Saturday, 12 July 2014

Liddle Cream

I cannot commend Rod Liddle's paedo piece in the Speccie highly enough. If you have time, please do read it. A sample:
And this sexual abuse is so fundamentally evil, so beyond comprehension, that it is by itself responsible for every single misery which has befallen them in the 20 or 30 or 40 years hence — failed relationships, aspirations not achieved, mental breakdown, poverty, unhappiness, alcoholism, drug addiction. All of that the consequence of someone having behaved badly towards them several decades before. Maybe put a hand on their thigh. Maybe worse. And you dare not gainsay these furious litanies of complaint, because if you do then you are in some way complicit.


Anonymous said...

People who knew Savile said he was a wrong un from the start, the scandal was - particularly in the BBC, who knew and how much - because know they certainly did.

On Harris, I was not in the court, it seems a tawdry and sad tale all round - in the end, who is to judge, and non of us are perfect.

It's a wider and greater trespass. Looking to the abuse of power, rising above the law and being seen to ride it, and about sexual predation.

B&99**ing young and very vulnerable unprotected [with no guardians and unloved] kids - many of them in the care of the state for Gods sake.
Then, abusing privilege and using that power to silence everybody.

It is another order of 'Bestiality' altogether and should not be allowed to lie.

Yes, some are still breathing, these should not be granted any more time to wallow sacrosanct.

Hell, its Westminster Incubi, smug and all nodded winks, knowing smiles, cigars and cosseted in the luxury and trappings they never earned, nor merited and now even more so, they ill deserve.

Prosecute? - at the very least, even in the sunset of their lives: bring forth the perpetrators out into the day - it might even do some actual good "pour encourage les autres" and remember that, there were real victims in this.

Cascadian said... might be helpful to read Liddle's article.
You cite extreme examples, the case against Savile and Harris are far less extreme, being mostly unproven allegations of a minor nature-mostly of being touched maybe not even inappropriately.
The current hysteria encourages such silly allegations, and it should not be ignored that the allegations are against rich men where it may be possible to obtain a financial judgement to soothe the victims fevered brow.
Consider also that most victims are represented by lawyers who work the compo angle.
I have considerable sympathy with real victims, but being felt-up in the seventies is not the basis of a life destroying injury.

Anonymous said...

Again, you miss the point.

genghis said...

When a young schoolboy, I was enrolled at a Catholic Grammar School after passing the 11-plus exam. I had no say in where I went for my education, but my parents and maternal grandmother did, because it was ‘such a good school’ and of course it was run and mainly staffed by not only Catholic teachers, but Roman Catholic priests as well!

When I state that the two things, subjects, courses, which did me any good at all in some five years at that really good imitation of Dothebys Hall was a knowledge of French, and a thorough grounding in Latin; I do not exaggerate!

The French was useful when I was in a Romanian port when in the Merchant Navy, as it was the only common language between a table-full of Romanian female trainee-teachers who had been invited to a Seamans Club party, and a bus-load of horny Merchant Navy Officers, held after we had won a football match; I being the only one who spoke French. The Latin came in handy when organising my mind for later life.

The teachers at this Catholic Grammar School were run-of-the-mill arrogant sadistic clowns, whose one joy in life was picking on the weakest, or smallest pupil in any class, and, by ridicule, contempt and sarcasm; making that pupil’s life a total misery.

The bigger, taller, stronger of the teachers and priests also took full advantage of a complete license to beat, shove, clip, batter and generally harass any smaller pupil who upset then in any way or manner whatsoever.

I, being small for my age, was a natural target for the bullying techniques of these so-called men of God, and although I do not claim that there was anything sexual in the constant harassment and bullying, by both lay as well as religious teachers, there may have been such an element within their twisted minds.

We also had to undergo the excruciating horror of having the ‘Facts of Life’ explained by a Roman Catholic priest who, quite obviously by the nature of his Calling, no ground-based knowledge of his subject!

However, I survived, left as soon as I was able, commenced an apprenticeship as well as a technical education, which of course was what I had wanted to do in the first place, and wiped the very idea of religion off the soles of my working boots.

After raising a family, and now have grandsons to spoil, I wonder if I can get on the register of ‘abused people’, and blame them all for my inability to appreciate football?