Monday, 12 January 2015

4m French say "If you don't like freedom, fuck off"

The words in quotes are those of the Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam, reported in full yesterday by Tim Worstall and making an edited appearance in Boris Johnson's Telegraph column this morning. Of course one has to very careful in listening to what the politicians think yesterday was all about; Cameron for example can't bring himself to say 'Islamic extremism' so uses the code word 'fanatical' for 'Islamic' whenever he speaks. London's sexually incontinent mayor is not so shy, being clear it's Islamic terrorism and jihadism that threatens us. And he's not too bothered, he says, by all this civil liberties guff getting in the way of listening to our electronic words to find them.

Boris is also right in stating that very few have actually seen the most offensive Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Certainly the MSM is not printing them, and many are absent from the Mahommed Cartoons Archive . You can get a flavour of them by searching charb and mahommed in google images. Be warned; there's a lot of buggery and explicit homo sex featuring the prophet, sometimes together with Jesus, the Buddha and old Yahweh. And no, we won't be reproducing any of them here - on the grounds both of taste and that that they're not particularly funny, nor are they intended to be. They are intended to provoke and offend. That is exactly what they do. As an enlightened Christian, I can view them and shrug them off - even a depiction of Mohammed fellating Christ on the cross - as meaningless, without rancour. Primitive Muslims are not so well advanced. Like animist African tribesmen waving their spears about when the missionary pulls down their fetish stick, they get a bit exercised. 

But then that's what our society, our Europe, is about. And as the Mayor of Rotterdam says, if you don't like it, fuck off. 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it will soon be the boot on the other foot when our fellow Muslim countrymen out breed us.
Telling us if we don't like the way our country is going - Off with your head!

DeeDee99 said...

There's not a hope of them fucking off.

They have access to welfare, public services and a lifestyle which is simply not available in their homelands.

They will stay - gaining all the benefits of a liberal western society - and hating it at the same time.

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

"There's not a hope of them fucking off."

Sad but true. This is not confined to just Europe. This is happening all across the Western Christian world.

We are paying with our tax monies to have our civilization destroyed.

Happy Day :P

Cascadian said...

I would have been very happy to hear 4million people say:
"If you don't like freedom, fuck off" but it just did not happen did it?

Instead a bunch of mealy-mouthed third-rate politicians got to congratulate themselves for a disastrous security lapse that resulted in multiple deaths. The population got to bravely wave Je suis Charlie photocopies. I am sure the jihadists were sniggering at such futile displays.

Today Theresa May will be discussing how to further abridge your freedoms because that is easier than dealing with the real problem at its source.

Raedwald said...

You might want to check your virus protection over there, Cascadian; your DoD chums don't seem to be that good at maintaining cyber security

Cascadian said...

Chuckle, Raedwald I assume you mean the DAESH attack on the Centcom twitter account-which let's face it is hilarious. The sooner the current chiefs-of-staff are thoroughly humiliated (without casualties) the better it will be for the USA.
I doubt that penetration of secure systems was achieved.

On another subject-France mobilizes 10,000 security forces, the prancing pony deploys 1900 military plus (say) 200 SAS. Jolly good show chaps, muddle through, blitz spirit donchaknow. Nothing to worry about, those 300 johnny foreigners back from Syria circulating amongst you-not a problem, carry on what, as you were.

Looking forward to PEGIDA crowd estimates, if police say 25,000 then it would have been 50,000 for sure.

Anonymous said...

Cascadian - the reason the Army is on the Streets of France is that the Scumbag who shot up the Jewish deli had maps with all the Jewish schools marked on it.

And if you can stomach it look at what has already happened at Jewish school in France in the last six months.

Cascadian said...

Thank you anonymous, I was already aware, but others should review your submission. Pamela Geller is an extremely brave woman who deserves more support.

My reason for referencing the French effort was to highlight the futility of the British effort.

Interestingly the Jewish community in London have not sub-contracted their safety to the feeble British police and have instigated their own security.