Friday, 30 January 2015

Jihadism - Kermits lead the way

The French are simply miles ahead of the UK's piss poor attempts at deradicalisation and combating Islamic jihadism at the grass roots. Our not-fit-for-purpose civil service is quite simply incapable of reacting in the right way, and our civil servants lack the skills, tools and imagination to be in the least way effective. Their failure is gross and culpable. The fish rots from the head - and it is the egregious Mr Jeremy Heywood who must carry the can for the utter incompetence of the UK's response. 

This is what the French civil service is doing:-

This is what our own cretins are up to:-

This is a consultation on draft guidance, to be issued under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, for specified authorities to have due regard to the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. Closing date: 30th January 2015.

Should we not seriously consider ditching Heywood and his Bullingdon chums and simply ask the Kermits to take over this aspect of government duty?


Mr Ecks said...

Oh the UK scum are doing plenty Raedwald.There are 4 million Islamists here. Nobody bothered asking the people of this country if we wanted them and now they are here the NuBluLibour axis is using them to create a police state. Snoopers charter/the anti-extremist orders--all that shit and more. All brought in in the peculiar style of multi-culti scum. They come up with tyrannical measures and vaguely allude to their use against "extremists". The average idiot takes that to mean jihadi-scum but the political vermin never talk of Islam in the same breath. Then what we discover is that they will be used against the native white population over trivial matters far more than they will be used against murdering fanatics.

France is a shithole that already has ID cards and an even more intrusive state than our own. None of which stops the annual islamic car-burning festivals. That website is just window-dressing.

Anonymous said...

Until our Political Elites and their friends in the Establishment find themselves in the hands of Jihadi John they are only going to play at combating the religion of peace.

They will do one thing in public whilst behind our backs welcoming more of the feckers into our once fair lands.

It's going to be a long, hard and brutal civil war when it errupts in this country. I feel sorry for my grand children who are going to have to fight it.

Because the time to stop it has just passed us by.

Umbongo said...

I am assured by the BBC in general and Frank Gardner (its security maven) that "it's nothing to do with Islam". You know the "real" Islam which is remarkable world-wide for the tolerance and "live and let live" nature of its adherents in non-Moslem states and, famously, of those states where "real" Moslems are a majority.

Anonymous said...

Islam is supposed so the fable goes to have had a golden age, somewhere in Baghdad, or was southern Spain and yer know it - all based on pinching ideas from other civilizations - that's what they do. However, this was no golden age of Islam, they were all living the life of gourged kings on the backs of their dhimmi slaves. Thus 'golden age' - that's an utter fabrication - look at the middle east now - no change since Mohammed charged out burning, beheading and slaying Christians and Jews - and presently: what would it be without western technological skills?

Tours, Lepanto, Vienna but the biggest mistake we ever made was the madness of the sacking of Constantinople and the eastern church suffering since. Aye, we let them in and we are doing it again and this time the Poles won't come to the rescue because they are through the bloody gates and all we do is to allow them to do as they please.
It will not end well - how can it?

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
There are or may be 4 million supposed "muislims" here - there are about (I would guess) about 1000 islamists.
Get your facts straight, idiot.
Yes, the muslims, all of then are deluded & simple, just like the christians, with their version of BigSkyFairy.
But the muslims are themselves as different as Quakers & OSD or Cameronians, the latter two being violent murderers, of course.

OTOH those few islamists really do need stopping, preferably with either hemp or a lead injection ...

Cascadian said...

It's all window dressing, during the London riots the police sheltered in-place, the army was nowhere to be seen. Any pretense that the government will protect you should be forgotten. You are on your own.
Hundreds of jihadists returned from Syria are in your midst, hundreds more are recruited every month in the mosques and madrassahs, subsidised by the taxpayers.
Theresa May and the trouser polishers do NOTHING.
The solution will not be political now, the time for that was after September 2001, damn near 15 years of prevarication has been wasted and the necessary protectors have been weakened.
The strong horse is inside the perimeter, the prancing pony "consults" amongst the chosen few, the population must be ignored.
Practice and preperation, prevent piss-poor performance. Go get a shotgun license as a start.

Mr Ecks said...

Tingey--talking out your arse again.
God doesn't exist eh but you are all-knowing and can tell us how many Jihadis there are. Hey--why don't you give out their names and addresses while you are about it numbnuts --then the govt wont have any excuse for a police state.

How the fuck do you know who is who. Surveys of Islamic countries suggest 50% + support all manner of loveliness--death to appostates etc.

And even if your egotripe were true--it doesn't matter what the mass of any group belief because few of them have the balls to stand up to the leaders. Do you think the average Mr & Mrs Nazi Germany were full of desire to set Europe ablaze and get their own family members killed?. What they wanted didn't matter cos they weren't going to stand up at a Nuremberg rally and start shouting about "All this hate has to stop!".

Even if Mr & Mrs UK muslim only want peace and quiet so what? No one in Islam gives a rat's arse about what Mrs Muslim thinks about anything and the imams suggest a backhander if she gets above herself. If Mr Muslim had the moral fibre to go against the leaders--and the vast majority of human beings don't--all the leaders have to do is refer him to the manual. It is all in there --kill unbelievers, take their lands and women. All in black and white.

Also--since you are such good buddies with islamists--why don't you share with them some of your loud-mouthed arrogant and egotistical opinions. You are very fond of telling Christians (and presumably Buddhists etc-although they are not theists but do belief in spiritual realities)what morons they are. Tell a group of muslims how Allah is just another "Sky Fairy" that your great ego knows doesn't exist. Have the encounter video'd cos I would like to see how peaceful non-islamist muslims respond.

john cheshire said...

Mr ecks, well said.

G. Tingey said...

Learn to read ... I actually said: "I would guess" - hardly a statement of "all-knowing" is it.

You have a very valid point about stopping "something" before it is too late & $EXTREMIST_group_of_the_MOMENT have taken power ... because once they are a "legitimate government" it is much too late.
Spot on.
So, shall we try, instead of heaping lying & deliberately falae insults on me.

Your last paragraph is dangerously close to libellous.


So I can hardly have "buddy" relationships with islamists, whom I regard as indistinguishable from Nazis, can I?
I'm simply not interested in their lying Dark-Ages camelherders' myths. All of this you deliberately pretend does not exist, so you can spout lies.
Not good enough.
Incidentally; they would want me killed second in line - the first they want to murder are the non-violent muslims, especially the Sufi ( muslim equivalent of Quakers)

John cheshire
You too!

Mr Ecks said...

The line about "good buddies" was clearly mockery--you come across as someone who would pass for normal until God is mentioned and then you start ranting and bellowing about Sky Fairies. The rest of your last paragraph is so incoherent that the reading skills of Dr Johnson would avail me little in trying to make sense of it.

At least you admit that your seeming omniscient knowledge of who and how many are Jihadis was no more than a wild guess.

As for our one point of agreement--the need to stop things before they start, I would just point out that jihadi types don't need to form a government to be a danger. Just to increase their growing numbers and influence enough.

G. Tingey said...

At least you admit that your seeming omniscient knowledge of who and how many are Jihadis was no more than a wild guess.
I stated that from the outset - LEARN TO READ, like I said.

The reason I'm sensitive about BigSkyFairy is, as stated before, is that I had a very narrow escape from being completely brainwashed myself - many many years ago now.
I can, therefore, easily detect the signs & for fairly obvious reasons, want to put a stop to it.

"Burnt child fears fire"

Also even the most cursory study of history should show just how pernicious religion is ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

The job of the jihadi is to attract attention, the job of ‘moderate’ Muslims is to keep quiet and breed.