Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Federasts getting rattled

Watching Nigel Farage's inaugral speech of the new Euro parliament, there is a a clear and quite apparent change in mood from the way in which he was received by the last parliament. They used to listen to him with a sort of bored, amused contempt, slightly irritated at the interruption to their usual business of buggering-up Europe. Now it's serious. They're rattled and genuinely hostile - it's palpable. He felt it, too. Judge for yourselves;



Anonymous said...

Cat calls and boos and Verhofgit climbing down out of his tree, indeed the nutters are worried - they can feel the weight of European anti Brussels opinion bearing down on their shoulders and evidently the colleagues mutter under their cognac fortified breath - "ve are not so much liking zis".

mikebravo said...

The shape of things to come I hope.
Lets have a few from other countries standing up and sticking it to the apparatchiks.

anon 2 said...

Uh huh. So if you're not going to promote the euSSR, you have no business occupying a brussells seat in the name of .... er, the voters of your 'area'?

Well thank goodness we're returning sceptics to their talk-shop!!!

And all those german-sounding noises. Shows who thinks they're in charge, doesn't it?

Mike Spilligan said...

I noticed that Nigel wasn't as "smooth" as usual and wonder if that was because he'll be under more pressure than ever.
Like Mikebravo I hope that others (and that includes deserters from other groups) might join in the sceptic movement.
About 8 weeks ago, near the end of the previous Parliament, an Irish woman MEP challenged Nigel by saying that EU-scepticism was fading - to which he gave a suitable reply. I wonder what happened to her?

Budgie said...

And then there is the other view from Brussels:

courtesy of Andrew Lilico, the Telegraph (Financial section).

Anonymous said...

The re-election of Shultz made me laugh. A crypto-communist and Juncker, the federast's federast. What could go wrong? What we need is a Jimmy Perry or a David Croft to come up with script:

Call it Brussels by Moonlight.


Anonymous said...

Tres amusant Steve.

As an ex Tory, I am so sick of this nonsense.