Friday, 7 November 2014

Free Europe

It was in a hotel bar in Salzburg on Wednesday night of all places where I got chatting to a couple of lads from Walthamstow. Their company fleeces and work trousers indicated they were there on business rather than to endure the ubiquitous Mozart schmaltz that has polluted this otherwise attractive 17th century town. They were service engineers - skilled technicians who flew around Europe staying in 3-star hotels and maintaining bits of building kit. They were quite at home amongst the Turkish cab drivers, Halal fast food joints and Roma beggars on the footways. Their iPhones - frequently accessed - kept them anchored in Walthamstow. As a lesson in labour mobility, it was admirable. Austrian labour protectionism, which I imagine insists that a photocopier technician has served a seven-year apprenticeship and is a paid-up member of the Kopiererwartungverband before they are allowed to clear a paper jam, has had to give way to the free market - in this case Walthamstow workers who can read Japanese service manuals written in cod-English. 

I must say I'm actually in agreement with Cameron's opponents in Europe who argue that free movement of workers is inviolable. Brits are actually well-suited to take advantage of these economic freedoms. The problem isn't free movement of (European) workers, it's that welfare rules, particularly in the UK, haven't caught up with the new reality. Hence we pay millions in child benefit to kids in Poland and English dole to idle Slovakian alcoholics in Slough. 

It's African and Pakistani immigration rather than European workers that have caused real damage to England. UKIP is just scared to say so.   



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Bloke In Italy said...

Absolutely squared.

mikebravo said...

Not surprised that they are scared. The howls of outrage from the establishment and it's mouthpieces and the smear campaign from albeeb would be horrific.
"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Anonymous said...


Discussing white immigration - barely tolerated.

Discussing black immigration? They'd be preparing race hate charges.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago, even European immigration was a verboten topic. Things may change regarding the others.

But you are right about what has done the most damage, and it is the benefits and welfare tourism plus cultural debauchery that the anti-immigrationists really want to stop.

AndrewWS said...

Got it in one. Sort out welfare (by privatising it? private unemployment insurance is what the Swiss have, and a fat lot of harm it's done them) and half the problem's solved. You then have to distinguish between high- and low-risk immigrants when deciding what sort to let in.

Budgie said...

Normally I agree with you, Raedwald, but not in this case. I had to take over a job started by an east European. To the management it looked like he'd done well, but I found most of what he'd done was unusable. But hey, what did he care - he was moving on.

Did I get commended for saving the management's bacon? Since you ask - No. The dozy Brit management had swallowed the east-Europeans-are-bright-and-do-a-good-job meme. A meme that is typically English, but not very sensible.

The reality is that our youngsters have been short-changed by our crap schooling, so are often out classed by the Pole with a degree who is here for the fun and to learn English whilst taking a job he wouldn't look at in Poland.

We have had too much immigration, too quickly. It is not a matter of hating Poles or Pakistanis - the country is too small, too overcrowded, our infrastructure is groaning, and too many of our own children are denied the chance of meaningful work. We need a breather.

Brightside Bob said...

I started out in working life as an apprentice in the motor trade. This was in the late seventies.

Sadly, the most common phrase of the blue collar male (and not just in the motor trade) was:
"F@ck it, be reyt(right)..."

If foreign workers have helped us up our game, then I agree with you Radders.

anon 2 said...

It's African and Pakistani immigration rather than European workers that have caused real damage to England. 'Fraid I have to disagree here, Raedwald - at least as far as the NHS is concerned.

I'll never forget sitting in a northern hospital while white foreigners stirred up infected dust with their broomsticks --- any old-fashioned British Matron would have had their guts for garters! As it was, they made me very sick. The true target was, of course, the patients from whom the doctor (with an unpronounceable euro name) would then withhold antibiotics. Furthermore, that same 'doctor' had had the nerve to tell me, ahead of time, that my visit to that hospital would be 'at the right time' -- 'for killing your aunt,' as I later realised.

Then there was the NHS opthalmologist who also wasn't British. He refused to treat my detached retina because I was too old. He laughed when he saw it: "It's come completely away!" I told him - "Maybe you think this kind of thing's funny where you come from; however, I need my eyesight, whatever you think to the contrary."

My experiences are obviously not isolated cases -- these people regularly treat/destroy other Brits, throughout the country.

Edward Spalton said...

A friend( who is a professor of German) told me this joke about the extremely hierarchical Austrian mindset.

A man went to a market stall in Vienna to complain about a bunch of bananas.
" Sie muessen mit der Frau Oberbananenverkaeuferin sprechen"
He was told.
You must speak to the Overbanana-sales lady.

Doubtless she would have an official certificate!

Demetrius said...

Flying in and out of Salzburg is fun, very "Where Eagles Dare". At least Austria is clean.

Anoneumouse said...

@ Demetrius

oh come on, Austria is far from clean. Austria its progenies, inhabitants and or it's Empire has been the instigator for most European deaths in the past 400 years

War of the Spanish Succession.
The War of the Austrian Succession
WW1 and WW2

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Demetrius said...

Errr, I was thinking more of washrooms and gutters.