Friday, 23 January 2015

NO public mourning for the Heart of Darkness

Would the Burmese woman clumsily judicially hacked to death with a sword last week, or the blogger barbarously flogged for daring to voice an opinion, express their mourning for the dead Saudi monarch? Somehow I doubt it. 

We are told that the Saudi royal family are wonderful enlightened liberals determined on secular reform, but are held back by the evil Islamic Grand Vizier class determined to keep the kingdom in the 14th century. Well cods to 'em - let the rotten, geriatic, obsese diseased lot of them fall. To instruct that public flags in the UK be flown at half mast is an abomination, an insult to every victim of this primitive regime. There is little difference between the murderous 'justice' of these depraved zealots and that of the despicable ISIS. 

My flag continues to fly high for Western civilisation.


Anonymous said...

It shows that the West has well and truly thrown its hand in with the Saudi, even as they support ISIS, Al Queda etc etc.

We really do have an establishment populated by complete shits...

TrT said...

Governments occasionally have to do distasteful things when dealing with foreigner nations.

Should we refuse to attend the Gwhatever because Russia or China are there?
Leave the UN because Italy has a seat? A nation so backwards we wont even deport criminal refugees there?

Tcheuchter said...


Leave the UN? Of course we should. Or were you being ironic?

Sackerson said...

Flags at half mast? Seriously?

Raedwald said...

TrT - Ah, those lucrative BAe and arms contracts, eh? Can't let a bunch of mediaeval despots upset the cause of global corportatism.

Anonymous said...

Fuck OFF! To Cameron for arse licking and grovelling to these tent dwelling bastards - if it wasn't for oil - we'd never have heard of the house of Saud, the pedlars of Wahhabist filth - which is poisoning all our western 'wells'.

TrT said...

There are a great many despots, a great many tyrants, a great many unjust states.

"Global leaders added their voices to the tributes, with Barack Obama saying Lady Thatcher had been a "true friend" to the US.

"As a grocer's daughter who rose to become Britain’s first female prime minister, she stands as an example to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling that can't be shattered," he said.

"The Argentine Pope Francis said he recalled "with appreciation the Christian values which underpinned her commitment to public service and to the promotion of freedom among the family of nations.""

"Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, whose good relations with Lady Thatcher played a part in the end of the Cold War, said she would have a place in history.

"Margaret Thatcher was a great politician and a bright individual. She will go down in our memory and in history," he said."

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "She was truly a great leader, a woman of principle, of determination, of conviction, of strength; a woman of greatness.""

Anonymous said...

I think this honour should be extended to all foreign heads of state. Kim Jong-un's passing will be especially poignant as will Robert Mugabe's...

Cascadian said...

Seems like only yesterday I was sneering at a department of energy and climate change, then along comes a department of culture, media and sport will the gullibility never end?

Could you not just have a department for time-servers, non-entities and PM's bum-boys and have done with it?

As for the flag lowering I believe it is appropriate, after princess di any nicety has lost all official meaning.

Interesting times in the middle east Yemen down, Saudi wobbling, Lebanon invasion possible, Iran near-nuclear capable, enjoy low oil prices while you can, a nasty surprise may be imminent.

Budgie said...

TrT, thank you for those many glowing tributes to the best UK PM of the 20th century after Winston Churchill. Lady Thatcher was immensely popular and remains admired for good reason. She rescued this country from being "the sick man of Europe", and her policies were widely copied.

With Regan she overcame the USSR, and has since never been forgiven by the socialists in this country. And look who came after: Major was a shadow of her stature; Blair was and is a spiv; Brown was unhinged by the stress.

Of course no human being is perfect, and no politician merits the sort of adulation poured onto statist leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, or the Sauds. Thank God we don't do that in this country, although the BBC got very close to it with their early years Blair sycophancy.

Anonymous said...

Wot Budgie said. With knobs on!

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

The madwoman of Grantham was ... mad.
Stark raving bonkers.
"The great motor-car economy"
Yes, well.

And, this drivel is totally irrelevant to Raedwald's original & excellent piece.

The house of Saud deserves to dies, slowly, painfully & publicly.
Though it is likely that, should that come to pass, the replacement will be even worse.