Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tear down the ISIS flags!

The despicable and inhuman butchers of ISIS have a siren-like attraction for young Sunni moslems in Britain; slick propaganda, military prowess, a piratical badness and an achingly cool flag in black and white. I knew weeks ago that it would not be long before this flag - or versions of it - would start to appear in areas of the UK in which there is a concentration of youths of Pakistani descent. 

But England is ready for them - with the provisions of The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007. It is unlawful to fly any flag in England except flags of Class H (any country's national flag, EU, UN or Commonwealth flags, English County flags or the flag of any Saint) or flags bearing the name or device of the building owner (e.g. stately homes) or a flag advertising a specific event such as a Sale, and for a specific duration, without Planning Consent. The ISIS flag is not covered, nor are other, similar Jihadist flags. They must be taken down.

No doubt the usual whingers will crib at the 'discrimination' in the lawfulness of hanging a St George's flag from your roof and the unlawfulness of hanging a Jihadist banner, but there it is. And I doubt there's much inclination to change it at present.

In Tower Hamlets, Sister Christine has already taken one down herself - thus setting the standard for the rest of us. So reader, should ever you spot one, call the Council's planning enforcement team right away - and tell the local papers.


G. Tingey said...

About as nice as a black swastika on a white circle in a red field, eh?
NOT that there is much perceptible difference.
I accosted one ignorant prat in the pub last night [note], wearing a "Free Gaza" badge - & suggested that the best way to free Gaza would be to kill all of Hamas .....

[note: Yes, - "free Gaza" - all of whom are supposedly strict teetotallers - no wonder they're mad - in a bar ...
Please make logical connection? ]

Anonymous said...

Demographs Raewald. Twenty years from now the culturally enriched youth of the Midlands will do as they and their imams please as they will own the place.

It's called self-determination and short of war there is nothing anyone can do about it.


Dan said...

The EU flag appals me almost as much as the ISIS one

FrankS said...

I'd sooner the flag withered in the heat of public scorn than rely on prodnose bureaucrats - I don;t want the local council telling me what flag I can or can't fly.

Katabasis said...

The flag bothers me. What bothers me more though is that these yoots are demanding to know whether someone is "Jewish" or not around these parts.

I'll be sure to say 'yes' if I end up being interrogated.

Anonymous said...


Adenoidal, mentally incontinent with attention spans to rival fruit flies, in duration.

God help us when the party of God arms them.

G. Tingey said...

This was scaremongered about all brown people, 40 years ago ... as soon as the women get access to proper birth-control, the rate drops dramatically.
Something to do with education, actually (!)

Dan Equal bollocks.Yes the EU is heading towards a centralised authoritarian system we don't want.
But to equate it to the ISIS nazis is ridiculous - & gives ammo to the pro-EU factions. Idiot.

Mr Ecks said...

Too smug Tingey.

They will have as many kids as Social Security will pay for. Which is why nobody should get any payment for more than 2 kids. That will go a long way to ensure that the numbers of RoP supporters decline along with the rest of the population. And no more than 100,000 (non-RoP)migrants per year regardless of point of origin. No more RoP migrants at all. If you want to see a demographic takeover look at Lebanon. 10% RoP all quiet. 40% Rop --lots of trouble --60% RoP-- civil war.

Anonymous said...

"Adenoidal, mentally incontinent with attention spans to rival fruit flies, in duration."

You don't need an attention span longer than a fruit fly to set off your suicide bomb.

Anonymous said...

...the unlawfulness of hanging a jihadist flag.

...the unlawfulness of hanging a jihadist from a lamppost.

There, fixed that for us all.

Coney Island

Brightside Bob said...

"...and tell the local papers." I thought you were being naive Radders.

But of course! The local rag will faithfully highlight the brutal oppression of the 'effniks' by the 'fascist authorities'. Law of unintended consequences will surely follow (maybe...).

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
Well, that's what has happened every time so far ... the women get education (Shock, horror, can't have that ) & the birth-rate drops.
Please provide explanation as to why it should be different this time.

Mr Ecks said...

Because Islam has women under the thumb. Maybe that will change in the UK--but if anything the young are becoming more radical. If it does not change their numbers WILL grow to takeover levels. So it has to change one way or another.