Monday, 15 December 2014

Labour's alternative planet

The Telegraph scores a neat coup this morning with the publication of Labour's secret anti-UKIP strategy document. Labour's core electoral strategy on immigration - to pretend it doesn't exist - is on a par with anything ever conceived by Monty Python and no doubt the news media will in due course serve us some farcical fare of Labour candidates talking to constituents without ever hearing points they may make about immigration.

What is really telling however is the arcane and alien language in which the document is written. Labour recognises that working class voters feel "that the party has left them behind in pursuit of better-educated, middle-class, white-collar voters". White collar? The last time I heard the distinction made between white collar and blue collar must have been forty years ago, and it must surely be meaningless to anyone under forty, unless 'white collar workers' is some secret new code for workers in the public sector such as police officers and Council officials who wear white uniform shirts. It takes me back to reporters standing outside Transport House and union capi going into Number Ten and suggests that the author doesn't quite inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. 

The same with 'coalfield communities'. Do they actually mean ex-mining areas? There are some lovely bits of Kent sitting on top of unmined coal deposits, so perhaps they mean constituencies with coal under 'em. Or perhaps the coal seams need to be exposed at the surface for these 'coalfield communities' to rub their faces with coal dust and perform clog dances around a capitalist tied to a head wheel? Whoever wrote this stuff needs to change their medication. 

But then Miliband and his cronies do inhabit a different planet to that of the rest of us, as this document clearly demonstrates. I look forward to further pre-election advice from Labour HQ - perhaps on the wearing of flat caps, or on issuing Party whippets to PPCs. This is going to be fun. 


Anonymous said...

Yep, as suspected, it's all about themselves and nothing at all to do with the people they want to govern. They just want their snouts back in the trough.

Coney Island

DeeDee99 said...

The instructions to move any conversation with a (bigoted) serf away from immigration and onto subjects the Labour Overlord wants to discuss is illuminating:

the "listening party" is as deaf as a post unless your opinions mirror their own.

Anonymous said...

"Blue-collar area": a estate agents term meaning...not your kind of people.
Party members stand in need of a guide book.

john miller said...

I think you'll find whippets wearing flat caps will actually be the PPCs...

Anonymous said...

Well my son is a long term UKIP activist, I asked him whether he had seen this and he said ...

"Yeah, read it cover to cover, I hope they implement it fully".

I guess the language said something to him as well. as to Labour hopefuls.

TrT said...

I doubt the person writing the bilge understands what the phrase means or even what they wanted it to mean.
Its just meaningless words tacked on for gravitas

Cascadian said...

So liebour wants to divert conversation to the NHS and housing-how desperate can they be?

Yes ms candidate, lets talk about South Staffordshire hospital where the patients died from torture and neglect in greater numbers than Guantanamo. No I agree your NHS employees did not waterboard them because they were drinking from flower vases. Oh not interested in that. Housing then-how much has your second house value increased and will you be donating that to the plebs when you are not elected this year?

Co-Op bank you say, did you bring any cocaine? Lets have a snort together.

If Ukip can field a decent election team, I hope we will see devastation of the liebour vote in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Ed Bollocks is vulnerable, Milliband too

Anonymous said...

An engaging piece Raedwald but the horrifing truth about mass immigration will be visited on all of our English great grandchildren, who will be:

a. a despised minority

living in:

b. small areas set aside for such purposes as not letting the last few million go extinct.

Think that's unrealistic?


Anonymous said...

Their other recent pamphlet is equally enlightening - Our Labour, Our Community, full of that patronising guff that seeks to tell us how they are the only mob capable of human compassion.

I actually believe that all that Common Purpose nonsense has addled their brains - what little they have.

Not John Dickinson said...

What a country. We have evil blood-suckers like lawyer John Dickinson, unrepentant about his firm backing liars trying to smear our armed forces. So making someone wear a blindfold for too long is equivalent to hacking some poor bloke's head off? And charging nearly a million quid? The Government should block the payment. I'd like to see that evil bastard dealt with appropriately.