Wednesday, 19 November 2014

FIFA behind IOC on points at top of Premier Corruption League

FIFA scorned a penalty yesterday, but captain Sepp Blatter's move to stall a corruption enquiry by calling in Gendarme Louis Ginois from the Swiss alpine canton to investigate a shortfall in the tea fund put the IOC ahead on points at the top of the league. The IOC got off to a cracking start at their first fixture, when the old joys of Lithuanian tarts, Columbian marching powder, stretched limos and bulging goody bags from Gulf Sheikhs gave them a gift of a win. 

Despite Blatter's star African wingers each pocketing over €1m in bribes, their game never really took off. EU sanctions have hit dodgy Russian money hard, and the oligarchs are out of the game this season. Blatter must surely now be looking ahead at the transfer window and at his chances of winning a good defender or two from the IOC squad to regain FIFA's place at the top of the league.


Anonymous said...

Football sold its soul way back, you can see it [greed and lust for money] happening in RU. As TV and the corporate blood suckers get into a feeding frenzy, and the poor old sports [wot dat?] - are trampled into the ground by the big boots of the fat cat money men.

Football, FIFA is corrupt absolutely.

Even, the game is a joke and there ain't many national FA's [including the English FA] who are straight.

Football a 'sport' where money talks and Africa-South America-Asia-Araby rule just as they do in their own piss pot-ical countries.

What to do?

Of course split it up!!!!!

YES, the European countries should free themselves with all associations with FIFA and that occurrence [UEFA-FIFA schism] is about as likely as hell freezing over.

Back to baksheesh it is then, hey you boys in Brussels! Time to move over in the trough - Blatter the pig is trotting over to join you in gorging on the corporate pigswill of filthy lucre!

I love football, I cannot abide what it has become. The IOC led the way, Mexico City in 68 for them [US TV dollars], German world cup 74 [when corporate Europe woke up to its world wide appeal] started the troughers' ball rolling - in football.

Demetrius said...

Times have changed. It used to be a lot better when only a few bottles of a decent whisky were needed.

G. Tingey said...

Given that football is part of the vile "team games/sorts" meme that was (& still is) forced on tens of thousands of terrified small children, with te accompanying bullying & thuggery, I'm not in the least surprised.
It is the logical end-state, after all.
A truly fascist set-up of terrorising the weak, whilst those in charge roll in their corrupt spoils.