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Monday, 1 December 2014

Poles to pay for Stonehenge tunnel?

The area around Stonehenge is one of the most important ancient ritual landscapes in Europe, as important to our shared ancestry as Ayers Rock is to the Australian aborginals. It is surely right that modern intrusions such as the A303 should be removed from the visible landscape, however expensive this may be. An area stripped clean of road, visitor centre, car parks, ice cream vans and druid teepees will surely appeal to those like me who like their heritage pure. 

And to pay for it, Poles will just have to work a bit harder, after Cameron announced that £500m a year in UK benefits that currently goes to families in Poland is to be liberated, apparently without breaching EU law. They can take comfort that in return they will be free to share in the much improved vista of the great stones, and feel that their minor sacrifice will not have been in vain.


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron won't be withdrawing benefits from Poles.

That's just hot air (or lies if you prefer) to try and pretend he's doing something to stop the influx of welfare-claiming immigrants.

British taxpayers will fund the Stonehenge tunnel .... for several generations to come since the money will be borrowed and added to our National Debt.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that stonehenge would make a fantastic roundabout;>)sok

lilith said...

Very funny anon. The thing is, the A303 is a main artery to and from the South West. Is it a motorway? No. Is it a duel carriageway? No, much of it is not much more than a good B road. Is it a car park all summer? Yes. If it is to have major expensive work surely an upgrade to duel carriageway should be a priority, not English Heritage's revenue stream.

john miller said...

Well, the only thing you know for sure is that if Cameron said it, it will never happen.

Budgie said...

Like others on here I have heard Cameron's "announcements" before, and I don't recall them happening. The government's assurance there would be a vote on the EAW is a case in point.

Cameron has a serious credibility problem, but he is either unaware of it or he knows and doesn't care. If he is unaware, can't some of his spads tell him? If he knows but doesn't care, then what is motivating him? I am baffled.

In either case we appear to be just a cash cow for renewables con-men, foreign despots and the EU, with a compulsively lying and helpless ninny in charge. I wouldn't have believed that anyone could be worse than Brown as PM, but I think Cameron is it.

Cascadian said...

Since it took 23 years to develope the risible Stonehenge visitor centre, I doubt that anybody here will live to see the "tunnel".

As others have commented, camoron's daily pronouncements rarely get committed to implementation, it's all just airy-fairy PR fluff, intended to reinforce the idea he is action-man.

As for funding, your pension plan will pay, as it buys government bonds yielding near 0%, the government will get ever bolder about funding pet projects. Time for pensioners to tighten the belt, Dunkirk spirit, muddle through, tally-ho, there's a good chap.

John M said...

I remain stunned that in a time when there IS NO MONEY IN THE TILL the Government launches forward with a plan to spend £350m on a tunnel, when simply routing the A303 further to the south and away from the stones would be cheaper.

But that's politicians for you.

Anonymous said...

If the A303 is being upgraded you can bet your boots it is because it is part of some EU 'multi-modal' corridor.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting that were it not for the Polish airmen [tens of thousands I hear] we would have lost the Second World War in 1940.

To all those Poles who are not yet in England I say this: come one come all, enrich us, diversify us and vibrate us with your vibrancy.

[sarc off]


Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I voted for Cameron at the last election-never again.

Anonymous said...

"tens of thgousands polish airmen" in the RAF?
Add to this the many many indians, africans and even chinese -
No wonder Hitler was baffled. He thought he was trying to invade Britain.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

In response to the Government's announcement, Helen Ghosh (who's only just left the government!), director-general of the National Trust, said: "After many false starts and challenges, this does for the first time feel like a real opportunity to tackle the blight of the road that dominates the landscape of Stonehenge.

"If designed well, putting the A303 into a tunnel of 2.9km will bring the Stonehenge landscape together once more, creating space for nature and improving the site's tranquillity.

"I know there will be some sadness that people will no longer be able to see the stones from the road, but visitors will once again be able to hear the sounds of skylarks singing rather than the constant noise of traffic.

"We're committed to finding alternative ways for even more people to see the stones on their journey and for future generations to experience and explore this inspiring prehistoric landscape as our ancestors did."

Dr Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage, said: "This will be the biggest single investment ever by Government in this country's heritage and is truly a momentous decision.

"We felt so proud to close the A344 last year and build award-winning visitor facilities at Stonehenge.


A heritage Leylandii hedge will be planted to stop people viewing the shrine without payment until the new geodetic dome structure is in place.

Since what you see now is a remodeling done by the council in the early 20th Cent. - as a local I can't wait for an enterprising local 'varmer to build a faithful replica of the original integrated into an educational neolithic theme park and undercut English 'Eritage. Are they going to pay the farmer adjacent to Stonehenge itself to move his hundreds of pigs??

The roads connecting to the A303 are murderous esp. the A36 and the tunnel money (if it lasts past the election) would be far better spent upgrading that.

"We felt so proud to close the A344" just about covers it...

Comments are fast being disappeared from local rag titles in South + West Wiltshire.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Buy a poster it's cheaper....

FrankS said...

The lads in Spinal Tap are planning a tunnel under their stage-prop Stonehenge. They'll run their Scalextric through it.

Cascadian said...

National Infrastructure Plan.....Government to build miles of highways, refund the NHS, build houses, what a joke.

Welcome to 1949, next stop food rationing. camoron might even beg obambi for a re-do of the Marshall plan.

And this is a "conservative" government.

There must be at least one person in yUK who will say "camoron I knew Clement Attlee, you are no Clement Attlee, sir"