Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Euro-tech sclerosis or EU self-destruction?

I can distantly remember a Euro row back in the days when Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were the two first-gen browsers that dominated the market; I recall the EU pouring funds into trying to develop a European rival, only for the scheme to sink without trace except the wedge that a select few managed to cream-off. The same thing with GPS; they winged that we are dependent on the Septics for our GPS, and must therefore launch our own Euro satellites to compete. Then it was search engines. All the while the free market overtook the Brussels bureaucrats, and US firms with better products that people liked to use established themselves here (mostly it seems in Luxembourg, enticed by Juncker the Drunker and low tax rates). 

Now Google has taken the place of Microsoft as Euro-bogieman. Why aren't our own global corporates able to compete? The Commission is asking, and the answer, at least according to Der Spiegel, is, er, over-regulation by Brussels.
For years, the Commission and EU member states have been flooding telecommunications and mobile phone companies with new constraints and regulations. These included regulations forcing the dramatic reduction of roaming fees and prices for phone calls and Internet access. At the same time, they also forced companies to purchase mobile spectrum licenses at a cost of billions of euros in sophisticated auctions and to make their networks available to small firms at cost. The regulations were intended to spur competition and lower prices for consumers. The problem is that, to a large degree, the necessary investments in infrastructure never happened.
Perhaps version 1.0 of the new EU-funded Euro browser, able to display in 256 colours with an 800 x 600 screen and looking something like this will soon be ready for release? It may even be able to display photographs if you give it long enough ...


mikebravo said...

There is no idea that can not be killed off by the dead hand of government regulation.
I shudder to think of what the final version of "ever closer union" will be like.

Anonymous said...

Remember what happened to Soviet Russian model and how they finished up? Now, soon the gulags and reeducation centres - although much of what the Russkies and DDR did is still admired in Brussels. Truly do, the Brussels twats, look to China and the new model of authoritarian control + plagiarize and copy and keep the populace under the rod.

The Gods which sit on their thrones on Mt. OLYMPUS erm...Berlaymont have deigned to removing us from independence, freedom, self government and all its attendant riches!

Its good news folks! To China, here we come!

Cascadian said...

I should not worry too much about search engines and web browsers, the EU are presently working very hard to make electricity a luxury item. The prospect of three-day work weeks beckons.
Enjoy your windmills,and gas shortages