Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hitchins and Booker in tune

Peter Hitchins and I share the same sort of parents; we are the children of those who were very young adults the last time that we were cursed by war; he writes today in the Mail
It seemed fairly clear to me from her experiences that war had in fact been a miserable affair of fear, hunger, threadbare darned clothes, broken windows and insolent officials. And that was a victory, more or less, though my father (who fought in it) was never sure of that.
If anyone really is trying to punish the Russian people for being patriotic, by debauching the rouble, I cannot imagine anything more irresponsible. It was the destruction of the German mark in 1922, and the wipeout of the middle class that resulted, which led directly to Hitler.

Stupid, ill-informed people nowadays like to compare Mr Putin with Hitler. I warn them and you that, if we succeed in overthrowing Mr Putin by unleashing hyper-inflation in Russia, we may find out what a Russian Hitler is really like. And that a war in Europe is anything but fun.
Quite one of the oddest and most frightening stories of the year has been the ludicrous and persistent misrepresentation in the West of the reason for the tragic shambles unfolding over Russia and Ukraine. This has been presented as wholly the fault of the Russian “dictator” Vladimir Putin, compared by Hillary Clinton and the Prince of Wales to Hitler, for his “annexing” of Crimea and for fomenting the armed uprising in eastern Ukraine. Almost entirely blotted out has been the key part played in triggering this crisis by the remorseless urge of the EU to draw the cradle of Russian identity into its own empire.
As Hitchins points out, Russia has lost 700,000 square miles of valuable territory since 1989. He forebears from mentioning that every square yard was paid for with Russian blood, Russian military dead of 12m making British & Commonwealth and US dead in WWII of 387,000 and 407,000 respectively look like the result of dilettante sparring. And they were the uncles of those of Hitchins and mine generation in Russia. 

If there has been one theme in Raedwald in 2014 it is this; we have more to fear from the idiots, fools, crooks and glory seekers on 'our' side than from those that they vilify. The people of Europe are at last waking to the monstrous threat to peace from the EU, egged on by a particular form of transatlantic stupidity that parrots the word 'appeasement' like a stuck CD.  

2014 also marked the 70th and last-commemorated anniversary of Britain's last great act as a world-player; 6th June 1944. This was the last and perhaps the finest British and Commonwealth led victory (the US, despite what Spielberg may depict, being in the minority and the junior party in the invasion itself). After D-Day, the US became ascendant and our retreat from Empire began. As a victory it was a fitting end to the nation's defiance that had seen our island stand alone against Hitler's fury until the Japanese eventually brought the US into the war more than two years in. That my own father commenced active service on Sword beach at dawn on that day is a matter of some pride for me. 

Hillary and those like her in north America who today are eager for war are perhaps not so much stupid and ill-informed, as Hitchins would have it, as insulated from any family experience of what living under conditions of warfare was like. The US had it easy in WWII. Their war dead were few for such a large nation, and the war made them all rich. They simply have no idea what war is like - they see through the false eyes of Hollywood, not through the experience of living relatives. 

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


David Jones said...

Well said.

Mike Spilligan said...

Thanks for pointing out the Mail and Telegraph articles. I've generally given up reading both as I'm sure it will lead to insanity.
Everything you (and the Hitchens / Booker extracts) is so right - but how do we get through to the people who have influence? My MP didn't respond to my last letter as his only reply could have been to admit that he's ignorant. (Why have we got so many poorly-educated MPs? - including our PM?)
Even Tony Abbott, usually robust in such matters, has gone along with the US-inspired theme of making Putin the "enemy", which is the norm when a poli has got problems at home. Andrew Bolt of the Melbourne Herald Sun is a conservative who usually sees through the fog, but he, too, has fallen in line.
Harper in Canada is similar, but then he's got a lot of Ukris that he wants to keep "on side" - and it was in Canada where the Pce of Wales was drawn in to agreeing with a Ukri descendant that Putin = Hitler. (In the book "The Long Road Home" - recommended, btw - the Ukris were shown to be very "flexible" - Catholics one week, Jews the next; and Canada was urged not to take their DPs.)
Although the EU is trying to be expansionist (as it's got lots of spare cash !)it's blindly following US policy. The dreadful Psaki (and "our" stupid Mogherini) seem to think that a war in Ukraine is a long way away.

DeeDee99 said...

Our "Leaders" aren't leaders in the traditional sense of the word.

They are frontmen for the Bilderberg Committee and the Council for Foreign Relations.

They do as they are instructed. And if they deviate, they will be removed as swiftly as Maggie was when she said NO NO NO to the plan to morph the EEC into the EU and eventually the United States of Europe.

The global elite have deliberately been provoking Putin. We are returning to a Cold War and I expect there will be a number of proxy wars deliberately engineered before long.

It's interesting that Obama has chosen this time to "normalise" relations with Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Aye and ask a veteran now - musing on 'modern' Britain - was it worth it?

It is the greatest irony.

That the Cultural Marxists now running the west see mother Russia as an enemy - if one has a cynical nature and I do, I laugh loud but not in humour.

Cultural Marxism has won here in the "west" or, should I say USA and the EU. Through the years of Putin, at first the west thought he was going to cave in, as per usual they thought wrong. The invasion of Georgia proved it - Vladimir was not going to allow the west any more territorial grabs. Putin has defended Russia and from cultural decay of Cultural Marxism - love him or loathe him - he's been telling the west to fuck off for many a year. Before Sochi, Putin changed some many laws and the west didn't like that at all - nor do they like what is happening in the Ukraine but Russia had to tell the Brussels mafia where to go - and enough is enough.

They're trying to destroy the Russian economy, the attack on the currency is led by Soros et al. I hope Putin stands firm. I hope with all my heart that the west fails with it's anti Russian agenda - some of us recall that Ivan was our ally - even if Stalin was a shithead. Against the existential threat that is Islam - Russia are our brothers and sisters, we should not forget them.

As an aside but on a loose theme......

A youngish family, relations of mine - their kids were full of stories of a visit to a local gallery it was built recently, an eyesore costing £35 million, the local Marxist council wasted money they could ill afford.
The kids oohing and aahing in wonderment at a gallery of nothing more than a display of half formed tripe called sculpture and sprayed walls called paintings and I thought - they [academia, education dept, teaching profession, the local council] are taking the piss out of us all, what my Grandfather and older relations would have made of it - not much I'm sure.

Thus, I was thinking about the shite those drug addled tossers churn out and worse the uctsn who fall over themselves to praise it and call it 'modern art'.
emin, hirst - what a fucking sham of bollocks it all is. Moreover it is the exact the same, with that appalling 'modern' cacaphony they call 'modern classical music' Schoenberg et al. Cultural Marxism the Kultur of hate and makes people listen to shite and then conditions ordinary folk to call pieces of shite - ART!
Good grief, what is wrong with us? Why do we allow our children to be inculcated with being forced to be bused to galleries to view this rubbish?
Cultural Marxism, it has turned our world upside down where shite is praised and billions are spent in building vast concrete mausoleums - sheds to exhibit this 'F-art' - what a sham it all is and the design of Cultural Marxists is fashioned thus - to undermine everything and all things western tradition.

Finally, we have no backbone it has been over the years surgically removed. Thus we have destroyed any church to fortify and set us to rights.
However, the Eastern church has always been infinitely wiser and far more intelligently aware of existential threats - the Eastern Orthodoxy - sees it very differently.

70 years on and a lesson still unlearned. Yet, we still vote for more of the same - it is hard to argue that, we have not fashioned our own hell on earth - modern art and music part of a cancer that we allowed to permanently infect the body.

Russia does right, we [the west] are the wrong uns.

G. Tingey said...

Anonymos - you forgot your dried frog pills....

Tell "That nice Mr Putin" story to people in Georgia or Moldova.
Who is pushing dangerous unmarked military flights close to commercial air-liners, then?
I agree that the business in Ukraine was absurdly mishandled, but please remember.
Putin is ex-KGB & it shows.
His murder & terrorisation of legitimate internal opponents does not paint a rosy picture, either.

Demetrius said...


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Hilary Clinton - ah, yes... the woman who liberated Sarajevo single handed?

Granted Putin is no saint - but what on earth are the EU goons doing giving nearly 1 Billion €uros (and more in the pipeline -no pun) to the Ukrainian "independence" movement?. If the Ivans had done similar in say Scotland, Catalunya, Norway, Iceland - or even say found a get out in the deed of sale for Alaska....

There's deliberate provocation going on and most of it is emanating from unelected gits pulling EU strings ... who in turn are squeezing it out a compliant media.

As to Vlad's employment history - some are saying that the smoke and mirrors surrounding Barry O'Blimey are spook stuff....

Having looked closely at BO's heavily Photoshopped birth cert direct from - something ain't right.

Bloke In Italy said...

All these tin pot low rent politicos love war because it offers them an occasion to pronounce solemnly on how it is the hardest thing etc etc while making damn sure it's other people's blood and treasure that are spilt.

I am sure I am not alone in loathing these people almost more than I can express (without a rifle in my hand)

Bloke In Italy said...

Plus of course a great opportunity to make some cash for themselves and their mates in certain strategic industries pace the Bush family in Iraq.

English Pensioner said...

Our leaders never consider anything from the other person's point of view.
One might argue that Russia sees the EU as an expanding empire following in the footsteps of some of its members who were once colonial powers. It wants to expand, like all empires, and has incorporated the old east bloc countries, and from the Russian perspective, was trying to take over Ukraine.
They've been previously invaded by Napoleon and Hitler and don't want an EU invasion.
They may be paranoid, but I can sympathise with their viewpoint.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Excellent post, pity about some of the comments.

Span Ows said...

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

One of your best Raedwald. They know not what they do - or perhaps they do, but they're not telling.


Cascadian said...

You are vulnerable, a sudden lack of Russian natural gas could yet throw your economies and banks into a major meltdown. Manipulating currencies could yet require payment in gold (which is what Ukraine had to do partly)and then the fun really begins as many EU banks are exposed as insolvent.

Your very foolish "leaders" will lose, and ingenues like Hillary and Obama will be schooled harshly. I agree with Hitchens Hillary is stupid and ill-informed her time at the State Dept more than confirms that, Ashton, camoron and the Ukrainian puppet are stupid too.

I do not think Putin is interested in a European war, he seeks only to protect long established land bridges to ports in areas where the population is highly supportive of Russian rule.