Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Holocaust Education

FROM: Radders

TO: Juvenile journos 

SUBJECT: The Holocaust

1. Please try to ensure you use accurate terms when referring to the extermination camps specifically set up under Operation Reinhard for mass killing of Jews. These were mainly in Poland and include Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor.

2. Please do not show film of rows of prisoner huts and mass prisoners in striped pyjamas when illustrating pieces about the extermination camps. Extermination camps were designed to move trainloads of Jews straight from the unloading ramps to the gas chambers without a residential stay. The overwhelming majority of jews killed never wore stripey pyjamas.

3. Please try to understand that Auschwitz was two camps - an extermination camp, and a concentration camp. The extermination camp dealt with trainloads of Jews as the other Reinhard camps, the concentration camp accommodated Jews, politicals, homosexuals, criminals, Russians, the disabled etc. 

4. Yes, people were individually executed and starved and worked to death in the concentration camps, and they also had cremation ovens, but they were not designed for mass killing but for detention. 

5. The use of terms such as 'death camps' is lazy reporting and exhibits a poor grasp of Holocaust history. They were by no means homogenous; concentration camps were even visited by the International Red Cross whilst the extermination camps were a State Secret.

6. The extermination camps were nearly all sited in Poland and largely staffed by Ukrainian SS volunteers with German officers and NCOs. The successors of these Ukrainian nazis now hold power in Kiev.  

7. If you are looking for modern successors with a similar fascist mindset to the Nazis - a similar disregard for human life, belief in their own racial superiority and embrace of mass judicial murder as a policy instrument, it would be remiss of you and poor journalism to exclude Islamism from mention. 

That's all.


G. Tingey said...

No 6

The rest
Unpleasantly & horribly true, especially no 7.

Anonymous said...

Slightly aside from your message, I found myself confused by the present day abhorrence to beheading of prisoners exhibited by the Japanese contrasting strongly with their behaviour of some 70 years ago. When I considered this a little deeper, I was reminded of the shared propensity of the Japanese and ISIS to make use of captured women and girls as 'comfort women'. Then again, both groups had their human religious figurehead, and both shared a particular love of suicide.

May I suggest that as the Japanese were cured of their enthusiasms by a bloody good nuclear bombing that perhaps a re-run of this method of cleansing Augean stables is becoming overdue.

The Germans were of course saved from such a fate by surrendering in May. If they had held out beyond August of 1945, they may well have experienced it too. The sacrifice of Bomber Command and the USAAF kept most of the Luftwaffe out of range of Normandy, and the bombing campaign kept 15,000 88s (perfectly capable antitank weapons) and their crews out of the front line, which at a kill ratio of only 1 would have left the Allies in disarray on all fronts.

I wonder how the Germans would have reacted to the prospect of being nuked while they still held the Allies outside Germany's borders?

Raedwald said...

Greg - the role of Ukrainians (mostly) in doing the dirty work in the extermination camps is well documented

"Between 70 and 120 Trawniki Hiwi men were selected to act as the guard unit and the gas chambers operators at each of the Reinhard extermination camps. They came under the jurisdiction of the relevant camp commandant. Almost all of the Trawniki guards were involved in shooting, beating and terrorizing Jews"

They were also used to clear the Warsaw ghetto and for Jewish round-ups.

References & evidence available on request.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, very sound information, though obviously uncomfortable for some.

It becomes clearer every minute that our politicians cannot be trusted to defend this country properly. They go on (or rather make our armed forces go on) arbitrary military jaunts abroad on a whim, whilst failing to defend us at home.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Lithuanians, too.

Why does Tingey shout "Bollocks" all the time? It sits ill with his complaints about being abused by us unreasoning theists. It makes me think he is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

I thought, Bergen-Belsen near Hannover - was a death camp.

G. Tingey said...

The role of some Ukrainians in the camps is NOT disputed.
What I object to is your labelling of current Ukrainians as "the same" - as opposed to that nice Mr Putin, who only goes around spreading Polonium & persecuting anyone he thinks can be made a victim ( I mean why shouldn't transexuals be allowed to drive?)
His vicious stirrings in various places don't go down well, I'm afraid.

I agree (!)
The Liths who collaborated with Adolf did some horrible things - but they had had a dose of the other lot first of course in 1939-41.
The word "murky" seems appropriate for such circumstances.

Raedwald said...

Anon - Belsen was a concentration camp, designed to hold about 7,000. In early 1945 it was crowded with 60,000 - with no food to feed them, crammed together, there was a typhus epidemic that killed 35,000 by the time the camp was 'liberated'. They continued to die at the rate of 500 a day even after liberation.

The crime of Belsen was not extermination, but indifference. We hanged the Nazi guards, but every German civilian man, woman and child living sleek, fat and well-fed within walking distance of that place, who through indifference did nothing to help, was morally culpable in my book.

Mike Spilligan said...

This is not adding much to the above, but I distinctly remember reading an account by a Displaced Persons administrator from Canada - saying that the Ukrainians were not to be trusted; declaring themselves to be Catholics one week, the Jews the next, if that suited - and trying to persuade the UN not to direct them to Canada. Isn't it odd that the Canadian who asked Prince Charles a few months ago to declare that Putin is a modern Hitler was a Ukrainian descendant?

mikebravo said...

Whether Putin kills people with poison or the Americans murder civilians with either drones or special forces kill teams does not excuse the Ukranian junta of the indiscriminate killing its own countrymen with rocket and artillery attacks. All regimes that indiscriminately kill people who just want to live their own lives without interference are the same. Whether they are called Nazis, fascists or communists makes no difference.

Anonymous said...

Well, nobody has named the elephant in the room, and why year on year the jew hatred grows in this country and throughout Europe.
It's the growing muslim demographic.

Pat Condell says it far better than I ever could.


Anonymous said...

Except for Readweld of course! I meant the commenters.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald. :)

John M said...

Not to dismiss what happened, but having just endured an 11 minute exerpt from Schinder's List masquerading as "news" on the BBC 6 O'Clock News, I just hope that similar emphasis is used when we get to the anniversaries of other significant genocides in the last century.

Uganda, Rwanda, Cambodia & Somalia spring to mind for starters

Thud said...

What a pleasant bunch of putin appologists and accompanying haters, enough I think...insult away.

Edward Spalton said...

I knew a chap who had visited Belsen a few weeks after it had been liberated. He said it was such a pretty little village, which was so incongruous. But the thing which really revolted him and made him furiously angry was that there were bird boxes in the trees about the place.

He was a deeply Christian man and was pretty close to being a saint. Yet he said this literally hellish reversal of values made him want to shoot every German he met for several months.

Anonymous said...

"We hanged the Nazi guards, but every German civilian man, woman and child living sleek, fat and well-fed within walking distance of that place, who through indifference did nothing to help, was morally culpable in my book."

Don't think that it couldn't happen here [in UK]. Because, speaking up and being counted, going against the state - even when you know that they are so far wrong that; God, nature and the universe is being spited. What can you do?? - there never was much resistance in Germany and this is why PEGIDA is a revolution over there.

I understood Belsen was a camp where inmates from other camps were sent to die, hence "death camp" - though, I submit to your superior knowledge my friend.