot have committed( eg-sexual assaults--graphically described by supposed victims--during filming of TOTP recordings at the BBC TV centre--except that the shows in question were not recorded at the Television centre but elsewhere).Did you report this to the police at the time?. Are any witnesses still living?. Do you have any of your friends who will come forward to swear to the truth of these events?. Maybe what you say happened, happened Steve-but dozens and dozens of such claims have been made with times and dates attached to them and have fallen apart once they are looked at properly by people who want the truth.

I said 25 years because that is how long it has taken for the two previous Radical Femminist inspired panics--the US childrens home panic of the late 80s and the Satanic Panic of the early 90s to fall apart. It is now accepted that nothing happened in those cases despite bullshit media hype and legions of confabulated claims of abuse. The childrens home cases lead to several people receiving multiple life sentences on the basis of allegations so laughable that they would have been laughed out of court at the Salem witch trials. Those people are now being released after 25 years in the hell of US jails. Likewise the Satanic nonsense--which ruined a number of families here and in the US have recently had the official casebook closed on them with statements that not only was there no Satanism--there wasn't even any abuse. It will take 25 years for an objective look at what actually happened with Saville.

John M said...

Don't stop at the Kazak money, what about the Arab money, the Chinese money, JP Morgan's money?

And can Blair be the only person from the last Labour cabinet not to benefit from knowing the Rothschilds?

Of course one of the masterstrokes of Blair's current public office is that he doesn't have to declare where any of it comes from. This is incidentally why he has also not been offered a place in the House of Lords, as that of course *would* require such disclosure of interests...

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks @ 17:58

The date isn't really important, but since you ask it was during the summer of 1974. I believe Savile either owned or part-owned the club where it happened. I heard the girl scream and went over to her straightaway. She told me Savile had "gropped" her and he was still only a few feet away from her. The bouncers soon arrived and we were told to leave - escorted roughly to the front entrance.

Folk didn't go to the police in those days mate. The girl that I knew is now dead, which is sad as I first met her at infant school and we were like brother and sister. She was very beautiful as a teenager and as a young woman became a nurse.

You should watch Louis Theroux's documentory on Savile. Pay particular attention to the sequence in the car.


Mr Ecks said...

So even you didn't see it then Steve.

It may be that what your friend said did happen. But as I said dozens of allegations have been made about Saville--far more detailed than the account you have given--and been proven to be impossible for him to have carried out. The sheer volume of ever more ludicrous accusations should begin to give people pause. Necrophilia is the latest, Not to mention a 1000 "sex crimes" at the BBC. And Satanism . And the Met (ever guardians of the truth) claiming that children from 21 children's homes (in London alone) were being sent to Saville. And being involved with "networks" dedicated to buggering teenage boys. And--it just goes on and on. No one man could have done all that even without running several successful careers at the same time.

As for Theroux--I have always regarded him as a twat who goes out of his way to mock and humiliate the subjects of his films. Yet Theroux himself has not joined in the general denunciation of Saville. With so much perversion going on you would think Theroux could hardly have avoided it.

I suggest that you find the blogs "The Death of the Life of Jimmy Saville" and "Anna Racoon" which cut thro much of the crap.

Anonymous said...

In the mid eighties I worked as an apprentice electrician and we worked on Stoke Mandeville the maintenance men at the hospital all said the same thing the geezer was an absolute nonce

G. Tingey said...

I've altered this, very slightly ....
They seem to share a sort of snake-like hypnotic ability that blinds all around them to their wrongdoing, combined with the sort of psychopathic amorality the disguises itself with a smile of virtue. They are vain and narcissistic to the extent that they believe normal rules don't apply to them. They have the most tremendous chutzpah.

I've heard this before ..
Oh yes:
Alan Bullock - "Hitler & Stalin: Parallel Lives"
That's where.

Anonymous said...

And Blair was popular with the voters as was Saville with the viewers. What does that say about the public?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ecks, you betray yourself as an ignoramus, just entirely, through everything you write.

But there is a groping by Savile that is filmed and on youtube, live on TOTP. Have a look. He also admits to tying up and torturing someone on Louis Theroux's program with him, when he wasn't aware of being filmed. He was caught red handed having sex with an underage girl in 1970.

You're clearly a troll and a total ignoramus. But I just wanted to ever so briefly show that you are full of shit. Without going into the logical flaws in your reasoning (you conclude too much and too innacurately) nor the ignorant bias of your premises (there are many more stronger pieces of evidence of a stronger sort than the kind of once-off allegations you talk about. For example the previous poster: the event was witnessed by a group of people. If a group of people all independently tell the same story, it is probably good evidence that the event happened.)