Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Smug Luxembourgers get Bitch Slapped

We have commented before on the irony of two Luxembourgers - Viviane Reding, from the last bunch of unelected EU officials, and Jean Claude Juncker, capo di capi of the current bunch - lecturing Ireland on tax breaks for corporates. 'Walt' Juncker in particular built his career as head of the Parish Council that is the laughable 'government' of this micro nation in stitching up tax breaks for the global corporates. This has all been well known for a very long time and every single Euphile has been happily ignoring it (as they do with every inconvenient fact) and pretending that the down and dirty JPJ - actually sacked from the Parish Council for corruption - was the ideal unelected official to lead the Commission.

Why then has the social democratic Euphile left suddenly turned on him? Der Spiegal is calling for Juncker to be put 'in the hot seat' and as the Telegraph reports, Bloomberg are devoting huge chunks of editorial space to demand his resignation. Not only that, the French, Dutch and German finance ministers have condemned the fraud and corruption inherent in some of Luxembourg's dodgy tax deals - exposed last Wednesday in a release from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Well, it's too late, lads. You manoeuvred to get the bent little walt the job and now you're stuck with him. 


mikebravo said...

"Why then has the social democratic Euphile left suddenly turned on him?".
Presumably because someone has let the cat out of the bag and the great unwashed have noticed.
Now the great leaders have to pretend to be on the side of "the hardworking taxpayers" in order to stay at the trough.

Ravenscar. said...

Lord in heaven, Claude Juncker this dissolute pissant, a popinjay and an ideal 1st representative and embodiment of, this putative soviet of statist western states and which never will come about.
The German press in particular were singing the praises of this pious, arrogant little man Juncker when Dave was complaining and carping about his instalment.
Indeed, the rank[s] of the left, the social Democrats/communists in the Fatherland and their allies in France-ClubMed wanted Juncker and now they're not so bloody keen - what play is this?

In a moment of unusual clarity, mental acuity and panicking about the envisioned loss of enormous pensions and piss easy sinecures. Have they reached the conclusion that some sitting in these islands predicted some time ago?
That, II Cladius [Juncker], his provocative manner and eliptically bent practicing, 'grease' stained fingers - will facilitate as he undermines..... presiding over the imminent implosion of 'le grand projet'?

As, president Putin sniffs victory in the Donbas, he rolls in his tanks. With the EU infighting, Obama paralysed after the midterms, he, Putin senses weakness like a grizzled and ravenous bear eyes a fatally wounded and limping quarry.

Tits up?

Infirmity in the EU.

The Eurozone tottering, as the single currency straps the fringe and Club Med.

The German economy is stagnant missing its roubles and despite Bloomberg's [FT, BBC, Economist et al] spin to the contrarywise.

What with, the French economy in its prepared basket case. France is dead in the water - with it's own internal strife and political infighting, Hollande is despised as the provincial tinkerer he always was and loathed for it. Plus, the French establishment kicking chunks out of each other, attempts to compromise Sarkozy in revenge over DSK - truly a wonder to behold, are we looking at the storm that will bring about the fall of the 5th republic? Marine le Pen awaits and preparing the tumbrels.

Espana vamonos?

Catalunya, votes for out and Spain threatened with Podemos and another Socialist Nirvana the people are falling for it and who could blame them [certainly not me]? But the markets are VERY, VERY very nervous about Sp sovereign debt.

The ructions go on and on, the Kommissars and interested left leaning parties have fashioned their own downfall and Juncker is the personification of it.

Anonymous said...

The word 'walt' is actually spelt 'twat' Radders.

You're welcome.

Budgie said...

Whilst what you say is true, Raedwald, and thankfully being exposed, the UK is no better (though differently) off. Our own set of Tory and LibDem clowns has doubled the national debt, a worse performance even than Brown. Of course Balls and Miliband wanted even more debt.

A couple of years ago, at the height of the euro-is-going-to-collapse hysteria (so beloved of a certain faction of eurosceptics) I made the prediction that the UK was being so badly run that in a decade we would be begging to join the euro. I fear we are on track.