Sunday, 14 September 2014

English Parliament NOW

In the event of a 'yes' vote, things must move rapidly. Firstly, Scots MPs must be excluded from any matters in Parliament concerning only England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Scots representation must cease not in 18 months, but when Parliament is prorogued in April next year. Next, an English Parliament must be formed to take control of all Parliamentary business except defence, international relations, customs and tariffs, air traffic control and maritime regulation, weights and measures, communications and VAT. All other taxation must be devolved to the lowest level at which it can effectively be administered and collected. 

Direct Democracy will help stabilise the evolution of a political system whilst ensuring that legislative changes follow the wishes of the English people. All new senior public sector appointments, commissions in HM armed forces, intelligence service appointments etc. to be restricted to rUK citizens born in England, Wales or Northern Ireland - we don't want a repeat of the Curragh. 

Full overseas fees to be charged to all Scots students in English universities from 2015/2016 academic year. Majority English ownership (more than 33/64ths) required for Red Duster ship registration.  

Civic privileges of Scots citizens in England to be the same as other Commonwealth citizens - i.e. right to vote (if reciprocated) but no automatic entitlement to benefits or welfare. No dual nationality permitted - Scottish-born residents in England on Transition Day can choose rUK OR Scots nationality, but their rUK citizenship will lapse if they get a Scots passport. 

It will be a busy legislative session and the Tories must overcome the torpor and indolence that has infected them under Cameron. That's for starters. 


DeeDee99 said...

Do you seriously expect any of this to happen within that timescale?

Cameron's caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

The Civil Service is unprepared for breakup>

Cameron's priority will be "staying friends" with the Scots and working out the PR associated with scrapping the EU Referendum promise as soon as possible - since the English, Welsh and NI are far far more likely to vote for REAL independence when not encumbered by the Scots.

The English - and their electoral/ democratic deficit do not feature in his immediate concerns.

Raedwald said...

DeeDee - Cameron won't survive a yes vote. He'll be gone by next week.

hatfield girl said...

A lot of statuses, individual and state, international law and practice, hierarchies of Scottish and UK constitutional law and practice, political choices, agreement on who or what are determining bodies......(we could go on and on) are involved in these 'things that must move rapidly' (rapidity itself is iffy).

In a dauntingly confusing field

"Enlargement from within: secession and EU membership" (Emmanuel Dalle Mulle)

outlines quite a lot, including the problems of EU/UN membership, other international treaties, individual rights, jurisdictions, precedents. Just a start - though there is a bibliography for the interested.

Not being a lawyer I've not the trained mindset to cope with these complex interactions, but it's very clear that 'givens' on Scotland and England's respective statuses are not soundly grounded.

Raedwald said...

HG - see Richard North on Booker; Yes, Scotland would have to renegotiate thousands of international treaties as a new nation, whilst being excluded from EU membership; Salmond would have to set up and staff embassies in 192 countries and obtain international diplomatic recognition; extradition treaties would lapse, so Scotland would become home to Colombian drug barons and Chechen warlords ...

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Agree with all your points, Raedwald, but I'm puzzled by your reference to the Curragh. That was so-called loyal army officers (mostly English, with a few posh Ulster protestants like the Brookes thrown in) deciding to defy the will of parliament and threatening civil war if the Irish Home Rule Bill was implemented. A proposal, btw, which would have given the local assembly less power than the Holyrood Assembly has today; their obdurate refusal told the world that Ulster Unionist devotion to parliamentary democracy stopped the moment they weren't winning and they couldn't make the Croppies lie down anymore.

That disgraceful illegal behaviour by British Army officers combined with the cowardly response of the UK government (who should have cashiered every last one of the bastards for their effrontery) told every Irish Nationalist that they would never achieve independence by peaceful means and it ultimately destroyed the Redmondites and led to civil war. Unless I'm missing something I suspect you have the Curragh the wrong way round...

G. Tingey said...

Scots representation must cease not in 18 months, but [ I was going to put "strikethrough" here, but the window won#t take it .. pleas ssume crossing out...]when Parliament is prorogued in April next year[ END of crossing-out]

Another correction.
Camoron will be IN JAIL next week - if only for his own protection.

Raedwald said...

SW - No, I meant the Curragh as an example of officers allowing their nationality to override their duty of obedience to the Crown rather than offering it as an exact parallel; not a good fit I'll admit, but it was one of the very few 'political' mutinies we have ever had (to the credit of the armed forces)so the field is rather barren of alternative examples

hatfield girl said...

I read Richard North (as I do every day) which led me to wonder if things are quite as cut and dried as suggested (a former European University Institute president, Noel, was very knowledgeable about this kind of thing; I'm unsure if he would have thought it so clear).

If it's No on Thursday then the can of worms will reseal; if Yes then the status of individual citizens as well as the problems of internal EU enlargement, not to mention the UN, and other crucial international treaties, will dwarf the economics of it all.

If the EU could swallow the GDR without accession talks surely it can manage Scotland; the levels of upheaval seem to depend on the political will (and willingness) of all the parties but none can act alone or arbitrarily.

The paper I cited does give a decent outline of the myriad problems.

Kemi said...

Aaah, but hang on, what about your ideal UKIP scenario? If they do win a dozen or so MPs, there will be no Conservative majority as they wouldh ave done enough damage elsewhere to give Labour a decent majority - even without Scotland.

Then what?

I doubt an Ed Milliband led Labour party would give you any of the above (and no EU referendum either).

Raedwald said...

HG - The EU will absolutely refuse any deal for Scotland - in fact they will do all they can to see Scotland fail, as an example to any other Euro regions (especially Catalunya) that may get secessionist ideas. North and Booker are right I think - a yes vote will mean chaos and collapse for Scotland, with scant sympathy from an England dragged down in the collapse.

Ps John Waller said...

The EU would be delighted at the creation of one of its Euro-regions. Brussels is a prime driver behind this

Anyway we can all calm down cos it aint gonna happen. Looks to me like the Scots have sobered up after their wee bit of wild partying last week

Budgie said...

I have to side with John Waller about the attitude of the EU. Officially the EU cannot be seen to endorse a breakup of the UK, especially because of the divisions in Spain, but behind the scenes I suspect there is much glee.

Some of this goes back to WW2: the Germans have never forgiven the UK for beating them, and the French have never forgiven the UK for helping them.

Already there is the re-emergence of the 'well, the North East could have had its own parliament' meme to go with the creation of a small EU manipulable Scotland. Onwards and upwards for the new improved USE, since the only possible stumbling block - the UK - disintegrates before the EU's grateful eyes.

At the height of the hoo-ha about the "imminent collapse of the euro" (a position that Dr North held then - though he would be loathe to admit he was wrong) a few years back, I said not only would it not collapse, but we would be begging to be let in the euro in about 10 years. The disintegration of the UK makes this more likely not less.

I truly hope I am wrong about all this. I hope there is a resounding No to secession, I hope the UK stops the EU from becoming the USE, and I hope we leave the EU. But as it all unwinds before our eyes, I fear that I am correct.

backofanenvelope said...

The next government will be Tory or Labour. What chance is there Raedwald that they will drive thru' the programme you suggest. None. No matter which way Scotland votes, they will sacrifice England and the English to keep Scotland afloat.

Anonymous said...

Also no way should the UK hand over any military assets to the new Scottish state. Not so much as a pistol or single round of ammunition. Scots born members of the armed forces should be given the opportunity to continue their service with the UK armed forces or given an honourable discharge if they do not wish to do so. The UK should oppose their membership of NATO and the EU thus guaranteeing their 'independence'. All existing Scottish regiments to be maintained within the UK armed forces - most are already located on so called r-UK soil and, due to longstanding recruitment problems north of the 'border', already comprise significant numbers of non-Scots personnel. The UK should, however, offer to continue to patrol Scottish airspace and seas until such time as they can make their own arrangements. This in exchange for a 20 year lease on the nuclear submarine facilities on the Clyde and continued use of other basing facilities as long as necessary.

Also I have seen a lot of guff about changing the UK's flag. Why should we do this? It is the historic emblem of the UK and should not be changed just because a region of Great Britain has chosen to secede. Likewise the name of the country which should remain unchanged.

Cascadian said...

You would like to think that some of what Raedwald suggests could be implemented, but this is yUK we are talking about. So it will be "Keep calm and carry on" as in the Carry On movies, there will be bumbling, fumbling and as backoftheenvelope suggests major appeasement of the jocks and high costs to the english taxpayer.

Your political leaders are only PR spivs and callow university boys who appear every day on TV and twitter, they have no comprehension of working effectively or quickly. Nor any appreciation of how to win an election.

Robin Tilbrook said...

Welcome to the pro English Parliament camp!

Yours sincerely

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Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "Cameron won't survive a yes vote. He'll be gone by next week."

Oh! I do hope so.

This morning has brightened significantly.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "so Scotland would become home to Colombian drug barons and Chechen warlords ..."

and the lion will lie down with the lamb, come on R. you're overegging it a little?