Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cornered Cameron on the rocks

An embattled Cameron made a plea yesterday to save his political life following the most colossal series of blunders and massive exhibition of ineptitude ever displayed by a British Prime Minister. His job is on the rocks - as Isabel Oakeshott reported in last night's ES, 'Moderate backbenchers inclined to loyalty towards the PM are usually a good bellwether. Among those I spoke to last night, the verdict was unanimous: if Scotland breaks away, the PM’s number is up'.

William Hague is preparing to take over as a caretaker PM and leader of the Tory party from next week in the event of a 'yes' vote, which would see Cameron creep away from Downing Street in ignominy.

Cameron's pronouncement yesterday that an English parliament was 'nowhere on the radar' in response to John Redwood's demands is yet another example of a purblind stupidity as gross as his errors over Scotland. Unless the mainstream parties pick up and run with the idea of an English parliament - and Redwood's version is probably the sensible one - they are all finished. 

NB - If anyone is organising a mass march on Downing Street in the event of a 'yes' vote to encourage Cameron to pack, please let me know - I'll put up a column banner here. 


TrT said...

In the event of a yes vote, Cameron won't go quietly.
His armageddon option is to call fresh elections
His nuclear option is to expel the Scottish MPs, sack his lib dem ministers and appoint from those same back benches.

Anyone expecting Cameron to go quietly has utterly failed to take the measure of the man.
I'd be amazed if he has EVER gone quietly before. Anyone plotting a coup better have their ducks in a row.

Peter Ward said...

Yes, I was surprised to hear him say that last night. And also this morning to hear that all 3 main parties have committed to maintain the unfair Barnett formula in the event of a no vote. So the English are forever compelled to keep the Scottish in the manner to which they have become accustomed...

Anonymous said...

The time to prick the Westminster bubble that our political elites inhabit seems to be getting ever closer.

Whilst the weapon of choice is swinging away from the pen in the ballot booth to pitch forks & piano wire on the streets.

Brightside Bob said...

Anonymong: "Whilst the weapon of choice is...pitch forks & piano wire on the streets."

With you cheering them on, safely behind your keyboard in your bedroom at your moms house.

Budgie said...

Secede or not, the bribing of the Scots must stop.

It is sick making to see Cameron spill largesse over Salmond in the vain hope of preserving the UK. It is not just the money, it's the political bribes. Cameron is carrying on the English tradition of "attempting to buy his enemies (Salmond and the SNP), whilst selling his friends (the rest of the UK). Ransoms or Danegeld never work.

The way to encourage the Scots to stay is to make the UK successful. I realise that implies half the Scots are merely fairweather friends, but unfortunately the evidence for that is before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

@Brightside Bob

Wish I had been in my mom's house in '82 safely behind my keyboard instead of very wet & frightened in the South Atlantic.

Brightside Bob said...

Re Anonymous: Duly noted. I sincerely apologize. I tire of reading endless "piano wire" comments. Sod's Law that I vented my wrath on a genuine fighter.

G. Tingey said...

Camoron won't go unless he is pushed ... off a truck-back under a lamp-post.
I would imagine he willtry to get together with Milbean & expel all Scottish MP's on the Friday.
And then dictate the harshest terms he can to Scotland - "You asked for it, you've got it ... here's the bill for the expenses".

However, IF the vote goes "Yes" his plans may come to naught, because a lot of people will want him dead, as messily as possible.

Anonymous said...

@ Brightside Bob

Spoken like the real man I assume you to be.
Thank you.

DeeDee99 said...

I didn't vote for Cameron - I would have lent him my vote if he'd kept the promise to hold a Referendum on the Lisbon Treachery.

But I was at least expecting far more competence than his immediate predecessor had displayed.

What a disaster he's been. He's incompetent; has absolutely no foresight and couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

Frankly, he's an embarrassment.

He ceded all the important pre-Referendum points to Salmond and now - when it's almost match point - he's desperately gambling on hitting Ace after Ace and "winning" by one point.

You can sense the anger rising in England at the proposed settlement with Scotland - which will see the English shafted once again, in order to bribe the Scots to stay in the union on their own terms.

Someone should hand Cameron a revolver and tell him not to waste any time using it ... or someone else will.