Thursday, 18 September 2014

Losing Scotland will be like losing a gangrenous foot

Losing Scotland from the Union will be like losing a gangrenous foot. Sure, we'd rather keep it - but whole and healthy. Once we recognise that the member is diseased beyond salvage, well, take it off. It's only 8% of us. 

And if the Yes campaign - led by a racist demagogue whose street thugs remain un-censured as they bully, kick, spit and vandalise their way across Scotland to impose their ugly racist nationalism -  has shown anything in the past few weeks, it is that Scotland is gangrenous.

It's become clear that if Scotland votes No, we'll have a violent, petulant little nation with a massive sense of grievance to deal with - which will cost us even more than Scotland does at present. The risk that it will infect the rest of the healthy body is too great. Let's cut it off. 

The United Kingdom is much bigger than the craggy, hostile, squabbling bit at the top, and will prosper after a split. And as the Scots gaze across the barbed-wire border in wonder at our wealth, full supermarket shelves, new clothes and cars and sleek prosperity let 'em weep.


DeeDee99 said...

I started out a bit fed up with the Scot's grievance culture, but tending towards hoping that the union would survive with a substantial NO vote.

The last 6 months - the vitriol of the ScotsNats;
the chip-on-the-shoulder hostility to the English people;
the arrogance in thinking they can dictate terms to the rUK;
the sheer greed in wanting their cake and eating it, courtesy of English taxpayers;
their arrogance in wanting to dictate what government the rest of us have to live with .....
all these things have tipped me over to hoping the Scots vote YES.

It's time the English showed a bit of national pride.

Anonymous said...

Well put.

Sad to lose something that's always been part of you, but it must be done.

Anonymous said...

What is it exactly that we are scared of? Or perhaps more accurately, what is that our politicians *want* us to be scared of? We, the English, own - by far - the lions share of just about everything in the UK. The arrogance and hubris of Salmond is staggering. I can see very clearly what Labour have to lose but hey, they fomented the English - Scottish problem thinking they would have a heartland that would keep them in power forever; so for them it will become "as you sow, so shall you reap". And that will go for Salmond as well.

Coney Island

Mark said...

I think many - far more than would probably publically admit - have come to this conclusion.

I expect a no, but whatever happens, I think the gravy train is finally pulling into the station.

For me it was when Salmond was told that there would be no currency union (why ever did he think that there would be?) and his reaction to it. Since then its only gotten worse.

Once I would have felt sorry to see Scotland go (which I think it will sooner or later). Not any more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too. Shame I didn't have a vote otherwise I would have been campaigning to "Throw the B*****s Out".

The only sad thing is that it is not the English having a vote on leaving the UK to the Celtic fringe and seeking our own English independence. Then perhaps we could forget to re-apply for membership of the EU and we could finally start to work on mending fences with the rest of the Anglosphere.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the idea of "nation states", however, this can be abused by a malevolent body such as the EU.

We already know that they dictate the majority of statutes and increasing by the year. But they have always had another little ruse, namely regionalisation...

Nation states can be quite powerful, especially democratic ones, the more democracy the better, but regions can be ethnically based, or geographically unique in some way and there is much more likelihood that they would be easier to rule from the centre, than a nation state.

Anonymous said...

I wish that you are correct in your post Raedwald and we see today as the beginning of the exorcizm of that cancerous land to the north of us.

However, I fear we will get a narrow margin "No" vote, leaving us still attached to cancer.

Then like NuLabor and it's multi-culturalizm will continue to infect our English heritage.

It now looks like Sheffield just across the M1 will be the next Laborstani child abuse scandal.

Anonymous said...

And proof if any were needed that unfettered Socialism doesn't deliver fairness, equality or any sort of life improvement.. just turns you into a bunch of bitter envious losers..

Budgie said...

Cameron has wasted every opportunity he has had since 2010. It is perfectly possible that a vote by the Scots to secede could result in improvements in the continuing UK, especially England, but on past performance that sadly will not happen. And this will be so even if Cameron is out on his ear by next Monday.

Anonymous said...

Strange how just 8% of the UK can hold the remainder to ransom.

On this basis why can't the 50% of the UK persuade the Government we want OUT of the EU?

Because in both cases the Government don't care what the PEOPLE want - they give the people what they DESERVE and what suits the Governments OWN intersts first and foremost.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well argued and prosaically put, Sir!

Ps John Waller said...

What gets me is that an objection to Tory-dominated UK politics is such a key driver for the Yes vote

1997 Labour win
2001 Labour win
2005 Labour win
2010 Hung Parliament
2014 Labour ahead in the polls

What Tory dominance? Certain people north of the border still stuck in the 80s frame of mind methinks

Ian Hills said...

I think an Israeli style wall across the border is called for, with a shoot to kill policy for Scots trying to climb over it, and the internment of Scots already living in England, whatever the outcome of the referendum.

G. Tingey said...

This is unworthy of you Radders ...
I know, it's a reaction to the vile Salmond & his nasty gang of creeps.
Camoron hasn't helped - I see that the continuation of "Barnett" is by no mean guaranteed.

It is to be hoped that this does actually herald a change in our politics, otherwise we really are screwed ....

Cascadian said...

There is some sense in what you say, except you have used the wrong analogy.
Jockland is not analagous to a gangrenous foot because it cannot be cut away, it is attached for all time perhaps to poison the body of England.
Jockland is a parasite, it needs England to survive and sustain it, if it wishes to have any decent quality of life it needs to extract more from the host than it could possibly produce itself.
Since your politicians love dependent populations that they can shower with benefits they have exposed their socialist tendencies, showering the jocks with yet-earned taxpayers largesse.
I hope for a yes vote so that I may see the destruction of liebour, conmen and limp dicks, as a side benefit it will be entertaining watching Venezuela north drift towards penury. It might even curb some of the Brit politicians ridiculous ideas that you are an important player on the world stage.

John M said...

I think you may have a point Raedwald. Certainly this ugly campaign has thrust into the spotlight of the English media and electorate:

a) What a bunch of nasty and ungratful sods lie over the border.

b) That we're already shovelling money at them via the Barnett Formula, which also brings into play the inequity of the West Lothian question.

c) Now the issue of how the weak cretins of our own politicl class are seemingly happy to try and shovel EVEN MORE at the Scots without so much as a thought for what English taxpayers might think about it

d) We now have proof (if more were needed) that the UK political leaders, parties and the mechanism of Westminster is completely unit for purpose.

A say as soon as this vote is over, the English should be demanding thier own vote (regardless of outcome in Scotland) to jettison these ungrateful celts and let them enjoy a future under Alex Salmond. They'll be broke in three days.

MWaPW said...

DeeDee99 et al. I commend you for your support of this excellent piece. My awakening occurred last Saturday and from being an abosolute "No! (based on fear I guess), I have come to the same obvious conclusion. We are much much better off without... The hours are counting down.

Anonymous said...

I want a vote on all sorts of things,not limited to whether we should tell the Celts to go and stuff themselves, declare Islam unlawful, Halal slaughter unchristian and illegal, end the Barnett formula, because the bastards are still whingeing about 'their' oil. Then we can do the same with the other parasitic teat-suckers in the EU.

anon 2 said...

Anon @ 1507 ....whether we should tell the Celts to go

Thing is: WE (INDIGENOUS BRITISH) ARE ALL CELTS . At least, that's what the DNA researchers (cf Bryan Sykes at Oxford) tell us. Some of us, esp. in the northeast, just have a more Germanic genetic 'overlay' than others; however, the Scots also have a lot of Viking in them. After all, along with the Irish, they provided bases for those invaders to harry the rest of us.

And the Irish kept at it in Southern Scotland/Northern England: hence the destruction of the Picts (10th cent) and the similar establishment of the Danelaw in Alfred's time.

And then there was all that raiding across the border that went on for hundreds of years (so long after Hadrian and Antoninus Pius set up their 'walls.'

So -- whichever way you look at it -- we are all the same people; and we've been here for a good 7,000 years.

And now? Well, I have a strong Scots strain from one grandmother, Irish from the other. All the tall men would have made great Viking warriors! And my cousin's married name is: Mac***. We're not the only ones like that, you know.

On further reflection then, this isn't just about nations or tribes: it's a family issue. That's why we care so much; that's even why we quarrel so much.

And the euros? ... Well, they have no idea what our families have sacrificed to fight them off (and down, in the case of Norman-French)for all these thousands of years.

I love my Union flag. And I'm glad still to keep it.