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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Islam's primitive bigotry in selection of policewoman victim

The face on the left is the face of everything that primitive Islam hates about us. It is the face of Clarissa Jean-Phillipe, the young French policewoman gunned down by the African Jihadist thug Amedy Coulibaly. She was young, black and a woman in a uniform, with trousers, boots and authority, a pistol at her waist, with power to instruct, arrest or direct grown Muslim men. Little wonder that she was a target of Coulibaly's savage fury. He was a loser - a poor, unskilled, uneducated, powerless savage, filled with hateful Islamicist bigotry, resentful of freedom and democracy. Statistically, his death has just marginally increased France's average intelligence. 

Let us be quite clear. There is NO place in western society, in our culture, for Islamicism. There can be no wishy-washy accommodation in which Sharia law is anywhere allowed to be applied. Moslems must accept women and non-Muslims as having the authority of law over them, and accept the equality of all under the law. They must accept that ours is a society in which men can elect to be gay, and men and women can drink alcohol in public. It is the society that they have elected to join - if they want to share the economic benefits, they must accept our freedoms and our democracy. 

And to all the Clarissas serving in our own police forces, for all the Clarissas in the Met, I thank you and salute you, and stand ready to defend you if necessary from the savage barbarism of the Islamicist bigots.  


Anonymous said...

Having listen to the R4 interview yesterday with a Muslim in High Wycombe -

I am now of the opinion that we will see another Crusade. Only this time it will be on the very streets of our own, once fair country, one that I don't think we are going to win.

DeeDee99 said...

I agree Raedwald, but the cowardly appeasers in western governments (particularly our own) will do nothing to stop the creeping Islamisation of the west.

They will not take action to prevent Sharia being applied within Muslim enclaves.

They will not take firm action to stop unacceptable and illegal Muslim cultural practices from continuing.

Their actions indicate that they want to "reach an accommodation" with Muslims living in the west - when accommodation isn't possible.

Islam does not negotiate or compromise.

I believe that within my lifetime (probably another 30-40 years) we will have a series of religious/ethnic civil wars underway across Europe.

Our political elite deliberately put in place the building blocks for them.

Anonymous said...

@ DeeDee99

My grandson (7) is sat with me having his breakfast at the moment.

I weep for his future; a future that our political elite have blighted for him by their Quisling actions.

A plague on all their houses!

Brightside Bob said...

I will salute & defend the Clarissas, but definitely NOT the Cressidas.

G. Tingey said...

You piece brought tears to the eyes - Clarisaa is what we stand for. She also stands for a modern Marianne...

I am horribly afraid you are correct - see also:
INCLUDES "Hebdo" cartoons, I'm glad to say..

What's the actual link for the Mahmud cartoon you put up, so we can all do it?

And the "CofE" muslim living next to me, who wouldn't hurt a fly & is a good neighbour?
About as intelligent & true as "The only good German is a dead one" isn't - what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Tingey

I fear if the chips were down; would your neighbour choose his fellow Muslims regardless of their origins or, being a good English neighbour?

It is because of the "wouldn't hurt a fly" Muslims that the extremists within their midst are now calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Another opportunity goes a begging.

And what did our political elite do?

Well as usual they made all the wrong noises and did - what?

Em, um, Precisely nothing, other than the utterance of the usual fatuous platitudes, "Islam is the religion of peace" etc and ad nauseum.

However, I can sense a popular mood even among the bien-pensant media commentariat, one Aaronovitch has been quite outspoken [paraphrasing], "if you [moslems] want to live here then abide by this nation's etiquette; societal mores and laws".

The desire for change, TO fashion a re engineering, a realignment in the way our government attends to the creed of the crescent - most Britons crave it.

God knows, askance the public sense retreat, that, the politicians are and again emptying the drums of oil on the water and when the waters are stilled - it will be back to as per bloody usual. Inevitably, the terrorist will gained just a little more ground and kids in the ghettos will duly note it - terrorism gets you, wins.

Dave, and the libservatives have bottled it, just like Bliar did after 7/7. Lord, in fact the nu scum party nearly introduced a Blasphemy law - oh God now that is ironic, the Common PURPOSE, Fabian twats and - holier than thou sisters of perpetual PC and their brigades of Cultural Marxist loonies - introducing UK laws on - Blasphemy!
As it was we got that regressive piece of shite called the religious incitement act [whatever].

So where are we?

HMG does nothing again and quietly puts its ostrich like head back in the sand.

But what the British public needs, is a totally just and evidently justifiable ultimatum which Islamists and the whole of the Moslim community need serving.

Once again, the craven appeasement monkeys - aka the UK authorities will not bite the bullet.
Though, how many bullets will he public have to bite before someone 'with a pair' - is gonna stand up and say, "ENOUGH"!

Anonymous said...

There are 3 things that we need from government and the following well known phrase illustrates what we want and what we don't want - we don't want interference and meddling in our lives, but we do want them to:

Secure the borders
Keep the peace, and
Empty the bins

Guess which two are missing?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

One little known fact - Clarissa was protecting a Jewish school.

The body count could have been higher and we would have herd stories how these animals grabbed three year olds by their hair in order to shoot them in the head... (like what happened at the Ozar Hatorah school in Tolouse)

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

" and stand ready to defend you if necessary from the savage barbarism of the Islamicist bigots. "

With what Mr. Raedwald? Certainly not with Firearms that leaders you elected made illegal to possess.

Clubs? Lengths of pipe? Knifes?

I think you should rethink this whole situation. Who is the Police Woman more likely to arrest? You the defender or the muzzie that is trying to kill her?

John M said...

As if we needed a reminder, there is no "Je Suis Charlie" in Saudi Arabia.

the doctor said...

Just a point , but firearms can be legally be held in the UK .
So any right minded person should be sharpening their combat knives and polishing their ammunition .One never knows when they may be needed .

Anonymous said...

Full instructions on how to download and publicise the cartoons;

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

"Just a point , but firearms can be legally be held in the UK"

I stand corrected.

How many have jumped through all the hoops needed to get a certificate? How many will give them up when the plods show up to confiscate?

My question still stands. Who is that Police Woman more likely to arrest. The defender or the attacker?

Span Ows said...

@ G. Tingey, you can get a copy at the following links, the first one is teh Mohammed 'bomb head' and the 2nd is a funnier one (covered eyes/Burhka):

Both from my blog-post Onward to Oblivion back in 2006 but surely there are a million places you could download them if you wanted.

Span Ows said...

Cascadian said...

"It is the society that they have elected to join - if they want to share the economic benefits, they must accept our freedoms and our democracy."....that is patent nonsense Raedwald, it will be you who will be making all the accomodations to muslims.

David camoron......"It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around"

camoron and his ilk stand ready to appease nothing more.

Cascadian said...

Brazenly stolen from Tim Worstall, the speech camoron needs to give (but we all know that will never happen):

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb appeared on television programme Nieuwsuur Wednesday night, and lashed out at Muslims living in this society despite their hatred of it. “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,” he said. “But if you do not like freedom, in Heaven’s name pack your bag and leave.”

“There may be a place in the world where you can be yourself,” he continued. “Be honest with yourself and do not go and kill innocent journalists,” Aboutaleb, a Muslim himself, said.

“And if you do not like it here because humorists you do not like make a newspaper, may I then say you can fuck off.”

Anonymous said...

The media are hiding the growing numbers of protests against islamisation of Europe - aare we to believe that the peaceful protests in France are not being matched by counter-demonstrations???

As for defending yourself, the humble bow and arrow, the crossbow and even the simple slingshot are all proven (if aged) methods of defense still legal in this country. Buy them before this fact changes.

Cascadian said...

"Mr Parker,(Head of MI5) said the number of British extremists who have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight as jihadis has risen to 600 with half of them already back home.

About 40 are known to have been killed in action," ...........Aww c'mon

The prancing pony strikes again.

Cascadian said...

Let me try that again:

"Mr Parker,(Head of MI5) said the number of British extremists who have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight as jihadis has risen to 600 with half of them -300- already back home.

About 40 are known to have been killed in action," ...........Aww c'mon camoron and May promised that could not happen, they would not lie, would they?

The prancing pony strikes again, 300 jihadists in your midst, no consequences.

Ed P said...

I'm sure our efficient Border Pillocks will have DNA samples of all of them - won't they?