Monday, 19 January 2015

'Defend us, or we will throw you out of office for a generation'

Eric Pickles has written to mosques across Britain urging Muslim leaders to encourage their young faithful to be more British. And this at a time when some 600 are fighting for ISIS in Syria. The de-radicalisation programme isn't new - and Pickles knows very well that throwing tax money at mosques, or appealing to imams, has achieved precisely nothing so far. He is looking across the Atlantic at the US, a nation with a substantial Muslim population that is not radical, a Muslim cohort that is substantially more American than Islamic. There are very few US citizens fighting in Syria, and very few women in Burqas. Obama pointed this out to Cameron last week. But the UK isn't the US and it simply won't work here; Pickles is wasting his breath. How many mosques in the UK are currently flying the Union Flag?

In Dresden tonight PEGIDA have cancelled their mass-witness in the face of death threats from Islamic terrorists. The German police have declared they can't protect the marchers or their organisers, and have thereby left it open for any Muslim nutter with a grudge and an AK47 to commit slaughter. Muslim community leaders have taken comfort from Merkel's emollient words and the stupidity of the liberal left. But the Germans will soon learn they can't sup with the devil, can't use the threat of Jihadism, to silence domestic political criticism.

Here Jews are hiding indoors, fearful of walking the street, afraid to shop, many now booking their passage to Israel. They have about as much confidence in this government's commitment to protect them as I do. I don't see a single imam standing post outside a synagogue to express solidarity.

France and Belgium alone have acted adequately; Hollande knows that this is a war between radical Islam and western civilisation, and has mobilised to fight it. And with an election four months away, this must be England's clear and unequivocal demand to the political parties - 'defend us, or we will throw you, your parties, your apparatchiks and your dags out of government and out of office for a generation'. 

Douglas Murray effectively peels away the layers of government hypocrisy Here at the Speccie


G. Tingey said...

Except "the speccie" very recently had an article on how wonderful religion was & how atheism was failing...
The author was a deluded liar, of course, but that's not the point.
It isn't islam that is the problem (except in the short term)
It's RELIGION that's the problem.

However, I agree totally that even the socialist Hollande has decided that appeasement won't do.
Of course, when the switch hits here, it will be much nastier - after all, we already have a model to follow, from the last time a religious faction tried to take the country over by terrorism & violence.
They were called the "Roman Catholics" ...

DeeDee99 said...

The reason "it won't work here" are many.

1. There are too many to integrate now. They have their own enclaves which are majority (if not exclusively) Muslim so they can insulate themselves from British culture/society.

2. The British Establishment is a collective coward and despises the ordinary British people. They wanted multiculturalism: they will never admit that it's failed and Enoch was right.

3. The EU/ECHR. Both prevent us from taking effective action.

Anonymous said...

The only thing we have to learn from the Americans is that mixing races doesn't work.
The whole 'race' thing was based on false comparison between large numbers of 'black' Americans descendants of involuntary immigrants and small numbers of Caribbean voluntary immigrants who often retained their own nationality in the UK.
The sad fact is that most of our problems are of the politicians own making. Fifty years ago most people in the UK had never heard of Islam, now it appears daily in every news bulletin. It is a cult that has done no-one any good so why did we freely import it? Just to keep politicians busy?

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts PT I.

Just about anyone swimming in the political cesspit known as the bubble sold their beings to mammon - the corporate elite and their political facilitators in Brussels. A bubble, albieit in differing political shades of red, which is full of men and weasels - having been subjected and immersed themselves, knowingly: in the mantras of the Frankfurt School precepts of divide and propagandize, always are self congratulating themselves on their consensual prescience and progressive forwards thinking, "what a wonderful job we are doing!"
A groupthink, of Political correctness that would tell you lies and more lies and which consummately, glibly slip off the tongue with languid and practiced ease.
Westminster, the elite, all a claque of liars, of rainbow political hue and are so fond of spinning and dissembling prattle, most would be unable to admitting truth, let alone allow the actuality into their gilded, protected, cossetted lives. Westminster, talks out of his arse when they euphemistically name Islam, "the religion of peace".

Cognative dissonance, the ability to hold two conflicting views and thus the ability to equivocate has become presently a "we hate men" feminine artform and perfect Frankfurt School design. As the west, has been daubed with the yellow flag, throughout academia; sixty, seventy years [more if one seeks out Cambridge] of a cancerous poisoning of minds - by left wing ideologues. Alack, with clarioned Utopian visions disguising an altogether more nihilistic and dystopian malignancy - which explained in a few words means: the total destruction of the Western Christian tradition and culture.

The destruction of the nation state, only by destroying nation states could the Cultural Marxists, the dreamers of a world empire coalesce their fantasy into the Brussels Empire and in the fullnesss of time, one world government OWG. This clique, the politician facilitators; the elite - global corporates and bankers, they knew what had to be done, Britain had to be done and trashed.

Mass immigration was the hammer, what was also done, the gates were opened to the wolves and as western society, its youth has been emasculated by femininism rampant - dumbed down and docile lambs which was the plan. Foreboding, a new teeming, vigorous and far more robust youth now haunts our towns and cities, these violent usually martial arts trained - young lads don't give a fig about Transgender politics, global warming and birdmincers. They also, actively despise the so called [what's left of it] the British cultural heritage and view today's politicians with a contemptuous disdain, like something foul picked up on the soles of their shoes, they are waiting it out and soon, the call to arms will be upon them and they will respond.

A quick trawl on the net produces all you need to know about the form of Islam taught in the UK schools [Madrasahs], Mosques and 'community centres' in London, Dewsbury and Leicester. It is known as Wahhabism and this is no timid creed, it was a narrative founded to push back and to counter, to bolster what was peceived as dissolute weakness and idolatry and as all counter reformations are - absolutist, and zealously puritanical and only God is in it.

Anonymous said...

More thoughts PT II.

As Murray alludes, the Charlie Hebdo murders was no random act, it was a message, as calculated and merciless but chillingly clear..... and the subtext is, "we are the masters now". Confounded, even the most credulously trusting liberal twerp on the planet must be able to 'read' that and must find it very hard to disagree with their [fundmentalist's] premise: because already it seems our politicians have given up the ghost.

As Theresa May said yesterday,

[...]“I know that many Jewish people in this country are feeling vulnerable and fearful and you’re saying that you’re anxious for your families, for your children and yourselves.

“I never thought I would see the day when members of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom would say they were fearful of remaining here.

“And that means we must all redouble our efforts to wipe out antisemitism.

You'll note, highlighted but no mention of the provenance of such threats, so once again Westminster fails and fails miserably!

Soldiers on guard duty are pulled back out of reach of the public, and police officers told to, [...] seniors at Scotland Yard have warned officers to keep a low profile outside of work, issuing advice on what to wear when travelling to work and urging them to keep social media clean of all personal information.
Police officers have been advised not to wear their uniforms on the way to and from work amid concerns that Islamic extremists are plotting to target them on the streets.//

Incredible but true, and it must therefore follow; if they are concerned about the safety of supposedly armed troops telling the police to be extra vigilant and frightened of wearing their uniforms in their own neighbourhoods, YES the safety of POLICE enforcement officers!

Then - what chance the Jews, indeed what chance has the ordinay Britain?

And they wonder in the bubble - why they are so hated..........

Anonymous said...


Durotrigan said...

Although it appears that France has acted 'adequately', unfortunately the incumbent administration is taking further moves to clamp down on criticism not only of Islamisation, but of Islamism. The authorities cancelled a rally by a coalition of anti-Islamisation groups in Paris yesterday, which was also to be attended by representatives from Pegida, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. The French Minister of Justice has also announced the strengthening of 'anti-racism' laws to further restrict criticism of immigration and Islam:

Anonymous said...

Oh yes every Political party in Europe that supports the EU has to go, pronto.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I see our resident atheist fuckwit has emerged again. It isn't religion per se that is the problem, it is ONE RELIGION. We have yet to see the Seventh Day Adventist Liberation Front commit any atrocities, nor the Jains nor Zoroastrians.

Did Tingey have his balls tickled when he was in the Boys Brigade or something? Or is he a Common Purpose Marxist twat with a hatred of western civilisation in general? With his Public Sector past in the indoctrination sector we must reasonably pose the question. There must be some pathology underlying this violent illogic of his.

Elby the Beserk said...

Tingey! There you are - I'm still waiting for you to tell my why you believe Calvin was an horrible human being, and which of his works you derive this judgement from.

Over to you.

Elby the Beserk said...

"follow, from the last time a religious faction tried to take the country over by terrorism & violence.
They were called the "Roman Catholics" ...

God help us. Tingey, the IRA and "Roman Catholics" are NOT the same thing. What is your problem? You just spout crap. Endlessly.


Ed P said...

Islam IS different to all other religions. As the link below will explain,there is an embedded fear of violence from "sleepers" lurking within almost every mosque, which intimidates and silences "the peace-loving faithful" as well as all non-muslims. I consider these violent scum to be worse than the IRA at their peak.

kailyard rules said...

Is all this merely Instant Karma? A profound legacy of past (and present)western corporate and governmental policies and strategems directed at weak resource rich and/or geographically strategic eastern global areas and their indigenous populations.Western Democracy is good for you. Empires were/are sown and are now being reaped, much facilitated, ironically, by an information explosion generated in the west.

Cascadian said...

The fear in government is palpable, the only acceptable way to deal with the electorate is to brazenly lie. The truth about military, security and police weakness can never be revealed.

Sensible groups peacefully assembling are banned or told they cannot expect police protection.(think on that) The police themselves are fearful of wearing their uniforms, the toy soldiers are pulled inside the secure (for now) perimeter. Police, security and political spokesmen cannot get their lies straight, the reality just does not align with their fables. The PM all but admits that "attritional losses" must be expected-Raedwald was right, a bomb on the 5:45 out of Cannon Street, would be unfortunate but acceptable.

Jewish communities understanding the government intends to do NOTHING sensibly make plans for emigration, the home secretary understands that the message this action sends cannot be contained and panics (her amphetamine-fuelled features tell a woeful story of what must be happening behind the scenes).

The big lie that your government can protect you has unravelled, you are on your own, your protection is your responsibility.

Scholarly articles appealing for Islamic enlightenment are useless the strong horse is on the ascendant, appeasement will not be successful, but the politicians are spouting appeasement.

The electorate know what is necessary, are they willing to impose their "radical" views on the politicians?

Dave_G said...

Only when Islamists are fleeing to a 'safe' country in the manner of the Jews will there be any satisfaction.

All else is worthless rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

I smell a pickled herring - to accompany the other odours swirling around 10 Downing Street.

"And te tide and te time ├żat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet."

Too Late. Far, far too late.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"The German police have declared they can't protect the marchers or their organisers..."

Well that may be what they said.

The truth is not that they can't protect them, but rather that they choose not to.

Do you think they'd have any problem protecting a Muslim march from Christian protestors?

G. Tingey said...

As has been pointed out, several times (not be me) there is nothing wrong with the EHCR – merely the wacky local interpretation, which needs re-setting, yesterday, so that the victims’ rights trump those of the perpetrators.
Once this is done, then there should be no problem – now – will it be done?

Anon 19/01/15
Modern scientific studies in genetics & inheritance & descent show this to be the case.
What we do have are societies whose constructs are not compatible with modern, civilised enlightenment living – guess whom I might be talking about?
Cognative dissonance, the ability to hold two conflicting views and thus the ability to equivocate is a prerequisite for becoming a “priest” in any religion you care to name – oops.
However, I agree re, Wahabism – it is fully as vile as the “Teachings” of Jean Calvin, or maybe even worse, euw.

Go back & read history.
Or are you claiming that multiple attempts to kill Gloriana & James I (&VI) did not happen & were not financed & supported by the RC church?
Ignoring the vile personal abuse – because it appears that SW can’t argue – I would remind him & you, that I was very nearly thoroughly indoctrinated by Calvinist/Evangelical christians at church – I only escaped by the narrowest of margins. But, as a result, I do actually know all the tricks, doctrinal lies & blackmailing bullshit that the christians pull.
All I’m saying is that (a lot of) islam is now where christianity was at approx 1550 - & doesn’t it show.
Unfortunately, we can’t wait another 2-300 years for them to grow up, which means that the learning curve is going to steep & unpleasant – well, that’s their problem.

I hate to admit it, but you are at least partially correct.
The guvmint is failing in its prime duty – that of protecting its own citizens.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "... the UK isn't the US and it simply won't work here ...".

That is because the UK establishment sold out to "multiculturism", whereas the USA establishment people still imagine themselves as rebels against the British and welcome (to a degree) anyone who is willing to change their identity (if not their private religion) to become fully American.

We could go the same way - adopt UK patriotism, ditching multiculturalism. But our establishment sneers at British patriotism, and taught all of us to be at least uncomfortable when it is expressed.

It is not religion that is the problem it is our own lack of self belief. Why should impressionable young men of Pakistani origin believe in us when we demonstrably no longer believe in ourselves?