Sunday, 21 September 2014

Shifting Plates

A week, as they say, is a long time in politics. Few commentators could have imagined six weeks ago that the UK's political tectonic plates would have shifted by as much as they have - but this is the nature of tectonic plates. They're sticky and hard to move, so pressure builds up until all the movement happens at once. The parties are now looking at the impending GE in 2015 in quite a different way, and next week's expected recall of Parliament will see it start to play out.

Localism is something all parties toy with until they're in power, when the thought of giving any of it away to we ordinary folk suddenly becomes less attractive. As I've written many times before, the Labour party is constitutionally unable to implement localist policies without imploding; central command and control is so fundamental to socialism that without it the party transforms from socialist to communitarian. The Lib Dems are now an electoral irrelevance, all but dead at the polls but with enough MPs until 2015 to be able to interfere in the future. Only the Tories would have had the capacity to absorb and implement localism without self-destructing. I write 'would have had' - for the members, citizens, who would have made this possible have been disowned by the metropolitan party and now largely support UKIP.

A desperate Miliband has just announced an increase in minimum wage to £8 in a last ditch effort to improve Labour's poll ratings, but Labour's economics have no credibility any more with voters. Voters know it was Labour that buggered the economy, Labour that turned an official blind eye to the mass sexual abuse of vulnerable children by Muslims, Labour that has disempowered English voters to prop up its own power and Labour that will deny them the level of political participation that many are now waking to. A desperate Cameron will seek to devolve to England decisions on how to spend the money allocated by a central government without allowing England to decide instead how much money to allocate to the central State. 

I don't know how this will play out; my small voice will just continue to plug the same Localism I've plugged since I started this blog in 2007, on the basis of the candle principle.

Oh, and if you haven't read Simon Jenkins' Big Bang Localism yet, it's HERE.


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron has no intention of devolving powers to the English in the form of an English Parliament or localism.

English Votes for English Laws is intended to entrench the legacy parties in Westminster because it's elected under FPTP (unlike the devolved parliaments).

And they will interpret the laws which only affect the English as tightly as possible. Only a tiny percentage of issues will be identified as only AFFECTING the English.

So the Scots, Welsh and NI will continue to interfere in issues which will only be enacted in England but will have an impact across the borders.

Cameron's priority is to ensure that UKIP is kept out of Westminster; and the Tories will get a boost at the expense of Labour.

Anonymous said...

What's the candle principle?

Coney Island

Raedwald said...

...that there's not enough darkness in the entire universe to douse the light from a single candle

or even little stones make ripples

Anonymous said...

Of course, we can light our candles and STILL curse the darkness. I think this is what Raedwald is doing, and long may he continue!

Anonymous said...

Thanks R


Ps John Waller said...

Cameron holds all the cards now

All he has to do is put the new Scottish devolution powers in one bill and new powers for England (which also benefit the Tories )in a completely separate bill at the same time.

Milliband & Clegg will be forced to vote through the Scottish powers they have already agreed, and if they simultaneously throw out the English bill they will get murdered next May

G. Tingey said...

Ps J W
Cameron has Milibean over a barrel.
You're wrong about CLegg though, "localism" has long been a Lem-0-Crat ideal.
Thus, even if he can't get a majority (again) Cameron gets another coalition with the Lemons, because Labour are seen to have betrayed the English.
Very, very smooth

Anonymous said...

A rather good post R, nothing in this old universe is set - only a politician would believe that.

As tectonic plates do, they heave and shift to form new geomorphic landscapes and vistas, trouble is though - timescales and geologically speaking even glacial pace - is quick, so what we need is a new FORCE of nature.....