Friday, 20 June 2014

Money Money Money Ah-ha

For those who watched Ian Hislop, bristling with indignation,  give evidence to a select committee on Leveson and libel there can have been little doubt that he is a deeply principled man who devotes much of his time and resources to defending press freedom. Amongst the dilettante coke-sniffing, spit-roasting, whore-hiring drunken 'slebs clearly not in favour of press freedom, and opposing him, were characters such as 'BJ' Grant and 'TorF' Coogan. 

So when Coogan, with absolutely no record whatsoever of ever having raised so much as a little finger in support of press freedom, who remains a leading figure in Grant's 'Hacked Off' together with womanising soccer players and assorted drug-addled and sex-addicted C-listers, is appointed a patron of the Index on Censorship there should be little surprise that Ian Hislop should quit the organisation

Coogan is in the process of reinventing his career. There's little mileage in reprising his only successful character, Alan Partridge. He made a wry little film with Rob Brydon which could be viewed on blinkbox for 99p in which he wore period costume. And a dining and chatting Italian thing thing with Brydon in which he demonstrated his talent for mimicry. One may suspect the IoC thing is equally contrived, a move to add gravitas to his portfolio and perhaps dilute a reputation founded on sports cars and the deposition of body fluids. 

But what Hislop, and his deputy Francis Wheen, have made clear is that the issues involved are too important to us all to be abused by actors and their agents for reputational ends.  


Anonymous said...

My problem with Hislop is his nasty tone which he adopts whenever he personally disapproves of something.

I am sure that he wishes to continue having the freedom to be abusive, on the basis that he occasionally uncovers a bit of political or business crookery...

I just wish we could have had someone (less short) who doesn't seem to infect everything with his inferior bile.

I never hear this mentioned... But what is really happening in this country is that the law is being nationalised piece by piece, and we don't realise it.

Hitherto, if someone is hurt in print, the hurtee goes to a lawyer and they mount a case against the hurter.

Under new rules the hurtee goes to the police and they decide whether he has been hurt...

What a bunch of controlling bastards!

John M said...

You could argue that Private Eye has done more by means of it's endless Court cases over the years to protect freedom of information and freedom of the press than Index on Censorship have done in any event.

And Steve Coogan was never actually funny. Ever.

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Hislop is one of the good guys

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

John Murray +1 there

Every one of the 40 BBC local radio stations has an Partridge (or several) on the payroll - Coogan's one trick pony is up there with Gervais in the pantheon of lame "comedy" foisted onto the airwaves by the sclerotic bureaucracy of the State Broadcaster.

Span Ows said...

He may be 'the good guy' on this occasion but IMHO he lost any respect many years ago having consistently taken the BBC's coin and followed its agenda in his comments on HIGNFY etc.

Anonymous said...

"the dilettante coke-sniffing, spit-roasting, whore-hiring drunken 'slebs"
Please, please - how can you become one of these ?

Anonymous said...

John M: "And Steve Coogan was never actually funny. Ever."