Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Social Workers not Army to guard Heathrow?

The Health and Care Professions Council tells us that as at 5th January 2015 England alone (not including Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) had 87,132 registered social workers dedicated to "promoting social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being"

As at 1st July 2014, Parliament recorded that the strength of the UK Regular Army stood at 89,480 personnel. Dedicated to hardship, risk, gruelling mental and physical demands and, if called upon, to offer their lives in defence of ours.

The average salary for a qualified social worker ( is £45,180. A Level 4 Private currently earns £20,318.

The Telegraph reports that the MoD are planning to cut army strength back to 60,000 personnel from later this year. 

Right then. So next time we need to guard Heathrow Airport we'll send a minibus of social workers to use their 'problem solving in human relationship' skills to persuade the terrorists not to blow the aircraft up. 

Absolutely nothing that Tom Sharpe ever wrote could rival the absurdity of the reality of Britain today.


DeeDee99 said...

A governments first duty is to protect its citizens.

This one is failing in its basic duty.

They prefer to fund Outreach Workers than the British Army.

This country is finished.

Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely shocked by these facts. If a pollster had asked me in the street to guess the strength in numbers of the British Army today, I would have guessed at 250,000, and even that number would have been expressed with some regret in my voice. Shit!

Coney Island

Rush-is-Right said...

What shocks me is that AVERAGE pay of a Social worker is £45k. Not that many accountants get that. Which suggests that for every single new starter on £22k there is another senior on £68k. Even granted that the calculations will be skewed by the absurd six-figure sums paid to the various heads of departments, I think that is staggeringly high.

Anonymous said...

That isn't a bad idea though is it Raedwald...

Get the army to do some "social work" instead, perhaps?

G. Tingey said...

Just for once, words fail me.

Ed P said...

I know a few social workers. Here's a few words & phrases which could be applied to them:
Exaggerated sense of entitlement
Know better than their "clients"
Huge "case-loads" (i.e., what normal people would call part-time work.)
Talk not action
The Peter Principle - quickly rise to (an overpaid) level of incompetence.
Unemployable in the private sector

I could go on...

john cheshire said...

Why do we need social(ist) workers? Would society collapse if they were all summarily dismissed? I don't think they are needed, being part of the parasite class, and they should all be sacked. Anyone who has had the misfortune to have dealings with them will, I feel certain, agree with me.

Brightside Bob said...

right_writes: "Get the army to do some "social work" instead, perhaps?"

They already do that. Remember: "Winning hearts & minds"

Anonymous said...

Excess social workers are just another example of government waste.

I was looking through the annual report of our local NHS trust and noted that a black tie awards ceremony had been held and that Dermot Murnaghan had been hired to make the presentations, including , naturally, a "diversity and equality" award.

I always thought that the government ran the civil service, but it appears to be the other way round.


Cascadian said...

Lots of work for social workers making sure pensioners are kicked out of houses for having too many rooms to make way for new immigrants and ensure they get enough welfare. Very important work.

Army, well there will be an adequate complement of toy soldiers for the tourists. Parliament and the royal estates will have security. Foreign adventures always end in embarrassment, better off not going. All the bases covered really.

General public, you have your plod and PCSO more than adequate, performed superbly in the London riots did they not?

Remember the bloke in the Somerset levels flood, you are on your own when it comes to survival. Government is only there to tax, obstruct and pretend.

Budgie said...

Have you read about the Greens manifesto? Look here

Anonymous said...

@Brightside Bob...

I was rather thinking that the army might be useful in rooting out social pariahs...

....e.g. Rotherham.