Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Holocaust reporting standard lowest ever

Between the BBC and the 'quality' print media, I don't recall ever having seen such a poor standard of reporting, so little knowledge, so many errors and so much fiction in the reporting of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The absolutely most stupid error is the Indie using this photograph of a 'death camp survivor' to illustrate growing antisemitism in Europe:-

Hint to Indie picture editors: The red triangle with a P in is a clue; this man was a Polish political prisoner, non-Jewish. Standing at the entrance to the concentration camp, not the extermination camp.

There really is no excuse for this piss poor standard of reporting.


plantman said...

The BBC - that would be the compulsory-tax-funded-on-pain-of-imprisonment establishment mouthpiece that described the Spitfire as "the iconic WWII FIGHTER JET"
So at least they're consistent in their subsidised p**s poor performance

Anonymous said...

The reason for this p1ss poor standard is that the Media no longer care about the facts as they really are but instead care only for the facts as they decide they should be.
Much like the BBC reporting their version of the news, not the news as it happens to be.

The public have been conditioned into accepting the news as it's spoon-fed to them - without question and with total trust.

Fortunately there are still some people out here that are not quite so gullible.

Flyinthesky said...

The media has evolved, well most of it, It no longer reports reality it generates it.
Everything has to have a soundbite and an emotive.
Identifying the reality of the image would diminish the emotive.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

In fairness to the Buggers Broadcasting Communism, the Spitfire as an iconic jet fighter was an invention of the Daily Mail Online.

They get everything else wrong, mind.

mikebravo said...


Surely it is buggerers. Bit of a mouthful though. Bandits perhaps as they are complicit in robbery.

Anonymous said...

There was a right old ding-dong betwixt Camoron and Miliwatt this noon - and exchange (PMQ's) wherein the name Nick Robinson (he of the BBC) was fired like a blunderbuss at the leader of Her Majesty's opposition.

A dull thud was heard coming from Miliwatt's bowels.

Would he 'retract' on the "weaponise the NHS" claim?

Would he fuck.

Why didn't the BBC show this part of the exchange on the One o'clock news? Because the biased little shits are in cahoots with the British Labour Party, and what's more they've been outed as such so many times it's a standing joke in these Islands


Cascadian said...

" I don't recall ever having seen such a poor standard of reporting, so little knowledge, so many errors and so much fiction".......Well up to normal "standards" then.

Reporters accrue their information from the latest movies and tweets from luminaries such as Russel Brand, Penny dreadful and Kim Kardashian. Even those sources may be misquoted due to a lack of comprehension. Sadly your politicians are no better informed.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The Telegraph used the same picture, but correctly captioned.