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Friday, 5 December 2014

Rome is Rotten

It is not hard to feel superior to the Italians. Transparency International has just graded the country as corrupt as large parts of north Africa, having little in common with standards of public probity that prevail in north west Europe. Membership of the EU suits Italy down to the ground; where better to disguise endemic corruption than within an institution itself so fundamentally dishonest, so unaccountable and so riddled with fraud that even expert auditors fail in despair? That Italians still enjoy a reasonable standard of living - they're not exactly begging cigarettes from tourists - suggests a popular complicity with official corruption in a way that maintains the status quo

And as with the Italian State, so with the Italian church. It now has a Pope who has not only taken perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a Jesuit but who has taken the name of Francis of Assisi to set the tone of his papacy. I must declare a personal liking for Franciscans; the friars have been my priests since I reached my teens. When first I knew them they lived walled from the world in a magnificent friary at East Bergholt, the heart of Constable country, a stone's throw from Randolph Churchill's old home. When they left it to relocate to a large Council house on the Chantry estate in Ipswich to serve an undistinguished modern community church I thought at the time that they were diminished. Of course the opposite was true. It took age to realise it.

As the Catholic Herald reports, change is afoot within the Vatican. I still can't walk the Embankment under Blackfriars Bridge without recalling the reporting of Roberto Calvi's corpse hanging over the water. Roman corruption is a squid with long tentacles. Vaticanologists are clear; once Francis has cracked the curia, he will turn his attention to the bishops. And where better to start than Germany and Austria?

Catholics in the UK will not believe the stupendous wealth of the Germanic church, funded by a State-supported Church Tax that ranges from 1.1% of income in Austria to 8% - 9% of Income tax in parts of Germany. It has allowed for instance the idiot Bishop of Limburg to spend €31m on his palace without anyone noticing, and no doubt scores of other incidents of corruption, financial abuse and self-service that are well hidden from public gaze. Francis' next move against the bishops will be the hardest of his papacy; as the Herald reports,
Pope Leo XIII sent an apostolic visitor to Ireland to report on the Catholic Church there,” he writes. “On his return, the Holy Father’s first question was: ‘How did you find the Irish bishops?’ The visitor replied that he could not find any bishops, but only 25 popes.
There will be those (indeed including regular readers) who will criticise not only Francis' conservatism but the validity of his faith. Myself, I welcome and support him with all my heart; his crook is not only a hook for errant sheep but a weapon that can kill a wolf. If he turns the gaze of his stewardship towards the EU and the Italian State, he needs to have cleared his own garden first. 


Anonymous said...

Not before time, the curia is being steam cleaned. It could only take a Jesuit to handle it.....

Ignatius Loyola, founded the defenders of the Faith, whither goest the SJ? And what good is shepherd without a flock to watch over?

Aye, the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus are not so 'driven snow' pure either, Goddamn them, or most of them at any rate: to hell.
English [and American] Jesuits have failed so badly too.

Thinkers if I may name them so, within the SJ they swallowed the Cultural Marxist crap and 'liberal' Jesuits corrupted the Church with their lax mores and dissolute views, and good men where silenced.

Not all Jesuits turned bad but the one's who stayed true to the word and faithful to the SJs were chastised, mocked and mercilessly attacked by the liberals - that was an unforgivable betrayal and one of the greatest shames within the church.
It was predicted that, the Church would lose its way at the end of the Sixties, particularly in England where the liberals had free rein and the Catholic church went country and happy clappy spiritualist.

I look at what Stoneyhurst has become and I despair. But a generation and more have been lost to the church and the Jesuits have that on their consciences, it's a sin which will never be forgotten nor forgiven.
God will damn them, and I cannot forgive the liberals within the church and when the Tridentine mass was lost to the lay congregation [the real church] - people intuitively but maybe not consciously knew that, the church was totally lost to them.

Francis, humble and a man of total humility but he has a long way to go. May God bless him in his work, though I fear it may be too late for the west. The Frankfurt School, was so thorough and their traducing of the Church: is never ending.

It is within the parishes and the schools - where this betrayal by the cloth has been felt most keenly. Once they [the faithful] are lost they will never come back, that's the crime of the C20th.

Back to basics, back to "the word" and to the truth and poverty will be the salvation. I pray for it, may God forgive me.

G. Tingey said...

Total utter bullshit.
This greasy little Dago has nothing to recommend him, if only & simply because he is a Bishop of Rome.

Save the Vatican library, & convert all the churches to proper community use, & sack every single priest.
And, of course, all the "other" priests of all the other religions, too.
There is no $BigSkyFairy - OK?
If you think I'm wrong, produce some evidence of BSF's existence, or shut up, OK?

Dr Evil said...

I suggest Thingey or whatever reads The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

Elby the Beserk said...

Greasy little Dago.

Nice. Still, better that than a cretin, eh Tingey?

Elby the Beserk said...

Dr. Evil. Tingey can barely write. I suspect he has to have things read to him.

ArgiDago III said...

I think you make some mistakes tarring all of Italy with the same brush. I went to a Cinque Stelle meeting this time last year, and the hundred folk there (including 2 cabinet ministers) were knowledgeable and articulate in a way you just don't get here in the UK. They dislike the Germans, distrust the French and despite their own populace who vote for the likes of Berlusconi because he bribes them with bread and circuses.
The 'lire Euro' makes them all feel wealthier than they are, and like here in the UK, the roads abound with Audi, BMW and Mercs, which the Euro makes about the same price as a Fiat. The krauts may feel hard done by because they work hard, but the 'DM-Euro' is held artificially low by monetary union.
Some pensions have actually been cut in Italy and unemployment would be higher if many young people didn't continue to live in the parental home and work for free or for pocket money.
I'll believe the Pope is for real when he excommunicates all the perverts and rapists in his organisation.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Tingey's vile excrescences and singular inability to be civil or even respect an opposing viewpoint always reminds me of a good old Scottish joke. An atheist dies and finds himself, to his utter astonishment, standing before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Realising everything he believed was wrong, he begs to be let in. St Peter asks why, since he had turned his back on God, he should be allowed through. In his defence the atheist says "I didnae ken". St Peter slams the gate shut, shouting "aye, well ye ken noo!"

A very pithy way of expressing Pascal's wager, I've always thought. It is probably lost on the PE teacher from Kes.

Budgie said...

I knew a real Roman. He had three jobs, his wife worked at home. The only "corruption" I saw was that his main job was the "official" taxed job, the others were in the cash economy.

Forty years ago coming from the law abiding UK I was taken aback. But it was merely an example of Laffer in practice: if the government behaves unreasonably, then it should not be surprised when citizens adjust their responses.

In the intervening decades, I think most of us in the UK have lost our respect for the government here too. This is a pity, and makes society less harmonious, and less efficient.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, you ask for evidence of the Big Sky Fairy. What are you expecting? - that he will emerge from another dimension and prance around in your front garden just to suit you?

I have explained to you many times evidence which, whilst not personal proof if you wanted a Fairy in your garden, at least points to the existence of something beyond us. That evidence is your own continual use of judgemental values, without a shred of ground for you to base your values on.

Truth, mercy, and many other values must be absolutes or else they have no communicable meaning. I have previously asked you to produce a universal morality starting from yourself alone. You cannot do it. I cannot do it. No one can. Your fall-back - the Golden Mean - is itself judged by, and dependent on, these absolutes. We are stuck with the BSF. That may not be proof enough for you but, by God, it sends shivers down my spine.

G. Tingey said...

I will go back to Raedwald's original headline on this article
"Rome is ROTTEN" (Caps mine)
Total agreement with that bit, just not with the article.

Now then!
Dr Evil
Waste of time - there is a false underlying assumption there, the same as people telling Prof Dawkins to read "Theology".
What's the point?
Theology is a study with no subject.
Unless you can demonstrate the existence of a BSF.
Come on, you lot, stop shouting & show me some evidence, please, pretty please?

SW - as usual is personally abusive, calls me names & puts up no argument at all.
( Incidentally "PE" always gave me the shudders - fascism incarnate, along with all forms of muddy cold "team games" - so wrong AGAIN. )
And, "Kes" is a reference to some fashionable play or other, isn't it?

You, at least are half-way there towards some "Meeting of minds".
Look it can very simple, these days, to demonstrate the existence of things a small & difficult to "see" as neutrinoes, or electrons ( like we are using these computer thingies, oops) & then all the way "up the scale" of size & complexity & out across the vasty deeps of space & time to supergalaxy clusters at the edge of "vision".
No BSF anywhere, at any level anyplace or time across all of that.
Where/when therefore is this BSF?
SHOW, please?
Shouldn't be too difficult, after all, should it? And gets less & less difficult as our detection systems get better. Whereas the opposite is true - as we learn more of the worlds & our understanding of "the knowledge of causes and the secret nature of things" gets greater & better, then BSF gets smaller & harder to see.
Because, I claim it isn't there.
Prove me wrong, DO NOT pontificate PROVE ME WRONG - or give up?
Truth, mercy, and many other values must be absolutes or else they have no communicable meaning.
Sure of that?
What is more merciful, if someone you love is in terrible pain & there is & will be no cure, ever & that pain is going to kill them anyway?
There is no fixed answer to that & anyone who claims different, as an RC priest will, is a liar.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

A man turns up shouting "bullshit" and "greasy little dago" and then has the nerve to complain about personal abuse because I compared him to the PE teacher in Kes, who enjoyed bullying the kids? That's not abusive; it is inspired by his soaring rhetoric, which would surely have turned Pascal's views on the wager around. Or not.

Fuck off and die, you miserable, loathsome, repellent sack of ordure. THAT is abuse.

Tingey_fan_(not) said...


I always thought that Tingey was much loved and cossetted when he put in an appearance on this blog, and that I was the odd one out thinking that he was an obnoxious self-opinionated twat with a bicycle saddle crammed up his arse, and a chip on his shoulder big enough to have relieved the entire Irish Potato Famine on its own.
Seems I'm not alone.

G. Tingey said...

If SW can't present some sort of reasonable argument, I'm going to have to ask Radders to get him to tone it down.
I note AGAIN, that he merely shouts persona abuse & presents no "argument" in formal terms.

You too
Present an argument & some evidence, or shut up?

My philosophical position ought to be quite clear:
The physical worlds are what we have & that is all that we have (btw that "all" is not "merely all" - it is "WOW! We have all of that to play with?")
If my position is wrong, it ought ot be quite easy to demonstrate such, shouldn't it?
So far, no banana.

Honestly, what's the practical difference between SW &/or some other religious loonie shouting "god is great" (in Arabic, of course)?
None whatsoever, oops.

Anonymous said...

And what does an emotion weigh?

G. Tingey said...

Anon of 7/12/14: 10.09
An emotion will leave an electrochemical trace in the brain & body - it has physical reality, in that sense.
Please try harder, because that was truly pathetic.

Incidentally, that sort of real, physical change was what fucked (I'm very glad to say) the arseholes who were claiming that ME ("Royal Free disease") was purely a mental illness, usually suffered by the weak-willed &/or females.
It turned out to be an opportunistic virus that attacked nerve sheathings of people whose body-chemicals were out of balance, caused by overwork & stress. It left physical traces in the damaged nerves.

Sean O'Hare said...


I'd rather not get involved in the Big Sky Fairy argument, but I was greatly interested in what you wrote about ME. Do you have a link to some reputable medical website that describes this virus?