Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Love for the nation, not hatred for the outsider

As both Der Spiegel and the Telegraph report, the latest of the weekly 'public witness' gatherings in Dresden has grown to over 17,000 people from around 10,000 a few weeks ago. This week they gathered to sing carols, much to the disgust of the State Opera and and the Protestant Church. Germany doesn't quite know how to handle the peaceful convocation against the Islamicisation of German society that draws support from all social classes and which has sprung up in Dresden, a city that actually has a low immigrant population compared with many other cities in Germany. And just so long as they affirm their love of national identity rather than any hatred towards Moslem immigrants they present the German State with an insoluble problem.

Regular readers will know this blog's much repeated caution, that immigration isn't the fault of immigrants. The scale of immigration to the UK is primarily the fault of politicians and the political class, many of whom are no more than well-meaning idiots still blind to the consequences of their actions. As Der Spiegel reports, the governor of Saxony has urged Dresden that Saxons 'should not have walls in their heads and that they should be open and curious about experiencing enrichment'. The Saxon State Opera switched its lights off and displayed the messages 'Open Doors' and 'Human dignity is sacrosanct'. The Protestant bishop of Saxony has accused the carol singers of exploiting Christianity. 

Western liberals have a huge problem with Islam. As Nick Cohen - not normally one of my favoured commentators - writes in Standpoint (Hat Tip Greg Tingey), our liberalism has allowed Birmingham schools to become madrassas and has allowed the mass-abuse of vulnerable teenage girls. Some 'enrichment'. It takes some care and attention to the nuances of creeping Islamicisation to halt its advance. 

If you have fifteen minutes, listen to the first segment of this Woman's Hour podcast. Baroness Cox debates with Sharia law advocate and UK solicitor Aina Khan the principles of applying Sharia law in parallel with UK law. Aina Khan is a sensible, liberal, responsible Muslim trying hard to change UK legal systems to accommodate Islamic practice - under which a widow gets nothing, and male children get everything, when a man dies. She counters by explaining that in Islamic societies this is fair because the son then has the duty of looking after the widowed mother and his sisters. Khan is not evil, not a terrorist, nor is her objective to undermine our traditional society, its laws and way of life - yet that is exactly what she is doing in trying to introduce Sharia to the UK. Liberals who support it seem content to ignore the alien sex discrimination inherent in Sharia.

And this is the debate now in train. Liberals see it as unfair and unjust that Moslems should not be able to re-model European society to reflect their faith - the ordinary people of Germany in convocation on the streets of Dresden, whilst they have no hostility or animus towards Moslems, believe that Islam should not change German national heritage, but adapt to it.   

And as long as love for our nations, and not hatred for the outsider, governs our talk and our writing we can keep this time of change on an even keel. 

With great thanks and appreciation to all readers of Raedwald, I'm now taking a break for a few days. May you all have a very merry Christmas.


DeeDee99 said...

Raedwald: yours is one of the few blogs I read every day.

You never fail to write something interesting; sometimes educative and generally thought-provoking.

I believe the reason Muslims have trouble integrating in every Western country they settle in, is because they have a belief system, backed up by a religion-based legal system, that is incompatible with a Western Democracy.

They want their beliefs and their legal system to run in tandem with that of their host nation. And it simply can't be allowed. In a nation, there must be one system that treats everyone the same - regardless of their gender or ethnic origin.

Until Muslims accept that, they will never integrate. And - eventually - there will be civil unrest.

I hope you have a great Christmas and all best wishes for the New Year. Please continue to write for us.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to one and all at the Raedwald abode; with best wishes for all in 2015.

I have no problem with those who come to this country respecting our heritage and trying to abide by our laws.

But I am beginning to regard as quislings/traitors those of our own who attempt to destroy the very fabric of our culture and ways for our immigrant population.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Having spent the last 40 years visiting Moslem countries for work - they are quite a mixed bag.

Just about every "liberal" I've ever spoken with has *not* visited a Moslem country beyond cocooned tourist excursions but most feel entitled to comment from profound ignorance - I resolved some years back to offer a visit to a Moslem country of my choosing, in a milieu also of my choosing to any clot who wheels out "Islamophobe" at a social gathering - a gesture I've long wanted to make - which remains unfulfilled.

Islam amongst other things means submission and far too many self appointed toxic sh1ts ignore the god bit and see it as obedience to their particular whims - and woe betide the transgressor... It's about control - make absolutely no mistake about that.

Try handing out bibles on a Saudi Arabian street or setting up a public meeting to discuss equality and see how long you last / far you get...

Bloke In Italy said...

Merry Christmas Raedwald, and very best wishes for 2015.

Thanks for a great blogging year and may there be many more.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Best to you and yours Radders!

Thank you for being an unfailingly interesting daily read.

Anonymous said...

A good man you are R. This is a very measured reflection though such altruism will not be heeded by the Wahhabist and that is the foe we face.

There is no such thing as 'moderate Islam', thus there can be no accommodation with Mohammedism. Alack, what our supposed betters have done is a crime against the Western tradition and all of its peoples.
Though, I cannot help but declare that it was done in earnest, with a deliberation and most knew of what they were doing.

The consequences for all of us will be dire.

And it also begs the question; how many more Christ masses can the West look forwards to? The clock is ticking and the west I'm afraid looks resigned to its fate.

I will celebrate the birth of the saviour and hope and pray for my kin and friends and our own salvation. I will move back to my home village soon, where we will prepare the defences for what it is we are about to receive. For, the bigger towns of Britain it is too late already for them.

Be prepared, is my motto and has been for a long time.

G. Tingey said...

Slight problem:
they have a belief system, backed up by a religion-based legal system, that is incompatible with a Western Democracy. - which applies equally to christianity.
Gordon tfpT
t's about control - make absolutely no mistake about that.
- which applies equally to christianity TRY AGAIN?

However, I agree with all of you that "political islam" is evil - as evil as Calvin's Geneva or the OSD - & must be stopped, for exactly the same reasons

Anonymous said...

Moderate Islam. Two words that don't really belong together. I am well acquainted with an Islamic country as I used to own a house in Morocco for some years and yes, Morocco is moderate compared to say, Saudi, Iran or Iraq but that comparison doesn't work well for us. There are too many conflicts that cannot be resolved. For instance, how to you square the "women should have equal rights to me" in our culture to Islamic culture which disallows any such thing.

Unfortunately, much as I genuinely like Morocco and it's people, I think that the type of Islamic society growing in Britain is incompatible with us to the point where civil disobedience / war could occur. The Islam entering Britain today is wearing it's own Burkha to cloak and disguise it's ultimate intentions. It has to be stopped and then reversed.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

PS - apologies Raedweld, I did mean to wish you a very merry Christian Christmas.


Mike Spilligan said...

Part of "the problem" is that there are such wide varieties of interpretation of Islamic / Muslim / Koranic codes; though it seems to me that they're getting tighter, but only by becoming more restrictive. The Gulf states were (I'm not up-to-date) a case in point where what was OK in Qatar was not so in Dubai, etc., especially in women's dress codes, display of alcohol, etc.
I lived in Tehran from '77 to '79 and young women's skirts (on the street in central districts) were every bit as short as those in London. At weekend parties they got even shorter, and alcoholic drinks were the norm.
I suspect that Sa'udi rules are destined to be the standard - but only after the minor sects have been obliterated and the final Shia vs. Sunni match has taken place.

A Merry Christmas to you, Raedwald, followed by an interesting New Year, in which I look forward to you making the most of.

Anonymous said...

@ MS - there is only ONE Koranic code and that is the Koran. True, followers of the faith have, in some circumstances, not followed the tenets rigidly (same goes for all us 'Christians' who celebrate Christmas yet never set foot in church) but whereas Christianity WILL forgive transgressors, Islam will NOT.
There is a growing hardcore support for the Koran and its strictures and no true Moslem can complain as this is how it is - how it should be - end of.

It is not compatible with ANY other faith and aims to be the ONLY faith at the expense of anyone who gets in its way.

Thanks for a very thought provoking blog over the past year Radders. Seasons greetings to you.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Unfortunately not gift-wrapped - but it looks like a loose end that ties in with your earlier stuff about Luxembourg + Junker

The Lux-Leaks man

G. Tingey said...

Totally wrong
But then, you've obviously never come across the Sufi or the Ismaili, have you?

However, political islam is undergoing an "extreme protestsnt" phase - similar to Calvinism, with all the brutal intolerances one should expect from such an ultra-puritan movement.

Ed P said...

Merry Christmas Raedwald.

I hope you are correct about the PEGIDA movement being positive, i.e., not so much anti-islam as pro-german traditional culture. If they keep that attitude it should rapidly become unstoppable, especially by the usual underhand state methods.

Cascadian said...

Well I certainly hope that Raedwald is right and I am wrong, that the western Christian churches can become a rallying point.
This is no time to be objectionable so I will merely wish everybody but especially our genial host a peaceful and merry Christmas.

James Higham said...

In the same spirit, have a Merry Christmas.

Frank Adey said...

G.Tingey is misguided. Our legal system is no longer based on Christianity.We are free to embrace homosexual lifestyles, we can charge interest on loans, we will not be prosecuted if we attempt suicide, we can eat anything we want; we do not have to fast on Fridays. We have in effect, a secular humanist legal system. I suspect that Mr/Ms Tingey has no idea how repressive Christian principles were before the reforms of the Sixties.

G. Tingey said...

Our legal system is no longer based on Christianity
Good, excellent, maybe we will treat people better as a result.
For a legal system based on christianity, I suggest you look up: Thomas Aikenhead - google for it, why don't you?
Or all the various martyrs' memorials scattered round the country to people burnt to death for being the wrong sort of christian ....
You are in favour of making someone who was suicidal even more depressed & suicidal by bringing a criminal prosecution?
you really are a shit, aren't you?
As for homosexuals, they are just like that, grow up & get used to it - or do you feel "threatened" by them?
Oh I repeat, FYI I know quite well what christianity is like - I escaped protestant evangelistic denial of facts by a very close margin, many years ago. It took me some subsequent time to realise that all the other varieties were almost as bad & in some cases (RC) considerably worse ....