Friday, 30 January 2015

e-petition: End non-stun slaughter etc.

Funny how a subject raises itself simultaneously in varied minds quite independently ... one may almost suspect Divine inspiration ;)

There's an e-petition at - as it already has more than 100,000 signatures it will trigger a Commons debate automatically, but still worth signing if you've a mind

And my co-religionist the Blessed Christine Odone is on the end of a pasting from Telegraph readers for her support for non-stun killing


mikebravo said...

It will trigger a commons debate that is attended by none.
After all, debaters would have to take sides and possibly make a statement that might be construed as non-pc at a later date.
Highly unlikely for our current "leaders".

TrT said...

You shoyld only eat free range chicken because animal welfare
Anyone who won't eat meat that was tortured to death is a racist

Not much else to add....

TrT said...
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Anonymous said...

Doubt if it'll get very far but I signed anyway - btw thanks for the link Raedwald.

England's demographics, together with a traitor political class pissed on mass immigration, will guarantee Muslims a political and cultural power base in the Midlands at the very least.

nb. Muhammadans don't do petitions, with or without an 'e'.


Kemi said...

Signed. Thanks for sharing the link.

An issue I feel v.v strongly about!

When I was growing up in Nigeria, I watched countless animals slaughtered via the the knife to throat method. Pretty gruesome...and slow. It wasn't enough to stop me eating meat, but animals shouldn't have to suffer like that, just so I can get a steak dinner.

Anonymous said...

Sure it's about cruelty

But Halal is chiefly an extortion racket. The Abattoir pays many to an Islamic 'certification' agency, which recycles it into the campaign to convert - this cost is passed on to supermarkets and consumers, so you are paying for your own Dawa.
It is illegal not to declare any major feature of a product sold to the public - which halal certification clearly is.

Dean Ditchbank said...

By the way, the Australian Q Society sets out all the Halal issues best.
Find them here on or Facebook

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Personally I'm more worried about the girls in Rotherham and the young women getting their labia & clits sliced off. Call me old fashioned but I think animals come second to people.

Raedwald said...

SW - You're right, of course. And the RSPCA these days are foul bedfellows. But the easy targets first - degrade and disrupt the enemy as much as possible, constant attrition on all fronts.

G. Tingey said...

R & SW
In which case, start promoting the idea that the ONLY part of the "recital" that is true is the very first half-sentence:
"La I'l allah"

TRANS: There is no god.

And, therefore there are & were no prophets.
Game over.

Bloke in Lincoln said...

I dare say it won't be a popular viewpoint but I'm against legislation. Legislation does no damn good whatever; how do you police it? How do you prosecute it? What do you do with the back-street abattoirs which would spring up in every Muslim enclave, or the smuggled meat products bringing in all manner of health risks from animals which have had a iserable life by any standards? It's bad enough trying to stop the bloody Africans smuggling in "bush meat", riddled with disease and parasites.

If there's to be legislation, make it so that ALL meat products MUST say in big letters that they're Halal, or non-Halal. Then mount a campaign to sell to people the idea that Halal (and kosher, same thing) is wrong / violent / cruel / causes suffering. You'll not stop some wanting it, but if people can be persuaded in large numbers that it's a disgusting practice, and they stop buying it, the problem will go away over time.

Legislate, and you give the Victimhood Poker mobs another trump card.

haddock said...

"We are awaiting the results of a European Commission study on method-of-slaughter labelling which is due this summer." I translate this as "we are waiting for our masters in the EU to tell us what to say and do."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the label should say: Halal, Not Fit for Human Consumption.

Budgie said...

Sebastian Weetabix said: "Personally I'm more worried about the girls in Rotherham ..."

Me too, SW, but don't you think that the Western ideology of feminism may, as an unintended consequence, have contributed?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I signed it, but I note from the department's response, that what I thought was a clear and clean statement in the laws ("all animals must be stunned before slaughter") is actually hedged about with all sorts of weasel words and get-out clauses inserted entirely for the benefit of the Religion of Peace.

So we won't get anywhere: the enemy is within the gates.

andy said...

Having recently learned that McDonald`s in the UK serves no halal meat has raised my opinion of them greatly.
halal slaughter is brutal and cruel.
not to mention that I don't want my food approved by a priest of a backward and medieval death cult that I despise.