Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Speccie publishes Cameron's resignation letter

The Speccie has had a decent go at drafting Cameron's resignation letter for him - HERE
However, there is no excuse for the lack of seriousness, effort and thought that I and my cabinet put into the referendum until too late in the day.  Whatever the future may hold for an independent Scotland, there is no question that the immediate prospect for England, Wales and Northern Ireland is a dismaying and difficult one.
Anything they've missed?


Anonymous said...

Well I think after the mess Cameroon made of it all the traditional glass of whiskey should be replaced with some Eton sparkling spring water next to the old Webley 38.

john miller said...

Well, there won't be a resignation.

But I do wonder if anyone will be so cretinous as to use the line "Lessons have been learned?".

john miller said...

I think the Webley .38 should be replaced with a .445, complete with dum-dum bullet.

Don't want any more slip ups, do we?

Sackerson said...

Haven't you read Waugh's Decline and Fall? He'd only drink all the whiskey and shoot the Regimental silver.

anon 2 said...

He's left it too late to resign - as an honorable man would have done.

The solution is in our hands now.

Wildgoose said...

Well, he's already on record as saying that he was "proud of all the Scottish blood in his veins", that he "didn't want to be Prime Minister of England" and that he would stand up for the Scots against the "sour little Englanders".

All of which suggests he needs to resign as PM and apply for the job of Scottish First Minister instead.

Budgie said...

Hmmm .... Gove, Hague and Redwood on the sidelines could prove interesting. But it's not just a matter of resignation. If the Scot Nats prevail it will be a constitutional crisis. So there should be a dissolution and general election for the continuing UK, excluding the Scots. Our own referendum, as it were.

anon 2 said...

Referendum ---
Nah; that's rubbish.
There's only one way to get rid of traitors: via the pitchforks and piano wire route.

DeeDee99 said...

They missed out the apology for 2 weeks chillaxing in Portugal, followed by a self-indulgent 2 weeks in Cornwall ..... allowing Salmond to campaign unopposed for a month on the run-up to the Referendum.

What would have been wrong with a two week holiday in the Highlands, reconnecting with his Scottish roots.

Whether it's YES or NO, Cameron has failed spectacularly. And he's shown total disregard for the English. He has to go.