Monday, 7 July 2014

Is *Anyone* surprised at State cover-ups?

I doubt that there's just about anyone who is surprised that politicians and civil servants collude to cover up crimes committed by their own, up to and including murder. Our expectations of the probity of the State are so low that we have ceased to regard such things as remarkable. Can you name any exposure of misdeeds by a member of the political class in recent years that was a result of being dobbed by his own? All those I can think of have been exposed by the press and the public. 

Nor, I think, should we be too hung-up on some old cases from the 1980s. The real scandal is that it is undoubtedly still going on; that there will be MPs, peers and senior civil servants known to each other to be paedophiles, rapists. thieves, fraudsters and sundry crims, and that it's still the job of the Home Secretary and the Met Commissioner to quietly and in an unattributable manner sweep the muck under the carpet, lose the files and have juniors tell complainants "He's a powerful man; all you'll do is make trouble for yourself". 

Twas ever thus.


Kemi said...

Yes, very recently in fact.
Nigel Evans would never have gone to court if not for the intervention or fellow Tory MP Sarah Wollaston.

She recommended a police investigation, based on a rape allegation. What happened? He got off and she was widely villified, mainly by men in the media, parliament and general public for daring to report the case to the speaker.

I think the fact that there are more women in parliament and senior civil service should go some way to preventing these things from occurring. We have a much lower tolerance for this sort of behaviour in general.

Raedwald said...

Hi Kemi and wonderful to see you back!

Sackerson said...

Subpoena and interrogate the Whips of all parties. I wouldn't necessarily advocate the threat of blowtorch and pliers a a la Pulp Fiction, but I imagine they would need some persuading to give up the secrets they hold.

Before that of course, we'd need to make ready many replacement MPs.

DeeDee99 said...

Power corrupts and The Establishment looks after its own.

I don't doubt that an investigation will be held and one or two relatively minor individuals will be prosecuted ... pour encourager les autres.

But the big fish will get away - "insufficient evidence; no realistic chance of a successful prosecution etc"

I wonder if the rumours about a certain Prime Minister (now deceased) will be confirmed.

How these people have the nerve to call themselves Honourable and Right Honourable is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet Teresa May and say to her "the Houses of Parliament need reforming because of the actions of a few of you from the 1980s".It's what she is doing to the police after all.Do politicians do irony?

Anonymous said...

As if in a puff of magic, "Shazzam" said the magic lantern wizards! And so, did the bbc shut down the Savile rumpus - aye put it to bed.
And nobody apart from a few saps and DJ's got done. All the real touchyfeely men, the upstairs boys on the big salaries with 'connections' were untouched.

Moreover, so it goes in the talking shoppe of Westminster, where being queer was one thing but "leave the youngs uns alone" - said the lords and peers, "we'll look after them". And so they did but always away from the main house.