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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blair cronies give the bloody butcher a bung

Whether the bloody butcher of Baghdad called in a favour from his cronies Jonathan Powell and Justin Forsyth, his former Chief of Staff and Advisor, now respectively Save the Children board member and Chief Executive, or whether they acted out of altruistic gratitude at Blair's greatness is not known. What is more certain is that they decided to award Blair a risibly inappropriate 'global legacy award' in New York without the knowledge of the organisation's management tier - two hundred of whom have now protested indignantly at the outrage.

Blair has indeed had a lasting effect on the lives of many thousands of children. He ended them. For most Chief Executives of charities dedicated to saving them, this would prove something of a bar to sycophantic rewards, but Justin Forsyth clearly has no such difficulty. 

With the prospect of Chilcot's report appearing before the 2015 election again receding, Blair will remain at large and beyond justice for the moment. 

There's a petition asking save the Children to withdraw the award HERE


DeeDee99 said...

They could have given a posthumous award to Saddam. He "saved" thousands of children as well.

Anonymous said...

Go to 38 Degrees - - and sign the petition. PLEASE! Go to Facebook and post the 38 Degrees petition on your page. PLEASE!

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

The "Chilcot" report will probably never be published... it is far, far too embarrassing.
Rather like the paedophile allegations regarding Westminster in the 1970's - it will be buried / suppressed / ignored / whitewashed.
I know Heath is dead ( I have my suspicions) as is Cyril Smith, but others are still alive ....

Budgie said...

Blair is the only recent UK politician where I need to reach for a sick bucket. He was not just wrong about so many things, he was a con-man.

James Higham said...

Has to be one of the best titles for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I would be quite happy to be of service to Her Majesty by separating B-Liar's head from his neck with a very blunt German WW1 Mauser "butcher's" bayonet.

Oops you'd better report me Rawdwald or else you'll ave Malcolm Raffleking after you!

Anonymous said...

James Higham said @ 14:18

'Has to be one of the best titles for a long time.'

Agreed, full marks for that one Raedwald.

How many little ones were burned and entombed in the first hour of George and Tony's Bagdad "Shock 'n' Awe" spectacular?

I've heard figures ranging from 90 to 3000 for that first 60 minutes.

What is clear is Bliar would have known that civilians would be killed and that some of those would be children.

Giving cunts awards they don't deserve has become more predictable since Obama got his Nobel gong for doing nowt.


john miller said...

I'm convinced the Blair Presidency was a joke.

The shady figures behind New Labour used a homosexual who went to Rio with his partner for a bit of fun, a very stupid Scottish barrister who was richer than all his Tory counterparts and who had been to a far more prestigious school and a very strange bully that no-one knew how to control.

How could the Tories counter that lot?

And of course they didn't. The gruesome one redefined the barometer of economic success; "Aye it's GDP now lads!" which meant that the more he borrowed the higher the GDP - success!

The smarmy git President told everyone what they wanted to hear. This success reached its peak when Edward Sturton (sacked from the Today programme because of it) interviewed Harman and asked why she agreed the Irag war had been a terrible thing. The fatuous cow said "I didn't !" and poor old Ed said "But it's on video" but lost the argument and his job in the face of her constant denial of what was a recorded fact.

Then the homosexual who regularly visited Brazil sat on a yacht with the oligarch in charge of Russian steel and said"There is no conflict of interest here!", which was confirmed a few months later by the EU just after the EU restrictions on the import of Russian steel were lifted.

So now we have three multi millionaires, using charities, LLPs, trusts and offshore companies to ensure they pay no tax at all on their miilions.

How that three, and the shadows behind them, who are surely even richer, are laughing in our faces.

mikebravo said...

We seriously need to reinstate the Halifax Gibbet or get a guillotine.
These ex politicians moving onto charities as chief executives and pocketing 500k a year whilst shovelling out cash to their cronies and previous backers are beyond redemption.