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Friday, 5 December 2014

Aggressive Breast Feeding

Breast is best; breast is good. I don't find the act of mammalian breast-feeding in the least offensive - whether a cow suckling her calf or a cat suckling her kitts, it's an natural as Sunlight. I was brought up on the sight of bare-breasted African native girls suckling their picaninnies - and in one case, thanks to Armand Denis, suckling an orphaned gorilla. And on occasion, when baby absolutely won't wait, I've been in the same room / train / north sea ferry as an unknown European woman discreetly feeding her infant as everyone helpfully averted their gaze. I have no problems with any of it. 

What I do have a problem with is women using their babies in public places as aggressive tools with which to seek to shame or embarrass other persons present in a jejune and rather silly political gesture. It's not a matter of feminism - it's a matter of coarseness, foul manners and vulgarity. Such women should be treated as what they plainly are - lewd, coarse, vulgar and, for their child-abuse, beneath contempt.   


Bill Quango MP said...

A few weeks ago when the drinking while pregnant topic was doing the media rounds a reporter went out into the street to ask women if they did drink anything while pregnant. {the idea was courts could prosecute for child abuse. A bizarre idea really.}

9/10 said they didn't or 1 glass of wine a week or some other moderate behavior.
But the tenth came out with "Its my body .. its my right to choose! No one can tell me what to do with my own body.." etc.

The right to choose?
To choose to be totally irresponsible?

You have the right to leave your newborn unattended while you pop into the shops. Or in front of an open fire. Or to leave your toddler playing by your garden pond. But you wouldn't.

Selfishness should be exposed . And not hidden under the cover of 'rights;.

I agree with your post. I'm unconcerned by breastfeeding.
Not sure Claridge's is the place.

However.. I sympathise with the woman.

I still recall when I went there without a tie and had to wear that dodgy burgundy one that marks you out as out as a pleb.

perhaps I could claim compensation? For hurt feelings and being humiliated for 60 seconds in front of my friends?

If any of your readers have also had this awful
'I'm sorry sir. But we require...' moment, maybe they could come forward now on this blog. And we could all try together to get this discrimination overturned through legislation.?

Why, through our shared experiences and the considerable financial compensation we will demand, we, the "Survivors" of open neck embarrassment, will finally achieve the closure to our long and painful journey.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing was arranged Raedwald. Do something to create the talking point - extremely helpful if you have 'before' and 'after' boob and baby proximity photos for the media to chew on - and bingo.

Oh, and don't forget the Farage quote. There's an election coming and the LibLabCon need all the help they can get.

Suckers (the public that is)


Lilith said...

It is bloody awkward feeding all but the smallest or most food focussed baby in public. All those distractions from the job in hand!

Carnwennan said...

A few years ago I took my daughter to a swimming pool in Surrey. In the shallows dwelt a woman feeding her 4 year old son, daring anyone to question her right to secrete into the water in which they were swimming.

G. Tingey said...

Bill Quango
What happens if you turn up @ Claridge's with no tie, but wearing a cravat?
Or are they allowed ... ?

DeeDee99 said...

It's a matter of common courtesy: both for the woman and baby and any other individuals who may happen to be in the same room.

The woman should have the courtesy to breastfeed discretely - which may mean removing herself from where she currently is and sitting somewhere else - and people around her should ignore the process as much as possible.

ANY business should have the right to ask a woman to sit elsewhere; and the woman has the right both to be offended and leave the premises.

Farage's comments were absolutely right.

The media have handed him another bout of free publicity where most ordinary voters will agree with him.

mikebravo said...

The only people that would be remotely interested in the obvious smear campaign would already have decided that Farage was a chauvinistic pig (man).
Breast feeding at the table in Claridges is about as vulgar as loudly calling your dining partners Cun#s.

Elby the Beserk said...

"What I do have a problem with is women using their babies in public places as aggressive tools with which to seek to shame or embarrass other persons present in a jejune and rather silly political gesture"

Which rarely, if ever, happens.

Bill Quango MP said...

Mr Tingey. Cravats are allowed.
Scientists and academics, directors of hospitals and flamboyant lawyers frothe 1940s ensured that this neck piece was acceptable.

I myself haven't worn a tie, bar weddings, for over twenty years.

I threw the tie collection away in about 1995, reasoning, correctly I believe, that if I suddenly needed a tie, I'd be better to go out and buy a new one rather than pick a forgotten old piece of unfashionable silk, with a dubious colour , design and shape from the wardrobe.

Pool_Pisser said...

Feeding in the swimming pool? Now that seems to me to be beyond the pale. I'll never be able to piss in the pool again!

Cascadian said...

Discretion-an old-fashioned word, not often used, unknown to womyn seeking their ten minutes of fame.
She is perfectly free to breast feed without the ostentatious look-at-me-aren't-I-clever-I-can-do-what-every-bush-woman-does-without-thinking demand for an audience.
I dare to predict that this young womyn's demands for acceptance of public displays would at the same time run screaming from a "showusyertitsdarling" request.
The suffragettes would sneer at such a demeaning display.

Raedwald said...

Elby - generally true, though the rent-a-mob of slatterns and harridans who harassed Claridges' customers yesterday with bared dugs are the exception

storm in a teacup said...

I am all for agressive breast feeding - it just happens tyhje ladies don't seem to want to wap thm out for me ...

Anonymous said...

She's just another of those smug, well-heeled, middle class, usually white women, who think because they have given birth they are entitled to have priority over everyone else, like Royalty. They are everywhere with their Chelsea tractor buggies thrusting their way importantly through shops and restaurants and along pavement expecting the rest of us to move aside. And we must smile indulgently while little Arabella runs screaming up and down the aisles or throws a massive tantrum.