Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A bloody weekend in the country ...

"Cherie? It's me. No, still in the apartment in Sharm El Sheik - the Lear jet is landing this afternoon and I should be at Northolt by six. Look, Abdel is having a spot of bother at the moment .... what? Yes, al-Sisi. We had drinks last night. Those wretched reptiles are after him for killing some terrorist, only a thousand or so, hardly worth counting ... yes, but you know how dangerous those Egyptian women and children can be, and their university students are really frightening; they keep showing me their bottoms. Can Abdel stay the weekend with us at Wotton Lodge? Pub lunch on Sunday? .... What? Well where did you thank that last mill and a half came from? He's a good chum ..Yes Ok love you too..."


Nick Drew said...

Lèse-majesté, Mr R - this is the man who is so close to solving the middle east thing, the troika are about to ask him to fix Ukraine as well

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Good, Mr. R; maybe not quite as good as "Bashir needs to call Tony", but good.

Anonymous said...

Egypt? Where to start?

The Egyptian army, were never going to release their grasp on the levers of power.

Since the 1952 coup, the British advisers were kicked out. Then a sorry tale of Socialism and central planning, with the army always creaming the percentages and American aid. A demographic explosion and extreme poverty and a people of diverse and conflicting visions of Egypt's future.
The army were certainly not going to allow others to usurp their power, certainly not to the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood, who in turn were certainly never going to give power to the people - ever.
Oh no, the Muslim Brotherhood their idea was a scourge of Wahabist theocratic lunacy and paid for and backed by Tony's bankers in the Gulf.

Of course, Tony's simplistic moralizing and lack of geopolitical perspective and a deeply polarized world view is the source of much puddled thinking but what makes him dangerous, all of the above is mixed in with a sense of messianic destiny.
Blair, is a veritable fount of jejune idiocy, the origin of much wrong doing and as his back pocket bulges, his list of sins and meddlesome cackhanded DiY diplomacy - is ever increasing the world's ills.

He - Blair needs to be stopped, the only way is to arraign him in the Hague for war crimes and for crimes against the state of Britain.
Fat chance of that, while Blair keeps his oar in with Cameron, the EU and Obama....Maybe the Labour party maybe.........

cuffleyburgers said...

I personally am opposed to capital punishment when carried out by the state, and far be it from me to incite anyone to violence, but in a purely theoretical way "who will rid us of this turbulent (pseudo)-priest?"

If a tragic accident were to befall him perhaps involving a sawn off 12 bore at close range, or possibly a .577 express from a mile away, perhaps a gut shot so he could suffer... oddly enough I can't say I would shed a tear.