Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Declaration of Interest

As deeply opposed as I am - wholly, 110%, absolutely, irrevocably opposed - to Scotland leaving the UK, I feel obliged to make a declaration of interest. Following a Political Betting tweet announcing a shortening of Philip Hammond's odds to be next PM, I checked the odds on my own tenner placed on Andy Burnham at 45:1 (only up to 33:1, since you ask)

But to my discomfort found that amongst my live bets is £20 on a 'Yes' vote at 5:2, taken out in May.

Oh well, that's a bottle of Armagnac Malt English Whisky paid for if it all goes tits-up. 


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Every cloud ....

hatfield girl said...

"...wholly, 110%, absolutely, irrevocably opposed - to Scotland leaving the UK..."

Well, of course. But Anglo/Scottish relations are not going to fall off a cliff with a Yes vote. There will be the expected negotiations between reasonable representatives on both sides: the advisors of a Conservative prime minister and the advisors of a Scottish nationalist prime minister. Both sets will be reasonable men and women with an over-riding interest in getting the new order settled in the best of ways. The Sottish advisors to the Scottish First Minister are an entirely respectable, indeed distinguished and trustworthy group. It is hard to think the English lot are anything other.

What does fall of a cliff is the Scottish Labour Party in all its malignity: its vile influence over so much of English and Irish politics as well, its supporters in all their behaviours, its leaders who have figured so noticeably in the No campaign, particularly in these last days. Gordon Brown? John Reid? Darling? No need to go on listing them.

Polling analysts have suggested that the last hold-out group in the No camp are old women, who have the highest likelihood to vote and the lowest to change their minds - the Mesdames Defarges of SLAB.

Scotland and England will get on just fine if the Scots would be good enough to vote their way out of the grip of a dead ideology and the Glasgow rust belt.

Bloke in Italy said...

Hi Hatfield - I'm afraid I don't share your confidence. I would exepct any negotiations to be carried out with incompetence on the English side and ruthless cunning on the nats side.

My main concern apart from the size of the hit in the pocket book of the English tax payer is the future of the Union flag to which I am deeply attached.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"if the Scots would be good enough to vote their way out of the grip of a dead ideology and the Glasgow rust belt"

Well that ain't going to happen.

The whole entire point of this business is to keep themselves IN the dead ideology and the rust belt.

It's ALL about making sure there's never again even a pretend tory government in Scotland.

Tories - you know, those awful people who think things have to be paid for. Once we get rid of them, the story goes, the magic socialist money tree will burst into flower and everything will be wonderful - and free - from that point on.

DeeDee99 said...

Sorry Radders, but I think the union is as good as dead anyway.

The YES campaign has been nasty, vicious, vitriolic: they and their tribal thugs make it absolutely clear that they hate the English and blame us for everything that is wrong with their lives.

We are two different nations: culturally, emotionally and economically: they are Socialists - we aren't.

Socialists always run out of other peoples' money - and I'd far sooner it wasn't ours.

I think a move towards a Federal state should have happened a long time ago, but the sight of Gordon fcuking Brown telling the Scots that they could have DevoMax and almost a Federal State - with absolutely no concern for what the rest of the UK thinks - was the final straw. HOW DARE THEY!

I therefore hope the Scots vote YES and you get your bottle of brandy.

G. Tingey said...

WY & DD999
They make much of crawling to BigCorporate
What they are is interfering nannies - inherited from Scots' Presbyterianism
A legacy that should give anyone the cold shudders in these days of electronic surveillance.
Actually, they would be LESS evil if they were "socialists", whatever that means this week.