Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cameron repeats classic blunders

Watching Cameron's response to global events as they unfold is instructive. There can be no doubting his good intentions, nor the strength of his commitment to do the right thing. His motivation is unimpeachable. However, it's like watching an eighteenth-century physician trying to cure Ebola; having diagnosed an excess of black bile and an imbalance in the humours, he prescribes the killing of a mouse, to be used in a poultice along with half an ounce of dragon's blood and a little Mummia, to draw the flux. His piece in the Telegraph today is typical. 

I can't help but feel that the main thrust of Foreign Office policy in regard to ISIS is to get the UN and the rest of the world to call it Isil. So dominant is Oxford in government and the mandarinate that one feels this is their true priority; they can take the beheadings, the barbarism, the geopolitical threats, but polluting the name of that sacred stream is step too far. Cameron uses 'Isil' seven times in this short piece. But it's the naivete of the assumptions that is uppermost. 

We should be clear: this is not the “War on Terror”, nor is it a war of religions. It is a struggle for decency, tolerance and moderation in our modern world. It is a battle against a poisonous ideology that is condemned by all faiths and by all faith leaders, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim. 
No-one has ever gone into battle screaming "Decency! Tolerence! Moderation!". We are at war. What we are at war against is an expansionist Islamic world bursting with young men, enjoying the economic benefits of globalisation, connected, and above all resentful of the three-hundred year domination of the Christian West in wealth, thought, technology and leadership. Even moderate, decent and tolerant Muslims in the UK support a re-balancing of the globe to give a more prominent place to the nations of Islam.

Cameron also makes clear he believes we are right to fight to preserve the national boundaries in the middle east invented by Europe in the 1920s, boundaries drawn not between Sunni and Shia or on ethnic, cultural or linguistic lines but between British and French interests.Boundaries that have simply ceased to be relevant.

Of course there is conflict between Shias and Sunnis, but that is the wrong way to see what is really happening. What we are witnessing is actually a battle between Islam on the one hand and extremists who want to abuse Islam on the other.
No. The Islamic civil war is at the heart of all this. And the 'extremism' he identifies as exceptional is inherent in all Muslim philosophy - even that of decent, moderate and tolerant Muslims - that of the primacy of Islamic religious authority and of Sharia over democracy and secularism.

Cameron is clearly struggling to understand concepts and tectonic shifts that are challenging his comprehension, but trying hard to do the right thing. In part, this is driven by political short-termism; he's looking at what can be done during his term(s) in office, not what needs doing to defend our Island and our privileges a hundred years hence. In 2114 Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Jordan and the rest will be quaint footnotes in a history text, as alien as Montenegro, Ruthenia, the Sanjak of Novi Pazar or Wallachia are to us. If nothing else, Poland should teach us the lesson that you cannot permanently overwrite natural boundaries of cultures and peoples; Poland was wiped from the maps of Europe between the end of the eighteenth century and 1918, and yet there it is - whole and complete.

And I make one prediction for the near future - that Turkey will become a critically important pivot point. All hopes of becoming part of the EU have been abandoned, and Turkey is now ploughing its own furrow. Secularism is on the wane and the Imams on the rise. Direct Western support for the Kurds will inflame Turkish territorial amour propre. The heat is building. 


G. Tingey said...

nor is it a war of religions
What an idiot.
As you say, the Sunni/Shia enmity is at the base, as well as being also a "Purely" religious war against ALL "unbelievers".
Well, we've been here before, 1583-1668 approximately, & we know what to do about it.
We can just hope that the "nominal" muslims don't get hurt.
Cameron fails to see that the correct answer to this is education & atheism in that order ...
WHY do politicians feel obliged to crawl to any & all religions?
it's sickening.
[ The better-educated & informed you are the greater the likelihood of people realising that ANY BigSkyFairy story is a collection of blackmailing lies ... ]

DeeDee99 said...

How can you expect to defeat a beast if you do not know the nature of the beast you are fighting.

Cameron continually insists that Islam is a religion of peace, when the evidence is overwhelming that it is anything BUT peaceful.

There are no tolerant Muslims; Their religion is intolerant. There are just different extremes of intolerance.

The British Establishment has encouraged Islamic extremism by giving its intolerant leaders a safe haven where they could spout their extremist ideology protected by human and civil rights which they despise - and cosseted by our welfare state.

And that hasn't and won't change. It's been tagged Londonistan for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that the Islamic Terror will be a greater and real threat to these Isles and Western civilization than any climate change/global warming.

I fear my grandchildren will inherit a bloody legacy because of our Political Elite's stubbornness in not recognizing the enemy has already breached our forttress walls.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Demography is destiny which means western Europe is fucked. The muslim immigrants breed like mosquitoes while our liberated women abort nearly as many babies as they give birth to. In 50 years they will be the majority unless we actively start kicking them out, and start doing it soon. Otherwise our country and our culture is lost.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Raedwald but I'm going with Sebastian Weetabix and demographs. In case you didn't know yet the name Muhammad, Mohammad, Mohammed is now the most popular boy's name in England and Wales.

How long did that take, 50 years?

The Muslim population doubles every ten years or so, which can only mean one thing: they will be the majority. Not just in England either, Swede's will experience the same in their homeland about ten years before us.

We're being replaced, and that my friend is what the politicians want because you know if you complain you're finished unless you're self-employed or retired.

It's a fait accompli.


Anonymous said...

Seb Weetabix has said it all .
Raedwald your big humanist brain has delivered a cuddly fantasy .

Anonymous said...

Liberal Norway says no more muslims.
Hardly surprising after all the trouble its caused them

Elby the Beserk said...


nisakiman said...

I reluctantly have to concur with Seb Weetabix and those who expanded on his comment. It's a numbers game, and we are losing.

Anonymous said...

I find Richard Norths commentary on the issue very insightful;
That it is more to do with the Nomadic Tribal nature of Islam's adherents than it is to do with religion.

G. Tingey said...

You really are determined to be stupid, aren't you?
Ever heard of "Sufi" - mystical quaker-like muslims?
Or the Ismaili?
Or the Ahmadhi - who are viciously persecuted for being the "wrong sort" of muslims?
Or the Council of Ex-Muslims?
( Also persecuted, of course )

Sebastian Waeetabiz
Your demographic argument is also crap - PROVIDED the women get education & access to birth control.
It's happened every time so far - why is this time different, please?

[ Which is why the imams are so desperate to control education, of course, because, if they don't - they have lost.
Just like the bloody-handed christians in the past, of course ]

Sebastian Weetabix said...

They've been cutting heads off for 1600 years, Tingey. One day they will come for your grandchildren.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Oops - 1300...

G. Tingey said...

I note you did NOT answer my point about education, just made a totally irrelevant remark ....
And we cut heads off until about 350 years ago (approx)
Given that islam is actually 660 years behind, that is only to be expected ....

I stand by my suggestion that EDUCATION & especially non-religious women's education is the answer.
Long-term, of course....

Sebastian Weetabix said...

OK - serious point coming up. We have some very nice immediate neighbours right next door. He is an IT director; his wife is a GP. They are both of Pakistani origin - born there, in fact. (They also happen to be first cousins, as well as married, though that is not germane in this thread.) They are clearly educated people, well assimilated, what I would describe as 'nominal muslims'. They have one son and one daughter. (Low birth rate, educated, see.)

The mother dresses western style, but modestly. The father is completely westernised, though he doesn't drink alcohol or eat pork. Now we come to the children... the 18 year old daughter wears the complete niqab. The 19 year old son, somewhat to his father's discomfort who says he cannot get through to his son, now sports the full Jihadi beard complete with shalwar khameez and woven skull cap. He was a nice young lad until he got religion; now he doesn't even speak to us when we see him in the street because we are 'kuffar'. I think we can guess his opinions on ISIS etc.

The problem is not poverty or lack of education. (The lad is a physics student and I would conservatively put his parent's combined income at circa £200K/yr.) The problem is ISLAM. Unlike Christianity or Judaism it is not susceptible to reinterpretation, it is immutable. It is the revealed word of God and Muhammad is his messenger so anything he did is OK because he is the measure of man. His sword was called Zulfiqar, which means "cleaver of verterbrae" and he consummated marriage with an 8 year old girl. And his message enjoins the use of deception and lies for the furtherance of Islam and the conversion or death of the unbeliever. You can be a good human being or you can be a good Muslim following the precepts of the message, but you cannot be both.

A few sociology and citizenship lessons from you and your atheist mates isn't going to make the difference here. There is not a country in the world - I repeat, NOT ONE COUNTRY - where a muslim minority >10% has not led to civil unrest and attacks on unbelievers. This is just the latest stage in a very old war and we have the fifth column in our midst. When they are 1/3 of the population it will be too late. Jihadis like to say 'first we will deal with the saturday people, then we will deal with the sunday people'. I wouldn't give tuppence for your atheist chances, me old China. They are like Leninists - they keep pushing the bayonet until they hit resistance then they stop and regroup, then they try again. And each time our society is ratcheted a little further in their direction.

Raedwald said...

Sebastian -

This is cracking stuff and I'd like to use your last comment in full for tomorrow's post with some questions about our options - is this OK?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

It's your blog!