Sunday, 7 December 2014

Welby: Giving the man a daily fish

Back in the 1970s a Christian Aid poster stated unequivocally "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life". That I remember it clearly after more than forty years suggests it's a message I have taken to heart; but not it seems the Archbishop of Canterbury. Either he never saw it, or he's a firm believer on ideological grounds of daily fish distribution being undertaken by a benevolent central State, keeping the fisheaters all the while in the serfdom of ignorance and dependency.

I agree wholly that 'More should be done for hungry UK' as the Mail puts it; and the answer I think is threefold. First, encourage family life and inter-generational skill sharing; grandparents and great grandparents who learned to live on rationed food or cook with unavailable ingredients can pass on key skills. Most families will experience lean times, and kitchen coping strategies can run through the generations. Give me two potatoes, a couple of pounds of stale bread, four ounces of bacon and an onion and I will put a dish of knödel with kartoffelsauce dressing on the table that will fill six hungry mouths.

Secondly, teach cooking and nutrition at school to all but for the particular benefit of  kids of fractured families, of disfunctional single parents or those (an increasing number) who have had no parents except State child-custody institutions. A child of fourteen who cannot make something for the oven from a bowl of flour, some fat and some raw vegetables does not have a good chance of flourishing as an adult.

Thirdly, encourage, through the churches and other social institutions, co-operative and buying clubs, bulk buying at wholesale prices for all those ingredients where this offers significant price advantage over the supermarkets. Fill the vestries with sacks of flour, beans and potatoes.

The answer to hunger, I think, lies in the application of traditional Christian tenets - the family, the community, the little platoons, rather than in the Marxist slavery of food seizure and forced redistribution by a powerful central State. But far be it for me to seek to advise the Archbishop which course he should advocate. 


DeeDee99 said...

Despite their rhetoric, the Elite don't want strong, self-supporting families.

Families that don't depend on the State for support are less easily bribed and bullied into conforming with the Elite's agenda.

And it would mean an awful lot of "public servants" and State-sponsored "charities" losing their lucrative jobs.

I agree about teaching cookery skills. I attended an all-girls SecMod in the 70s. Not one girl left that school without at least some understanding of nutrition and unable to cook basic, nutritious meals.

Many of us also left with a decent clutch of academic qualifications.

The much derided SecMods did a good job of turning out girls who had the life skills necessary to become independent women, mothers AND employees.

G. Tingey said...

It's a disgrace that we are back to food banks & charity handouts of food in a wealth society like ours.
However, Raedwald is, unfortunately wrong.
HERE are images and modern text of what it was like when we really were a christian country.

Full employment or a reasonable facsimile thereof is not enough - decent wages are also needed.

Mr Ecks said...

First--the state not fucking the economy on a permanent basis "sure would help a lot".

Second--To counter Tingey's atheistic bollocks--vast numbers have been deliberately starved to death under socialism--a system that glories in atheism and blows up churches. Yes there was vast poverty in Victorian England. As most of the human race have lived in poverty and fear of starvation for all of human history. It took two centuries for mankind under the market system to work their way towards the "exit" from physical poverty. In 2 more centuries (so long as statism/socialism don't win) man will everywhere be rich beyond the dreams of ages past.

Peter S said...


Here here - and not just girls' sec mods either.

Anonymous said...

Teaching people to be and act like responsible individuals!
Teaching people to be capable of making decisions!
Tutoring children to cooking stuff for themselves...!
Budgeting and aiming to making ends meet!

What devilry is this?

Stuff of nonsense!

Ye Gods! By Jove and wassup!

What are you on Raedwald?

G. Tingey said...

Repeat after me: "Communism IS A RELIGION"
It kills the adherents of all the competing religions, it has "holy books" which are still believed, even though proven to be bollocks etc ad nauseam.
I also repeat that, every time I encounter people selling "Socialist Wanker, oops, "Worker" I always tell them that I don't take religious tracts, as a matter of principle.
Their reactions are extremely predictable & great fun ....

Budgie said...

A rather cynical aphorism:

Capitalism: if you don't work, you don't eat.

Socialism: if you don't obey, you don't eat.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, If you define everything that is bad as "religion", then inevitably "religion" is always bad. But that is a circular argument and therefore not to be taken seriously.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Atheists can be bad. The common denominator is people, often sociopaths or psychopaths, not religion.

G. Tingey said...

AH, but the religious use heir religion as an excuse, because "god" (or the communist party/ideals) tell "Us" to kill/torture/brainwash etc people, all in the name of the "holy cause".
I don't hold with holy causes, it's as simple as that.
Because of where they always, without exception, lead.
As in: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" Yes?

Mr Ecks said...

Doesn't alter the fact that lots of atheists are just as vile, evil and scummy as any religionists. Which undermines the entire point of all your ravings about religionists.

Anonymous said...

Umm. What about "Point 4"?

Point 4. Force all supermarkets to stop wasting 30% of what they buy. And if they don't like the shape of the carrots, then give them away free.

Anyway, last week, the gubmint was telling us all that food was too cheap, too freely available and that we are all fat.

Was that the same gubmint?

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