Monday, 11 August 2014

ISIS will destroy the House of Saud

I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, but I'll bet somewhere in the series is a fat, bloated, wealthy, corrupt absolute monarch who deludes himself that his expensive army makes him invulnerable, and therefore free to provoke insurrection and unrest in other kingdoms. Such in reality is the House of Saud, covert promoters and sustainers of the Sunni bigots in the Islamic Civil War, and secret supporters of ISIS - for as long as those barbaric butchers exercise their terror and destruction elsewhere than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The problem is that ISIS have grown beyond their control, and have vowed to take control of the Holy Places of Mecca and Medina. And when they do, the fat pederasts that are the princes of the House of Saud will be impaled on sharpened stakes through their arses.

Whilst we fly bottled water from the UK to northern Iraq, the thirty C-130 Hercs (below) of the Saudi Air Force sit idle on the runway - for the Saudis would also be happy to see the Yezidi exterminated, along with the Shi'a. Nor will their ground-attack jets knock out ISIS forces. But their support from the US is waning, as that nation becomes less dependent on Saudi oil, and the Saud state is so corrupt, so rotten and so dependent on non-Saudis with no loyalty to the fat sheikhs that it is ripe for pushing-over. They will reap as they sow. 


DeeDee99 said...

In another context last week a good friend said to me "be careful what you wish for."

The Saudis are responsible for the spread of intolerant, reactionary Islam .... but what comes after them may be even worse.

Sackerson said...

Good point, DeeDee - imagine ISIS with the resources of Saudi Arabia. It could get Biblical.

Pederasts, Raedwald? Clearly I have much to learn about the 4,000 princelings.

Anonymous said...

"Such in reality is the House of Saud, "

Odd, that after 9/11 it is said that a number of high placed Saudi officials were allowed to leave the US while the flight embargo was in force.

Not normally one for conspiracy theories, but sometimes nothing else accounts for all the known facts.

Mike Spilligan said...

This really is a Pandora's box and it didn't matter what it might contain in an era when the camel was the most reliable mode of transport in those regions - Sunni vs. Shia; radical vs. progressive; none of it mattered until the aeroplane, compounded by nuclear physics compounded by electronics and cyber warfare. Now, the "leaders" of many nations are like 5-year-olds, pretending they know how to deal with the current terrors.

Anonymous said...



Lets hope its a no


Raedwald said...

Sackerson - not all of them,obv. Maybe just those ones I see in Shepherd's Market chasing rent boys - say 400 - 500 of 'em.

Budgie said...

"... his expensive army makes him invulnerable, and therefore free to provoke insurrection and unrest in other kingdoms."

You mean, Tony Blair?

Prawn Sandwich said...

Saud of the Arabian peninsula collaborated with Muhammad Wahhab, the Savanarola of that time -18th century, to impose a fundamentalist practice of Islam. Now known as Wahhabism the movement has spawned the groups and individuals running amok. The Qatari leadership are of the same ilk. Both will fall to their creation.

G. Tingey said...

I could almost say "GOOD - let's hope so"
But, even in Medina & Macca, there will be millions of ordinary people, trying to get by.
They do not deserve to have ISIS imposed on them, any more that the Berliners did Adolf - but they got him - & the results.
So it will be with those cities.
Agreed that the source of ISIS'money & supplies seems awfully undisclosed in the MSM doesn't it?
How embarassing.
Oh, the Adolf-reference was not a Godwin moment, btw - there is a direct link, via this nasty piece of work

Anonymous said...

G Tingey"But, even in Medina & Macca, there will be millions of ordinary people, trying to get by."

You know what? They are doomed anyway. As soon as the Oil runs out - putting to one side the impact that'll have on the row - the arabian peninsula is 'supporting' about a 1000% population more than it is able.

PS. Same with the UK by the way. Which is a good enough reason why we should stop all immigration and aim for a gentle decline in population over the next 30 years.

Sackerson said...

@ Anonymous (12 Aug 09:41):

Please come over and enrich the debate in the comments here -