Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dealing with economic migrants the African way

Back in the days of my direct acquaintance with West Africa, before Nigerian oil, when life was little more civilised, Ghana and Nigeria enjoyed a sort of see-saw economic cycle. When one was doing well, the other was doing poorly, and vice-versa. Accra is separated from Lagos by a skinny strip of land that gives mini-nations Togo and Benin access to the Gulf of Guinea - generally migrants drive straight across it unhindered. And so with economic boom and bust a horde of migrants moved back and forth between the two cities.

And when some diplomatic spat or financial disagreement caused the two governments to fall out, the consequences were felt by the migrants. They were simply expelled en masse; rounded up by the police and army where necessary, and sent packing. I remember seeing two pieces of news footage; one was of Ghanaians trekking westwards, a long walking column of chaps carrying washing machines on their heads, women bowed under the weight of huge blanket-wrapped bundles on their backs as they walked home. The second was of Nigerians expelled from Ghana walking eastwards, a long column of men with fridges on their heads and women dragging cloth-wrapped bundles on makeshift sleds.  

They're quite used to this sort of solution, you see. The hundreds of thousands now illegally in the UK would not be at all surprised and only slightly put-out to be marched onto a fleet of ferries moored at Southampton to take them home. It's the African way.


Anonymous said...

Send them back? Only over those dead bodies of the white liberal bleeding hearts classes*.

"dead bodies".........Now there's a thought.......

*[BBC, Primrose hill, Notting HIll, Hampstead and Islington/Camden]

DeeDee99 said...

And that's exactly what we should do.

I have no problem with rescuing Africans who are attempting to enter Europe illegally, with the aim of pitching up in the land of free everything - as long as they are immediately returned to their home countries.

No listening to their sob stories, no assessment of their claims about persecution - send them back.

The bleeding heart liberal establishment needs to toughen up. And it looks like refusing to vote for their tame political parties is the way to make them do it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What DeeDee99 said.

We should rescue them, patch them up where needbe, give them a square meal (only one!) and return them promptly to the North African coast.

The boats that pick them up should not touch at any European port at all until this has been done.

Oh, and Italy should abandon Lampedusa forthwith, and erect large billboards along the shore saying "This is not part of Europe, landing here will gain you nothing" or words to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Well for my money, sink every boat on arrival, that would give the trafficers pause for thought.

G. Tingey said...

Are we not supposed to be BETTER & MORE CIVILISED than them?

However, WY proposes a sensible solution & humane, as does DD99 (perhaps)
Amonymous is a cruel shit.

FrankS said...

OT… No more Guardian reader offers?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

AIUI there's quite a few folk in S. Africa who would like to apply the principle to their troublesome Nigerian visitors.

In other news I see the homeopaths are setting off to cure Africa of Ebola.