Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Where's OUR right of recall?

MPs toed up to the mark yesterday in their quizzing of public sector liggers clinging onto their pensions and salaries despite managing the most appalling abuse of vulnerable children. Keith Vaz is even reported as asking for 'emergency law' to enable his select committee to sack the embattled PCC Shaun Wright. All good stuff.

Only one question. Where is OUR right to subject our MPs to similar scrutiny, and to sack them if they fail to resign of their own volition? The bar needs to be high to avoid vexatious actions or Party political games, but why should we be stuck with a thief, bigot, liar or charlatan for four years or more?

Video of the Home Affairs Select Committee's quizzing of Crompton, Hughes, Thacker and Wright HERE 


Anonymous said...

I see Westmonster have taken a backhander to use MS silverlight, when there are ample free video players equal to if not better than MS shite.

Anonymous said...

"Keith Vaz is even reported as asking for 'emergency law' to enable his select committee to sack the embattled PCC Shaun Wright"

Sacking him ain't really enough. He'll just bubble up into another public sector pustule of slime in a month or two.

Darkside Bob said...

I've just watched the sections where Vaz asks Thacker, Wright & some other 'person' why they haven't resigned.

Listening to their calm/matter of fact responses, I now know that Dunblane was 'manufactured' in order to disarm the (decent) British public.

Had it not been the case, these carbon based lifeforms would now be lead/carbon based non-lifeforms.

Anonymous said...

'Where's OUR right of recall?'

In the bin, along with all the other stuff.

If the lips are moving you know you are being lied to.


Bloke In Italy said...

Hello Radders

according to Worstall who is generally sound, it would be entirely wrong for the state to sack an elceted official.

obviously there needs to be a means of getting rid of them but this needs to be established in advance.

Raedwald said...

Worstall's right - the State should not have this power - but how do the voters of Rotherham, who should have such a right, get rid of him?

Vaz could well be advocating right of recall legislation, whether he means to or not

Bloke In Italy said...

Yes he is, but I suspect he doesn't intend to...

Another piece of shoddy legislation - right of recall should be integral to all elected posts.

G. Tingey said...

These days (social media & such) it is entirely possible to get rid of them.
You just heckle & disrupt their every meeting & appearance, you e-mail their committee "colleagues" asking: "Why are you still working with this shit?" ... motions of No Confidence, etc.
As usual this dim plod is still stuck in the previous century of deference to "Authority"
He won't last, believe me.