Tuesday, 9 September 2014

HMP Isis or Hollesley Bay Borstal?

Yes, there really is a HMP Isis - or rather, more correctly, HMYOI Isis. It probably even also holds a few exploding jihadists who have failed to go off. It's very modern in a bleak, soulless, institutional way unrelieved even by the pastiche architectural quirks incorporated by HLM Architects. It's probably packed with well-meaning therapists, reading tutors, youth mentors and deradicalisation co-ordinators and the screws probably aren't called screws but Custody Service Operatives or something. I'll bet it's inclusion of heating and sanitation drives some of you to fury at such 'softness' and I'll bet it does absolutely no practical good at all except keeping a few score young crims off the streets for a while. 

Until the fairly recent criminal justice reforms, Hollesley Bay Borstal on the Suffolk coast held many of the young men who will now find themselves on Thamesmead marshes. It was cold, crowded, insanitary and uncomfortable and the boys were housed in Victorian brick barrack blocks as cold as ice when the Siberian winds came tearing like knives over the North Sea. The boys worked an 1,800 acre farm and moreover did so with horses - Suffolk Punches. You could always tell the Borstal colony's farmland; it was the neatest, best managed, healthiest land you could see, with tidy well-layered hedges and gates with rectitude. They had no therapists at all, the screws were called screws and the County Council library van called once a week for those who could read. It successfully reformed thousands of boys, ensured the survival of the rare-breed Punches at a critical time and produced quality food for the market. 

Still, you can't let effectiveness stand in the way of progress.    


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to place a bet. HMP ISIS will never see an inmate. They will just slip back through our borders aided and abetted by our own government who know full well that they can do nothing about them - because the EU laws say we can't.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Not a borstal but on my travels in days long ago I used to walk past a 'special school' where they placed special kids who were problems in the system, it had a 'farm' of sorts - well actually some animals [tending to domesticated animals is a therapy in itself] and a few very carefully and well cultivated plots.
Yes it was strict but discipline and order can do wonders for a young psyche - in the local environ - the school's alumni and attendees were never any bother.
On building sites later, I got to know one or two of these kids - I was of the same [ish] age and you know what - they were scallywags, rogues and from some very rough parts of a very hard city but they never had a [really] bad word to say about that school and for that particular school, recidivism was low it is of course just rubble now.
So we are told - the new way is better but then as Rotherham, Bradford, Leeds, Preston, Rochdale, Derby, Wycombe, Oxford, Blackpool illustrate; the modern council social worker covers up, procrastinates long about dogma, and are inveterate liars - they do it for a living. Social workers, the council social services stasi tell us, that, the 'new ways' are best so we are told and thus trouble making kids make life hell in the classroom for everybody - but that's progress by progressives, aka Marxist twats.

Budgie said...

I believe some of the jihadists are back, so they've already had their holiday, thanks. Anyway isn't it easier to use the EAW and imprison a couple for daring not to be totally satisfied with the NHS, than risk being racist?

Anonymous said...

A little bit OT but continues the Rotherham theme you might want to see what Pat Condell thinks -