Friday, 4 July 2014

Rolf Harris to use 'Right to be Forgotten'?

The way in which Google is agreeing to the most egregious requests to remove search engine links to stories about red-faced celebrities and assorted crooks, spivs and wideboys makes one wonder if Rolf Harris' lawyers are not already set to have him removed. The question is, should he be? Is this an important Human Right or a bar to freedom of speech and thought?

Max Mosley enjoys sex sessions with prostitutes while wearing leather bondage gear and video taken of such a session leaked and caused him embarrassment - he became a laughing stock. The sight of a man well into middle age and bearing the evidence of a sedentary life and many good lunches trussed up like a Christmas turkey was something straight out of Tom Sharpe's Blott. Mosley launched various bits of legal action in an effort to close down all access to the story and images - all to no avail. Now Google has complied with his requests to remove search links, and one of the popular searches on rival 'Bing' yesterday, which still has full search links, was "Max Mosley Sex Pics". 

They won't learn.


Anonymous said...

This is all very weird Raedwald... As in Leveson, and now this... We have legislation to address any severe misrepresentations, it's called libel. In Leveson, interfering with telecoms is already a crime (even a whole class of crime!)

Was Max Mosley libelled...? It was the truth, he is embarrassed, with good reason, so no.

If any law needs to be changed, since we are referring to the special case of the internet, where plaintiff and respondent could be in different countries, is a better way of hauling a party before a court... The EAW is obviously crap, and the agreement with the USA seems a little bit one sided.

But as I think I mentioned before, in the modern world, private law and private prosecution is a big NO NO. Every crime has to be seen to be invented by or punished by the state.

We live in very dangerous times.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Next I suppose "celebs" will be going into public libraries and insisting that any embarassing old newspaper stories are cut out of the archived copies and destroyed.

But is it not the case that Google's American .com site still shows all the links?

Anonymous said...

Google doesn't need to forget, the BBC will do it for him.
No longer will you hear "Two Little Boys" or "Jake The Peg" on the radio. It has happened with Chris Langham ("People Like Us").

Ian Hills said...

Strange how so many elderly white celebs are being fingered by the police for ancient sex crimes, as recalled by very dubious "victims".

Anyone would think it was an establishment effort to take our minds off moslem grooming.

Anonymous said...

Funny how some people disappear from the beebs play lists. Garry Glitter is persona non grata but Jonathan King still pops up regularly. Perhaps his crimes were more 'diverse'. Maybe Hattie Harpy put a good word in for him with the.

John M said...

Did that nice lady who was inspecting his bottom actually find what she was looking for up there?

Anonymous said...

Are you really that comfortable with the evidence and the verdict? The Judge was surely incorruptible, as they all are (Oh, Constance Briscoe!), the complainants are all anonymous, and have lawyers on Legal Aid or CFA (no-win, no-fee) and Rolf has a nice pot to dip into. Harris is likely to die in prison, however short the sentence. What if they are gold-digging frauds, egged on by corrupt legal advisors? There's something odd about this - in short it stinks.

Brightside Bob said...

" of the popular searches...was "Max Mosley Sex Pics".

Sorry for being pious, but, after all these years and all the current scandals/corruption,etc, doesn't that say more about how sad 'we the people' have become.

haddock said...

"to take our minds off moslem grooming."

ah yes, the favoured BBC word 'grooming'... sounds almost pleasant compared with the truthful 'drugging and raping'.
Which of course is why the BBC use it.

Martin said...

If you type "Max" into google search it immediately offers a drop down menu including "Max Moseley Nazi Video"

It seems that the internet remains a marvelous thing :)

Anonymous said...

one day when playing conkers or hopscotch becomes a vile moral crime -= as it surely will- you all may want record oblivion.

john in cheshire said...

Are you all aware of ATOD - the Agency for Television on Demand? they have effectively shutdown the UKColumn website because of their inflexible demands for money? It's just another nail in the coffin of the freedom that the web has until now given to everyone.

On that vein please don't forget Robert Green and his persecution at the hands of the Scottish constabulary because he has championed the cause of Holly Greig, who was sexually abused by pillars of the Scottish establishment.