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Friday, 9 January 2015

Should de-Islamisation in Europe be like de-Nazification?

There was a voice on R4's 'Today' this morning suggesting that we must publicly treat Islamicism with the same repugnance that we reserve for fascism. It was a rare grain of wisdom from the liberal left - for in the post-war de-Nazification process in Germany we may have the blueprint for success.

Those Germans classed as minor and lesser offenders and followers were barred from any public office and had their civic privileges withdrawn; they could not run businesses, practice professions, teach or hold formal positions. The purpose of this was was not retributive. It was, very clearly, to get Nazis out of the way and keep them out of the way to allow ordinary, democratic Germans to take up public offices and civic positions and 'crowd out' any remaining Nazi influence in German society. One could re-write the original allied de-nazification directive to be relevant to today's threat:-
(1) To liberate our people from Islamicism and Jihadism, and to secure a lasting base for democratic national life in peace with the world, all those who have actively supported the Islamicist hatefulness, or are guilty of having violated the principles of justice and humanity, or of having selfishly exploited the conditions thus created, shall be excluded from influence in public, economic and cultural life and shall be bound to make reparations.

(2) Everyone who is responsible shall be called to account. At the same time he shall be afforded opportunity to vindicate himself 

In Germany, the vast majority of adjudged offenders were dealt with by means of a fine. A third of that number had their employment restricted, a smaller number had property confiscated and the smallest number were permanently ineligible to hold public office. The vast, the greatest, majority were exhonerated - and and I expect the same would apply to Muslims in Britain today. 


Anonymous said...

A rare grain of wisdom from the liberal left? Hmm. Given they caused the problem in the first place; maybe they should be forced to clean up their own mess.

Coney Island

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I read somewhere the other day that over 125,000 separate IP addresses in the UK are accessing Jihadi websites on a daily basis. That suggests to me we have too many of these bastards for the security services to monitor. It also suggests we don't really have moderate Muslims in the UK, just relatively quiescent ones biding their time. Witness the loathsome anti-semite Ashgar Bukhari on Sky News the other day with his "yes, but" weaselling, comparing the 'plight' of muslims to blacks in America in the 30s whenever they attempted to discuss the slaughter in Paris. They appropriate the anti-racist shibboleths of the left, which strikes me as sinister genius, given that Islam is not a race, and the only people killing people in the name of religion these days are his fellow muslims.

The way things are going we will end up needing a modern incarnation of Major-General Havelock.

TrT said...

How do we define islamist?
The Nazis kept a membership list we could use.
You look brown enough, you can't vote?

Anonymous said...

Good click bait, bad policy.
The proper comparison is more recent, with the de-Baath (isation) after the invasion of Iraq.
Didn't that go well!

Cascadian said...

Will there be Nuremburg-type military trials?

Will jihadis be executed?

What will be done about the likes of camoron and prince chuckles for advocating for the enemy? A fine, banishment from the country, a Henry VIII-like confiscation of lands?

It sounds impractical, anyway de-nazification started with some good-old killing and property destruction.

Four things are needed to effectively resolve the problem-a refusal to deal with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen, a closure of all mosques and madrassahs, a mass rounding-up of the jihadis that Weetabix refers to for impoundment in one of the recently announced vacant USAF airbases. But before any of that could be achieved there has to be a massive change in government and the royalty. There has to be a new Magna Carta moment, perhaps even a new Bodiceaa.

In the end, this is yUK, nothing will be done. Melanie Philips warned you all in her excellent book Londonistan in 2006, nearly a decade later she is still ignored and the problem is much bigger.

Somebody mentioned Mark Steyn previously, in my view the pre-eminent commentator on free speech, the decline of Europe and demographics his books are well worth searching out.

Moose said...

Ok, I give up....... what exactly is yUK? Please.

Cascadian said...

It has transformed in meaning from the original yookay (UK), then to the bliar days it was my shorthand commentary for the celeb-driven "cool Britannia as in yuck!

Nowadays I use it as a similar comment instead of UK(a very disunited kingdom) I use yUK again pronounced yuck to register distaste usually of the entire political setup in Britain though obviously it shows distaste of what has become of a once great nation.

Britain is such a petty country, I think it deserves petty commentary.

Anonymous said...

De-Nazification was something we were able to do because we were the victors at the end of World War 2.

We are no where near to that status nowadays.

It's going to be a case very soon of "circling the wagons" and hoping we can defend ourselves from the enemy within.

Raedwald said...

Anon 14:55

The removal of Ba'athists was actually tribal rather than ideological screening; it was primarily the removal of Sunnis to allow the Shias a go at the trough. So I think the 1945 - 1950 process in Germany is still relevant here.